Rethink Your Polo Shirt

July 24th, 2012

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As the heat rises, men are left with fewer options in their wardrobe. As a default, many guys turn to polo shirts as their go-to for the summer.

The problem is, the polo shirt category is dominated by few brands who make a very similar product. Not every polo shirt needs three buttons and a chest symbol.

Try a polo design that is a little less predictable, and a little more stylish.

Here’s a few examples that I’ve picked up recently.


1. V-Neck w/ Shirt Collar

This is a super simple design, and it’s one of my favorites.

It’s a v-neck without a placket (no buttons or button holes). The body is cotton in a red hairline stripe, with a slight spandex blend for a little stretch. The collar and neck trim are shirting cotton, so it feels like a real collar.

A simple and effective design, for only $30. The v-neck sits open and keeps the face framed (I hate when polo plackets are prone to shutting themselves up to the neck).

The length of this polo is on point as well. In my opinion a polo should hit about halfway down the pant fly. Some are cut too short in the front, which can expose stomach at times and are impossible to keep tucked in.

  • Tortoise shades Vintage by Hugo Boss x Carrera via Brandon at Noel Vintage Boutique
  • Alligator grain leather drivers by Martin Dingman
  • Red striped polo by Uniqlo
  • Brown leather duffle by Frank Clegg Leatherworks
  • Beige watch strap from
  • White denim jeans by Helmut Lang
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker
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  • Bill Speakman

    So, I have this very polo in my cart at uniqulo right now. Thing is… I don’t do white pants. Any alternates to suggest?

  • Anonymous

    YO TSB i prefer the old site feature in which you named what brand each item was

    • Dan Trepanier

      Check the Featured column on the left. Info is there.

  • fernando

    is this off the rack or do you get it tailored/altered?

    • Dan Trepanier

      Which piece?

  • Shannon

    The fist Uniquro pink polo shirt looks so nice on you. What’s size you wear? I think my bf is similar to your size.

  • DG

    Hi, first of all big fan of the blog! Keep up the good work!
    As others have mentioned the polo in the first pic, Striped polo shirt by Uniqlo, is sold out. Just wondering if anyone else found anything similar to this somewhere and is keen to share?

  • Bry

    Another great post

  • Tom

    Hey SB, so I want to dress more classy now that im out of school. How much of what do I buy? and do I need a lot of clothing?

  • suzanne

    dan, i think im in love!!! with the polos that is! lol. you’re pretty hot too. love the site, keep up the good work.
    suzie in cali

  • Alan

    Uniqlo in the UK are currently clearing the ‘Johnny Collar’ placket-less polos for £9.90 ($15) – in store there’s a few XLs too.

    Unfortunately for me, the stretch material showed a little too much nipple when I tried it on (I am cheered up by my first purchase from Turnbull & Asser though).

  • 9Sharp

    On point as usual – posted a couple tips for updating short sleeve shirts in the summer heat as well –

  • tgis

    how short should your pant leg be? are you wearing them extra short for photos? whats a good rule of thumb? i’ve heard that it should barely touch the floor w/o shoes on.
    -concerned pants wearer

  • Adam

    The uniqlo polos are awesome. I have quite a few myself and altered the sleeves to be slightly shorter. Perfection. They sell for only $25 in my country.

  • Sam

    Love the first look! (sans glasses) I wish Uniqlo was more accessible to us Californians.

  • MM

    Holy fuck, you’re sexy.

  • Ray

    Hi Dan,

    I have been a fan of your blog for quite some time. what I love about your blog(and what I think truly distinguishes it from others) is your masculine/simple and always appropriate style. That is definitely a direction I am shooting for personally. I saw in your previous posts that you have hosted various readers events, just curious if you have any plans for events like these in mind. It will be great to meet you and people with similar interest.

    Keep up with the great work,

  • MrJBeee

    Love this post. DoIng big things man, keep it up! Enjoy that Marciano party. Should’ve RSVP’d!

  • Bob

    Awesome! I’m really diggin’ the ribbed cuff look, I like the buttonless collar fit as well, creativity at its finest. – Fashion

  • BLSesq.

    Great post!

  • Jack

    Very much my kind of summer style. Ted Baker are very good for distinctive, characterful polos (not sure if they are in the US). My personal favourite is a Vivienne Westwood ‘drunken’ style placket :)

  • PaTo

    Uniqlo Polo looks awesome! But isnt available @ online store :-( Great Post!

    • PaTo

      Some other ideas vor buttonless polos? Smedley Polo is out of stock xD

  • Anonymous

    Uniqlo Polo looks awesome! But its not available @ Uniqlo Online Store :-(

  • James

    You have probably adressed this. When you go socess do you wear some type of sock? Thanks

  • Pablo

    Casual yet elegant awesomeness! Thanks, i know now just what to wear this weekend. Great stuff.

  • chrisd

    thanks for this. i sorta gave up on polo’s because all I see are shape-less collars, and too short (if i size down to make it fit) or too baggy (if i size up to get the length right).

  • Anthony


    Where did you get that Uniqlo buttonless polo? I don’t see it on their site.

    • SB

      Uniqlo in Soho NYC. They have 5 or 6 different colorways too.


  • Tee

    when you pull up your suit sleeves will that stretch them out or loosing the stitching?

    • SB

      If the suit fabric has an stretch blend (which 99% of suits do not), you risk losing some bounce-back to the elastic.

      Otherwise the only downside is a little sleeve wrinkling.


  • cam

    the brooks brothers pieces are exceptional!

  • Kien

    Hi Dan, what size is the Uniqlo polo?

    • SB


  • Desmond

    Great post! Good job on keeping everything logoless. Polos are great for those lazy days and times when you need to make a quick run out the house. Effortless to wear and you still look put-together.

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    Absolutely IN.
    Great stuff dude.
    Thanks for inspiring us!

  • Adyna

    Indeed women have much more options in their wardrobe during summer :D..but these polo shirts are are great for both male/female. In Romania are like 40 degrees and those sandals for men are actually very stylish.I see them a lot on guys..cuz you definitely can`t wear something else in those hot days!

  • JT

    I do have a few Ralphies that I love but everybody wears them. Gonna have trouble finding shirts like that in my budget in Britain though. Still, love the shirts!

  • Mike

    Love it! Very needed advice. So hard to stay cool, look fly and feel like you’re not wearing the same thing every day in the summer. Those gladiator sandals are and will always be horribly ugly though ha. Keep the tips coming!