1 Piece/3 Ways: The New Blue Suit

June 23rd, 2012

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Firstly, my apologies for the slow posts lately.

We’ve been spending too much time working on the layout and functionality of the new site and not enough shooting content. The good news is we’re making awesome progress. The new site is very exciting and innovative. It will bring a whole new level to TheStyleBlogger. It’ll be worth the wait!


Looking for a new suit to add to your summer wardrobe?

It doesn’t have to be cotton or linen. Lightweight wool can breathe just as well (or better) and perform more similarly to your go-to “4 season” suits.

Consider a lighter shade of blue, like this cross between cobalt and royal. It’s the equivalent to your solid navy suit, but for the warmer months.

Here’s three ways to mix it up.


1. All Business

If you have to go full corporate on a hot summer day, an unlined jacket in wool under 8oz is one of your best options.

It doesn’t have to blend in with the usual pack of dark suits. The warmer the weather, the more color is typically “accepted” in a man’s wardrobe.

Like navy, it will work with most of your business shirts (white, light blue, pink, lavender, etc).

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  • Aedan

    It looks great, but the black shoes with the brown tie, and bag were a miss-step especially without a belt

  • ernie

    it’s friggin’ pete campbell in that first pic. where the fudge can i find a suit that color without movin’ to yankeeville?

  • Arsene

    If I had to wear one outfit everyday, look 2 would be a top 3 choice. Still killin it Dan!

  • James

    Cool! Love the combination of the blue jacket and the white jeans make both color brighter. Great color combination!

  • Anonymous

    Fuckin Awesome! You’re the man.

  • TTG

    That’s a great looking suit. The shade of blue is just perfect in my opinion. Great pop of color for the season while still looking formal and respectable.
    The 3rd look is my fave. I enjoy a good short sleeve shirt.

    I’m looking forward to the new site! I’m sure it’ll be great!


  • Gian

    Very nice suite!

    Love the combination blue jacket-white trousers

    take care
    Consultant Style Advisor

  • N.

    Great article and everything… but I just REFUSE to accept that you can EVER wear black shoes with a blue suit… just… NO!

  • Chad H

    Hey, I’ve been wondering about waistcoats for a while, maybe you could do a post on them? When it’s okay to wear one without a suit, what to wear it with, etc. I love the vintage “speakeasy” look to it, but every time I’ve tried it just doesn’t turn out quite right.

  • Gary-A

    Unless I’m wrong, I remember reading that Fleming’s James Bond favored short sleeves with his suits.

  • DCRob

    The leap needs to be dubbed STYLE JORDAN.

  • Jason

    Pete Campbell gets punched in the face a lot.

  • Santiago

    Alguien una vez me dijo que las solapas grandes debían ir con corbatas anchas. No creo que deba ser necesariamente así. Con una skinny tie se ve igual de bien. Hoy, científicamente comprobado.

    Me quedo con el look de all business. Aunque el segundo look está bastante interesante también. Siempre fiel a tu estilo, novedoso pero no recargado, jamás chabacano.


  • raphael

    tell us more about how to sew shirts!

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      There are plenty of online resources for this type of info.

      • Craig W

        You should do a post like your “Vintage everything” one where it’s just all made solely by you (Shoes excluded)

  • pao7

    Thanks for the short sleeve shirt with a tie. I live in Florida and it can be so hot. It is said no tie without a jacket, no tie with short sleeves, etc. Those rules are for somewhere else, not here. Besides rules can be broken with a little confidence. If we are not dressing for business can we please have some fun?!!!

    • Ann

      Yes, but that outfit is described as for business (business casual).

    • JK

      As far as I know, there are only three professions that justify short sleeve shirts:
      1. Pilots
      2. Italian waiters
      3. Hawaiian detectives

      If you’re not one of these, your only choice is long sleeved.

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        Damn. So strict.

      • Simon Hawkin

        I am a software developer and let me tell you… Jeans are like dressing up.

  • Ann

    #3 is cute, but I thought men were not supposed to wear ties without a sportcoat. Put This On says shirt, tie and no jacket is only for bank tellers and 9 year olds attending a wedding.

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      Everybody has there own “rules”. None of which you need necessarily follow.

      • Simon Hawkin

        I say, these rules are like training wheels. Use them while learning your way and throw away when you know your style and what works for you.

  • Desmond K

    That first look is smashing. I love brown with blue. And I’m really diggin the pattern on that short-sleeved shirt too.

    Chinos & Cheesecake

  • Mihaela mladenovska

    Un uomo se non a stile non e un uomo .. Se un uomo ama la moda e la moda che ama lui ….

  • Adyna

    :D that`s a very nice blue!

  • Scott W.

    Dan, Love the last few posts; quality is always better than quantity. You seem to love the side adjusters over belt loops, how do you decide on one over the other when designing your suit and is one style more “formal” than the other? A nice belt can enhance a look, with side adjusters you lose that ability, so what are the advantages of side adjusters that you like? Keep up the fantastic posts!

  • Andrew

    Very nice. But I think the wide peak lapel jacket is begin over done by everyone. Once it becomes so commonplace, it loses that formal and distinctive edge.

    • Sergio

      That can be said about the notch lapel as well. But..both Peak and Notch lapels are classic and are something that won’t go out of style. Personally, of the suits I own (6, one being bespoke), none are Peak lapels but I am highly considering it.

    • Scott W.

      I disagree about the lapel with Andrew, to me this looks normal. A wide peak lapel almost touches the shoulder, this does not come anywhere close to being that wide.

      • Scott W.

        lapel width, not with.

  • TO

    Love that shade of blue- just like I love the shade Mr. Hotchkiss wore on his guest post… Such a handsome brief. Love how you mixed it up with the flower placement!

    And, I don’t know if you realize this, but that is the first time you have shown a short-sleeve w. a tie! That’s why I was gonna wear it for my feature- because it hadn’t been done before;)

  • Axel

    Love the last look! Im 16 thanks for the inspiration guys!
    Just wondering does anybody else wear short sleeve shirt under your blazer?

    • breezy

      yes sir!