TheStyleBlogger Team presents: BeachWear

August 19th, 2012

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There’s only a couple weeks of summer left – time to stop procrastinating on that beach getaway you’ve been planning!

Here’s some ideas on what to pack.


1. Brisk Mornings

If you’re the type to get to the beach early (or stay late), it’s a good idea to pack a light sweater to break the early morning (or late night) breeze.

Townsend nails the essential accessories: simple flip flops, aviator shades, beachy bracelets and a canvas tote to haul the day’s gear.

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  • rhinestone jewelry

    I really love this jacket,So nice?

  • fashion

    Wow you guys are really handsome. The boy on the first 2 pictures looks like Gary Barlow. Cute boy, please take it as a compliment :)

  • middle finger rings

    Full of fabulous, nice short and shirt i love him so much.

  • TO

    Dan, I wanna see a post about linings! Different types and levels of quality in suits, casual jackets, outerwear, etc. including the different materials they are made from.

    There aren’t things that bother much more than a nylon lining when rolling the sleeves on a jacket or just if it is loose and hangs “like wizard sleeve” haha. There has to be a better way!

  • savannah

    All classics! I like the blue button down.
    Lord Ashbury.

  • DeckTowel

    The beach is still lovely in the fall, don’t despair! Adore all the colorblocking this season, it’s a great contrast against white sands. Grab a stylish linen towel from and brighten up the beach all year!

  • Jessica

    Townsend is so sexy! Guys, please have another team meeting\party in NYC so I can meet you all!!!

  • gian

    All very nice, I liked very much the whole lot but flip-flop, a man in flip-flops which isn’t by a swimming pool it’s just wrong in my humble opinion

    Consultant Style Advisor

  • TW

    Sperry and Timberland present, but where are the Sebago Docksides?

  • Desmond K

    Great post. Love that there are only 2 looks with flip flops. I would have preferred none at all but thats just me. I made a pact with myself to never wear flip flops outside. Just boat shoes or canvas sneakers instead. But overall, definitely a great post. Favorite look is #2. Well fitting oxford, great color on the trunks, and teh canvas kicks are pretty sweet.

  • josh

    i was wondering what sunglasses the guy in #2 casual oxford was wearing

  • Pipp

    Townsend, you’re sex-on-a stick brother!

  • Khalid

    Fun stuff!

    Are instructions available for turning a regular collar into a band collar? This is the second time I’ve seen this happen on this blog and it seems like a great way to make certain shirts more wearable.

    Thanks for everything!

  • Samantha

    Townsend you look so cute with that haircut!

  • stew

    what are the rules with plaid shirts? Ive never worn them cause im scared ill look douche haha im a fair guy, Forrest greens, maroons, royal blues look best on me

  • Angel


  • cam

    the washed oxford is a great gem of advice. there’s no reason not to look sophisticated at all times and that’s the way to do it. i also like the detail of towsend’s rolled up chinos in look 7. looks like the team had a great holiday

  • Adyna

    Perfect post..the weather in Ro it.s like this now…”keep it cozy under the stars?”, I.ll marry you for this haha..but very good line to close the post. Best