TSBmen Backyard BBQ

September 13th, 2012

It’s been a crazy summer for TSB. We got all caught up in developing the new website and forgot to publish this post.

The TSB team got together for a team BBQ at Townsend’s awesome pad in CT.

Good news is, all the shots below will be added to the TSB Style Guide for future reference.


Yours in style,



Photography by Alex Crawford. 



  • http://www.treyningday.com Dub

    The new layout is beyond words! Really great stuff.

  • Rene Higuita

    Found you guys like 6 months ago and now I’m a regular. Thanks!!

  • Herbert Morrison

    The new site looks dope–definitely gonna be an adjustment period though. Congrats Dan and the whole team, you guys work hard and it shows. Much, much love from T.O. and this is one of my personal favourite quotes of all time that I think applies to what the TSB team is doing going forward: “I DON’T DO IT FOR MY HEALTH MAN, I DO IT FOR THE BELT MAAAANN!!!”