Silk Scarves: The Finishing Touch

October 14th, 2012

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3. Artist Chic

This paisley number is a large square, like a lot of silk scarves.

Hold it from diagonal corners, twist it gently into a long wrap and knot it around the neck, as you would tie an ascot.

The lower on the neck you wear it, the less “stuffy” it will look. Ideally, it should just peek out from under the shirt.

Like a tweed waistcoat, a hopsack one in a neutral color can be mixed and matched with dozens of different outfits, whether you’re heading to a business meeting or a fancy cocktail party.

A beard is one of the most effective accessories for allowing a man to pull-off a more forward look.

It makes everything look masculine and rugged, even a silk scarf worn as a ascot.

Don’t be afraid of letting it get little bushy, just make sure it’s evenly trimmed with clean sharp edges.

  • Round hand-engraved metal shades by Matsuda
  • Burgundy suit jacket by Michael Andrews Bespoke
  • Grey/Burgundy windowpane shirt by Michael Andrews Bespoke
  • Grey/Burgundy paisley silk scarf by Zara
  • Camel hopsack waistcoat by Michael Andrews Bespoke (Cloth by Ariston AR A917/9)
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
  • Brown alligator watch band by Montblanc
  • “New Standard” Raw denim jeans by APC
  • Brown alligator belt and silver buckle by Ralph Lauren Purple Label
  • Burgundy socks by Marcoliani
  • Brown suede captoe lace-ups by To Boot NY

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford.

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  • Justin

    Where can I post these silk ties?

    • Justin

      Scarfs… not ties lol sorry .

      • Dan Trepanier

        Check the credits in the “Featured” section.

  • Omar M.


  • Jerry V.

    I made couple of typos but it’s understandable isn’t it? Haha

  • Jerry V.

    Hello Dan!

    I’m a big fan of the site and a long time follower (since the blogspot days) so I’ve been looking at your pictures quite a while now. That’s why I’ve got to ask have put on some muscle? Making some gains?

    Keep rockin’ my man,
    Jerry from Finland

  • AresM

    Already living the wool cashmere scarf season here up north but these are some killer looks. #1 should be in all men’s style books next to “autumn smart casual”. Thanks man.

  • Sartaaj Hussain

    All for the beard. :)

  • viet

    I wondered how much for the the green pants

  • Rich

    Hey Dan,

    I’ve been following TSB for about 3-4 months now. I live in New Zealand and love the ideas you’re throwing out there. In NZ we’re generally a little more conservative and guys who express themselves more in their dress are often considered vain and effeminate. Not saying I will be rocking a silk scarf tomorrow (small steps) but you’re opening up my mind to different ideas and it’s definitely a good thing.

    Regarding the beard, heaps of guys down in NZ rock a beard in the winter and it doesn’t get nearly as cold as NY. I don’t see what the issue is.

    Keep up the good work mate,

  • Adyna

    I knew this post will appear someday..glad to see it. a blush and a scarve bring out the perfect, delicate woman….on men, scarves complete the style game. Nice!

  • Ludwig Pierre

    Remarkable blending of a unique fall color palette. The tailoring of the clothing is exquisite and as an often suit wearer I personally know the precision its takes to attain these amazing cuts. Subtly but well tapered trousers. The silk scarf is very european and adds a debonair yet approachable factor to any gentlemanly look.

  • Roof

    I just don’t think the beard suits you – or at least it needs to be trimmed, the current scraggly beard you have going on doesn’t quite work for your facial structure.

  • TD

    Can’t get enough of this shit! Keep it coming TSB. Daily visitor (at least).

  • Carl

    Awesome outfits! I especially liked the second look. I would really like to see your take on casual layering for fall.
    Keep up the good work!:)

  • Jose

    I like the contrast of colors and textures, works together really well. As far as the beard, not a huge fan of facial hair but like you said Dan, its all about personal style and evolving your own. I can always digg that.

  • MN

    Put me as a vote against the beard (as if it matters).

    I just don’t agree with this Nick Wooster-esq “#menswear” trend of trying to “butch up” effete outfits with tattoos, beards et al.

    I say just rock it with confidence without the need for affectation.

    Plus you are 6ft+, you don’t need a beard for manliness, Nick Wooster is what, 5’6″?

    • Badger

      “Effete” doesn’t mean what you think it does.

      • MN

        I’d check up on your definitions because outfits arrayed around silk scarves certainly fit that bill in the current iteration of men’s fashion in the U.S.

  • Brian

    My vote is for the beard!

  • Keith

    Haven’t been on the new site in a while and was surprised to see the new beard! Not my personal style but fair play – Not everyone will have the balls to grow a handlebar, wear a silk scarf or that “Old Italian Man Swag” look but thats why this site works – it emphasizes originality and individualism, offering ideas and styles to inspire, without dictating fashions or instructing people what to wear.
    Keep it up!

  • Jimi Brady

    Awesome article, Dan. And since you mentioned votes, I am officially voting in favor of the beard. I personally keep a very thin layer of scruff – in my opinion, a man should embrace his facial hair from time to time. It’s a great way to look a little more rugged, and it’s totally appropriate for Fall and Winter when you need to keep your face warm.

  • @Vidal_nTheVille

    I liked each look and will look at these as guidance on how to work a scarf or two into my rotation.

    One thing I would like to see in the future is a post on vests/waistcoats. Look three was a good example of how to wear the 3rd piece from a suit in another context and I’d love to see more.

    Peace & blessings,

  • neil cummins

    Great piece once again. Really well put together outfits as always. I have always found a silk scarf is a cheap way to add your own identity to your outfit.they are also readily available via thrift stores

    keep em comin’


  • chrisd

    i want everything in your 3rd look. looks spiffy man

  • Herbert Morrison

    Tree piece mash up never on schedule but always on time.

  • Mark


    What is with the shaggy facial hair? Are you turning into a werewolf for Halloween? I don’t think it jibes with most of the looks you sport and certainly is not business appropriate.

    • Ben

      I think he looks excellent and wears it well. It’s getting to be colder so those of us who can grow beards, do grow beards–and I definitely think it adds some more character to his outfits.

      • Mark

        I think his outfits speak for themselves. If he were only wearing hipster duds, it might work. Or if it were at least neatly trimmed! He is supposed to be teaching young men how to dress…imagine if some college kid showed up for an interview for a law office or bank sporting that Shaggy DA look?

        • Dan Trepanier

          Let’s agree that you and I have different ideas as to what I’m supposed to be doing.

          Anyway, another vote against the beard.

          Thanks for reading,

      • Scotty

        I don’t get why people keep harping on his beard. Haha. It’s fine.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Ben.

        • Mark

          Physician, heal thyself!

    • Dan Trepanier

      I disagree. In most cases I think the beard offers a nice contrast with a sharper look. Keep in mind though, this is just my personal style.

      Certainly if you’re walking into a corporate interview it’s probably not the wisest move. However, I know many guys who wear a cleanly trimmed beard to the office on a daily basis.

      Thanks for reading,

      • Mark

        With all due respect, you are not sporting a “neatly trimmed beard.” It is pretty scraggly.

        • Dan Trepanier

          Didn’t imply that I was. My office is my laptop. No dress code.

          • Mark

            But the world is your stage and you are decidedly in the public eye. And you are a walking advert for so many brands, which you wear so well. So, why the rebellious grooming? I hope this does not make you dig in your heels more so that you wind up looking like a ZZTop tribute band…

            • Ben

              Seriously? ZZ Top? His beard isn’t close to that and it probably never will be.
              A beard, like Dan said, offers something more to a man and his outfit–in this case, it offers a sort of rugged yet stylish look. Why you’re so against this is beyond me.

            • John Macintosh

              There’s an old Greek proverb I like to trot out in these occasions: there are two types of people that go through this world without beards—women and children—and I am neither one of these things.

              I agree with Dan. If it’s appropriate for the line of work you are in, go for it. And if it’s not appropriate, fine, but kind of sad what a restrictive and reductive workplace you find yourself in must be.

              • Mark

                Actually, I work in the arts and I can show up in Army pants and a CBGB T-shirt if I like. I am not against beards as a rule, I think this one has now gotten out of control and looks unkempt. Were he only featuring ripped up jeans and a knit cap I would say, “no harm, no foul.” Actually, last week I praised this outfit, which is as slick and formal as one can get: A three-piece pinstripe with lapels on the vest and a collar bar:


                Here the beard is neatly trimmed, and I think “well suited” to the look. I think many style gurus would tell men who want to look their best, “Beards are acceptable in most business environments, as long as they are kept neatly trimmed.”

                • Dan Trepanier

                  Hey Mark,

                  Thanks again for your comments, we at TSB always appreciate our readers sharing their opinions.

                  I completely agree about beards in business environments. You’re right.

                  However, I work in a creative field with less restrictive dress codes.

                  It’s a tricky balance for me, creating content that is basic advice for everyday guys combined with inspiring ideas that are true to my own personal style.

                  Ultimately I need to stay true to myself, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this. As always, I encourage readers NOT to copy my looks, but rather use them as inspiration to find what works best for their personal lifestyle, whatever that may be.

                  Thanks again for reading.

                  All the best,

  • Christopher

    Particularly fond of the first look – makes the silk scarf look a little less effete

  • Axel Ruiz

    The last look is just brilliant. Very nice