Sophisticated Streetwear feat. Ronnie Fieg

October 21st, 2012

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American menswear has evolved dramatically in recent years, as we touched on here.

One of the categories that has seen the biggest shift, in my opinion, is Streetwear. What was once a style synonymous with baggy jeans, flashy kicks, and matching baseball caps is now a market producing sophisticated designs, engineered fits, and artfully crafted pieces of all kinds.

Ronnie Fieg, the king of collaboration and a bonafied superstar in the sneakerhead community, is one of the designers pioneering the shift of what the “cool kids” are wearing on the streets.

Whether he’s working on his own label Kith NYC, an NYC-made cross between Streetwear and High Fashion, or with one of the dozens of brands he regularly collaborates with, his designs are always smart, wearable and, most importantly, limited edition.

He frequently leaves groups of super-stylish New Yorkers, from all walks of life, lined up around the block in anticipation of his new exclusive releases (which typically appreciate in value because of their rarity).

We got together with the designer and footwear connoisseur, who’s personal shoe collection is somewhere between 2,500-3,000 pairs, to talk about his personal style, favorite footwear for the season, and the gear he’s dropping later this year.


1. Black & Red’s For Life

Sitting amongst a carefully curated selection of kicks at Kith NYC, 644 Broadway (in the back of Atrium).

“This is the Nike Destroyer that I made at Bowery Stadium. I think the fit and overall cut of the jacket from Nike is a perfect silhouette. This one has my initials in camo and a big Kith symbol on the back… The “Just Us” logo is very important to me.

The pant is from Freshjive, it’s tweed lined with soft cotton and has a ribbed cuff at the bottom which always helps enhance the shoes you’re wearing.”

“As for the Jordan 1′s, I don’t have to tell you what those are about. Black and red 1′s for life.”

  • Black snapback cap by Starter
  • Black custom leather destroyer jacket by Nike
  • Grey sweatpants by Freshjive
  • Retro air jordan 1 high strap by Jordan Brand
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  • Lance Evangelister

    Ronnie Fieg is giving street wear more substance while maintaining it’s integrity. I understand why he wouldn’t choose a ysl shoe over nike air max or asics. Ysl isn’t true streetwear. His work is something that the streetwear crowd can relate to while making it important to the fashion world, instead of being viewed as something less serious.

  • Levi

    Shameless plug(s) feat: Ronnie Fieg

  • Willin

    Ronnie makes some of the best boatshoes in the game that most don’t know about. I own 2 pairs of his collabs. With that said, he dresses incoherently. It’s clownish. No grown man should wear sweatpants outside the comfort of his own home. We may not agree on styling but keep up the good shoe design work, RF!

  • DF

    What is sophisticated about Nike Air Max? I would have chosen Lanvin or YSL for a more sophisticated urban look

    I agree with earlier posts, aside from look 4, the looks lack any direction at all

    • Dan Trepanier

      Looking back, I should have more clearly defined what I meant by Streetwear. I wouldn’t consider European designer sneakers to fall in the same category, given the context.

      • Jason

        why not?

        • Dan Trepanier

          In this context we’re trying to highlight brands specific to the Streetwear lifestyle category, and the evolution of their designs and aesthetic.

  • Gram

    Everything on this site looks great but someone needs to proofread the text!

  • kicksb4rent

    You’re all haters, ronnie’s style is amazing and 100% original! I give him big credit on the outfits he puts together because they look very grown man and hip at the same time.

  • Evan

    Im a high school student and cant wear things like double breasted fitted suits or wingtips to school. loved this post, need more like it

  • Chris

    You guys really need to open your minds. This site is all about looking your best in the world your in. Not everyone is going to be living in a scene where a pocket square and double monks are appropriate. Ronnie Fieg is the best at what he does and pushes the limits in his field the way Dan tries to in his. After all isn’t that what this site is about? If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. But respect the creativity and craftsmanship of what’s being done, because whether you like it or not Ronnie is an innovator in his field and worked his way up from a stock room. Nothing but love. Great post. Keep up the good work.

    • lill

      well put! really loved the last look, mirrored New York hat and the floral sleaved jacket!

  • Leroy

    I notice the negative comments on Ronnie Fieg and his style of dress. We all know that TSB focuses mainly on dappered style and fashion. But remember this post is focusing on street style and nobody is doing it better than Ronnie Fieg in my opinion. This guy sells out on every sneaker/boot/shoe collaboration that he puts out. He collaborates with brands that many would look past. Take the athletic brand Asics for example, Fieg has pushed the brand to new heights. RF Asics gel lyte sell on ebay for $300 on average. I appreciate RF’s detail for quality when it comes to streetwear.

  • Gazman

    To each their own but this style leaves me cold. It’s ok if you’re under, say, mid 20s or a hip-hop ‘artist’, but anyone older wearing this clobber just looks like a Peter Pan try-hard. But keep up this type of post. I like seeing diversity in fashion/style.

  • Jack

    Digging the shoes! Especially with the last look! I think his fit is spot on as well, great post.

  • Sabir P.

    Hi TSBmen Crew,

    Digging the post. In particular, the “Crew Love” look really stands out. Beside the phenomenal jacket, the tailored sweatpants are on point. The style actually is actually more more practical for working out because you dont have the excess material falling over the back of your sneakers. Great work with the feature.



  • Kris

    Absolutely love this post. Like the new page as well, two thumbs up guys! Keep it coming

  • BigTigga

    This guy is fresh! A lot of people don’t “get” streetwear…I think its dope. Just flashy enough in the right places.

  • Brian

    My second attempt at posting; I’ll try to be more diplomatic.

    Streetwear and hip-hop is tricky — it can easily look contrived.

    The only look that works in my opinion is #4. Love the pants and scarf combination.

    The rest of the looks, however, miss the mark. It all looks so gimmicky, save for the footwear (awesome boots) and of course, the Yankee hat.

  • Gary K

    None of this is anything I’d want to try, especially the shoes and that style of baseball cap. But I hand it to him for looking good in it all. As you say, fit is important, and he has the fit just right.

    I guess I don’t get the appeal of what I see, in spite of the attention to fit and selection, as nonetheless “gangsta” inspired, for lack of a better work. I think there is definitely a difference between that kind of style and regular “street” style.

    • Expand your views

      His look is concived of all the most popular streetwear pieces. You can find men dressed like him anywhere tbh. I prefer a mix of streetwear and formalwear myself

  • Respoken Trurths

    The fourth outfit is really nice, warm and comfortable as well.

    Just started my own blog focusing on providing fundamental style tips for men:

  • Dominic

    The looks make you look younger than that individual is.

    Over sized T shirt in the first picture? Not my cup of tea.

  • Anonymous

    I am definitely digging the tapered sweats! Awesome post!

  • Jen

    As a woman and fan of menswear I appreciate the diversity that you have included in your more recent post. I am definitely a fan of the site in general and its great to see that you are touching on various aspects of menswear!!! I absolutely love this post!!

  • Justin Deep

    Man, I’m going to sound like a hater but this article is like looking at a missed lay-up when we are used to getting slam dunks. Still a fan of the website nonetheless

  • cam

    while not necessarily my style big ups to this guy. anyone who shows this much passion for something deserves respect.

  • Brad

    Frankly, I don’t think that one of these fits is cohesive.

  • Jerome

    I agree with Sid, this is one of the best posts yet. Keep it up, guys!

  • Oliver

    Not my cup of tea. You have dope stuff in general though so I’ll live.

  • Ag

    Rf is going nowhere but up. I wish I lived in Ny so I could get some Rf shoe releases. Rf does some amazing stuff. His asics collabs are on point and his new balance collabs are sick. Quality on his stuff is top notch. Ronnie, send me a pair of those eclipse asics please. I’ll try for the kithstrike, but probably fail. They are a knockout.

  • Jimi Brady

    Not my cup of tea, but I bet this will be a popular article. Well done.

  • Ludwig Pierre

    Streetwear has evolved to a more intricate and elegant stage. The silhouettes are tapered & the culture exudes a very positive ambiance. Providing a holistic view of men’s fashion is refreshing and essential. Great Work Gentleman.
    Style Beyond Fashion
    The Golden Gentlemen Club

  • Sid

    one of the best posts

  • Anonymous

    Baseball hat+baseball jacket +sweatpants+sneakers.

    This is why streetwear will always be subpar.

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t get the appeal of those shoes. Just looks like plastic.