True to Your Roots feat. Russell Simmons

December 5th, 2012

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What do you wear if you’re a multi-millionaire hip hop and business mogul? Well, anything you damn well please.

As with any other personal style, however, the key is staying true to your roots and portraying an image that truthfully represents who you are.

The godfather of hip hop, Russell Simmons, invited us to his office to discuss working with his new brand Argyleculture and give us a glimpse of his day-to-day personal style.


1. Urban Prep

Yankee fitted caps, classic adidas sneakers and argyle sweater vests are staples in Russel’s wardrobe. He’s been trademarking their combination since the 80s.

“I normally wear an Argyleculture classic golf sweater because it’s acceptable anywhere I go and my Adidas have been a staple in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember.”

Aside from being a boss’ boss’ boss, he’s also very spiritual. As an avid enthusiast of Yoga and meditation, he often wears his spiritual beads as a reflection of his lifestyle.

  • Navy Yankee baseball cap by New Era
  • Blue/grey sweater vest by Argyleculture
  • Navy/yellow plaid shirt by Argyleculture
  • Blue denim jeans by Gap
  • White/navy shelltoe sneakers by Adidas
  • Necklace by Jennifer Stock
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  • KurtB

    Many people here have called Russell Simmons out on his poor style choices, and everyone should keep doing that! It is the same with, Yeezy: both of these men have contributed many things to our current culture, but appropriate fashion sense ain’t one!

    I mean, I remember Cross Colors too… wait, I am not a Buddhist, but I’m starting to think that Argyleculture is a reincarnation of the wonderfully forgotten Cross Colors plague.

  • David.O

    Jeans ???
    Is it just me or does wearing jeans play down an outfit.
    It says out loud, “I do not want to try, I want it easy”.
    In every major European capital,over 90 % of men wear them. I mean every Tom, Dick, Harry. How can humans be so grey ?
    I want to show I care, I like to wear wool or cashmere pants especially in the winter.

  • Rob

    I dreaded this post when I saw the teaser. While Russell might have the music industry on lockdown, his fashion leaves much to be desired. If this was music/entertainment website, I’d say great “get.” But being a site devoted to fashion, this is a fail. I realize you can’t pass up a shoot with Simmons because of his name. But this is the same with you doing a shoot with Bill Gates, he can also wear whatever “he damn well pleases.” Doesn’t make it a good post.

  • pauline

    I too am a R Simmons fan/ He dresses for comfort

  • khordkutta

    Dig the grown up B-Boy look, and def stayed true his roots considering the fit of his attire, things should be a touch baggy-loose fitting, never know when ur gunna be called to the cardboard.

  • Gazman

    Mmmmm, what rhymes with underwhelming?

  • LJ

    I’m a fan of Mr. Simmons but I wouldn’t consider him to be a well dressed man. His sense of fashion does nothing for me.

  • Ryan

    I remember you teasing this on TSB Daily back in October. Just curious, why such the long turnover? Saw other posts here that were teased in the Daily that got posted before this.

  • MN

    That’s cool that TSB scored a feature with someone like R. Simmons.

    Can’t say much for his style though.

  • Jeff

    Sorry, but this looks awful. He looks like he hasn’t changed his style since freshman year of high school. Everything is baggy; the fits are all wrong.

    • LJ


  • changingman

    Love those adidas!

  • Demaris Carey

    One thing for certain, two things for sure, you are, one of the few who have stayed true to his roots. Like Laurence I have watched you build your brand from the bricks and its origin still remains. You even have on Argyle socks.
    Growing up mom wasn’t rockin like that, $7 and up for a pair of (Argyle) socks, so I stole them from Downtown D.C. MACYS during my teenager years. I just had to have them. I couldn’t wait to rock my knee-high, multicolored socks to school the next day. I thought I was the shyt. Wearing Argyle made me feel more fortunate then I really was. Back in my days, if you wore Argyle you had taste and you were gettin money and not the legal way. Lol! Those were the days.
    I am in love with bright colors so the brighter the colors were the happier I was. Argyle is still a favorite of mine and will ALWAYS be, it brings back so many old school memories. On some real- live shyt, I always pronounced it IZOD, LOL! I felt dumb as hell when I realized how us black folks chopped the word up.
    Why don’t you come out with a woman’s line, consisting of Tennis skirts/ cute T-shirts and sweaters to match, like back in the days, using bright colors. Take a few of the many beautiful women you know and have them model.

  • Laurence

    I like to think I was with you from the beginning. I watched you build and market your brand, and this post is a reflection of your grind. Congrats and much more success to you and your team.


    • TO

      LAS is that you? Lol. Thought you could hide behind a change in spelling haha

  • The-Bigwig

    I do like it. This guy have a taste…But I would change these shoes into informal brogues. I think brogues would look better with these kind of outfits. But that’s only my opinion.


    • Derric

      Bigwig, while I don’t think you’re wrong about looking “better” with brogues, I don’t expect anything other than Adidas from the former manager of Run DMC and Run’s older brother.

      Must say that I haven’t heard of Argyleculture before this, but after a quick look at their website I like what they’re doing.