Light Layers of Fall, Part III: The Hoody

December 14th, 2010


The days of cool Fall weather are quickly coming to an end, so I thought I should post this last installment of “Light Layers of Fall” before it gets consistently freezing outside.

We have a couple more “Light Layers of Fall” posts that we shot a while back as well, but I think due to the rapidly changing weather, I’d rather save them for “Light Layers of Early Spring”. Anyway, for this final edition I’m highlighting a very misunderstood, and underrated, piece : the hoody (or “hoodie”).

When most guys think of a hoody, they think grey fleece, XXL, a college football banner across the chest, and maybe a mustard stain or two. Of course a hoody is a great lounging piece because of its comfort and practicality, but it can be more than that. It can also be a great layering piece that is stylish rather than sloppy.

Here, three hoody looks that don’t scream fratboy.


3. Full Zip + Tweed Jacket

A blazer (or suit jacket) layered over something as casual as a tank top can be a tricky look. A full-zip hoody is the perfect middle ground to compliment them and tie them together.

This is a great way to wear a suit jacket in a very casual setting. Like going to watch a sporting event type of casual.

  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
  • Tan suede wingtips by Bass
  • “New Standard” Raw denim jeans by APC
  • Grey tank top by Fruit of the Loom
  • Linen paisley pocket square Vintage
  • Brown alligator watch band by Montblanc
  • Brown donegal tweed suit jacket by Michael Andrews Bespoke
  • Brown woven leather gloves by Hilts and Willard
  • Burgundy full zip hoody by Cheap Monday
  • keyofnight

    Good article.. I think the images are broken, though. Please fix em? :D

  • Dimitris

    Hey Dan,

    Your blog is a killer!

    This hoody outfit looks just great. I am just wondering whether a selection of slim-fit jeans could ruin the whole setup? What do you think, I suppose that straight pants give a laid-back feel, needed to support the top.

    With compliments,

  • sleeveless hoodie

    I like it – pretty simple, warm, and doesn’t look too “casual”.

    Not sure if it would work inside, but for out on the street on a cooler day I would like one of these hoodies.

  • Anonymous

    That is very attention-grabbing, You’re an overly professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and stay up for in quest of extra of your wonderful post. Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks

  • Michael

    someone by me a hoody and a pant

  • Xean

    I love the color maroon and blue! looks cool! :)

  • rory

    look like a tosser.

  • Anonymous

    hey dan..what you you think of navy blue and black together
    for example that navy blue full zip with a black down vest or does that not match?

  • NorwegianDude

    Hi Dan,

    I’m going for the Outlier hoodie ( but I’m not sure which colour to get… any ideas on what will be most versatile?

  • Anonymous

    hey i was just wondering how you go about washing/drying these fleece hoodies so they dont shrink on you when you buy them

    • SB

      Wash cold and hang dry. Or dry clean. Thanks for reading. -SB

  • Neekoh

    That third look is killer!!
    Found your blog through Becs’ (Style With Benefits) and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. I’ll be back regularly :)


  • Vadims

    wow, the 3rd look is just amazing

  • JA

    I think you are awesome, but what’s the deal with the high waters you wear?

  • illtek

    That last fit with the red hoodie is my absolute favorite you have posted. Huge inspiration, thanks bruh.

  • Tom

    I’m curious about the lenght of your trousers in pretty much all your blog posts as they simply seem too short to me. Can you give us some more info about what lenght you normally wear and how long your legs are? I always thought that the right leg lenght would be for it to (almost) touch the ground in the heel area whilst standing barefoot.

    As for using smalls/mediums and avoiding oversized clothes, I’m with you on this one Dan, but try doing it being 6’5″ and 170lbs with really long arms. Most stuff that fits me in general has sleeves that are too short. Or (for some strange reason) it won’t fit in the chest, I simply cannot move normally wearing slim clothes in S/M and L is too big.

    Btw, amazing blog, keep up the good stuff coming!

  • Tyler

    I guess it’s safe to say that video posts aren’t going to be happening before 2012, right?

    • SB

      Hey Tyler.

      If you meant 2011, then yes, probably not.

      A new project like this takes time. If we wanted it rushed and half-assed, then we could throw something up tomorrow. However, I, and everyone on the styleblogger “team”, believes that everything we put out needs to be of a certain level of quality, as I hope you can tell by the quality of the posts.

      As you can also probably tell, I am very specific. My assistant might say “picky” (or use a worse sounding synonym, haha). I’m talking “that tie is 1/4″ too narrow” type of picky.

      Nevertheless, I guess it is safe to assume that by this comment you are excited and looking forward to the video posts – which will likely not be quite what you’re expecting – which is usually the goal around here.

      Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned.

      All the best,

      • Tyler

        Very interested to see what you and Jen have brewing.


  • Ross

    Dan – let’s talk Bass shoes for a moment. Do you recommend sizing down a half or full size on their suede bucks?

    • SB

      They fit true to size as far as I can tell. Best, Dan

  • Daniel

    Are those LL Bean Bluchers in your header pic? I’ve been considering copping a pair and would appreciate your opinion of them (silhouette, quality of leather, etc).

    • SB

      They are, that post is coming soon. The bluchers are classics. Although there are certainly better-made versions available, you can’t really beat them for the price. Thanks for reading. -SB

  • Anonymous

    the last look is my fav. finding that one perfect tweed blazer is the hardest for me. living in texas, one doesnt need an overcoat or heavy jacket – the tweed blazer is a necessity. just cant find the “right” one. when i do, i, unashamedly, will copy this look.

    • SB

      I think a tweed blazer is a wardrobe staple for just about every man (who lives in seasonal climate). Thanks for reading. -SB

  • Raj


    Gotta say…Looks 1 + 2…v cool.
    Well done on picking up the *Le Noeud Papillon* bow. Its a “must-have” in Sydney at the moment. I have 6… and looking for more…Keep up the good work pal!

  • 510

    fam!!!!! you killed #3. Simple, but amazing. Burgundy hoody goes so well with the tweed blazer. Once again excellent job

  • khordkutta

    looks one and two, i dig em, but you murdered it on 3

    • SB
      • khordkutta

        Ahhhhhh, very nice…makes me wanna…

      • Joey Dee

        Sir, what is the title and or tags to this youtube video as I cannot view it from link provided? I look forward to viewing, and once again thanks for putting this together as i would have never associated any of it as complimentary.


    Whattup SB! Great post, definitely like the first outfit the best… I have rocked a similar outfit recently, although my hoody was a finer-gauge cotton-cashmere number from JCrew…Diggin’ the bass suede lace-ups…

    When are you posting on boots? The weather here in DC is getting miserable!

    Stay Fresh,


    • SB

      Hey F2D. Thanks as always for reading. Post on boots coming soon…it’s in the queue.


  • Zach

    Tweed jacket is superb – wish I could get something like that

  • Louis Keller

    Hey Dan, I’ve always been a big fan of all the SB stuff. I think you’re consistently putting up some great looks and really educating folks.

    This is really the first look I can’t get behind though. Looks like bad GQ from five years ago. From a man who values tailoring and a bit of edge in his look. I really don’t think adding a hoodie does anything more than add a fraternity tattoo to your arm.

    I’m still a huge fan of your stuff but just not the hoodie, ever.

    • SB

      Hey Louis. Thanks for your feedback, and for drafting a a well written criticism. Of course, not everybody is going to love every look…we all have different taste and style…that is sort of the point…it wouldn’t be much fun otherwise.

      Thanks for reading.

      All the best,

  • The Thrifty Sartorial


    Another great post. You killed it with the bowtie in the first look. I appreciate your ability to give timeless pieces a modern twist. Continue the great posts, you seem to have inspired many, it’s refreshing.

    The Thrifty Sartorial

    • SB

      Thanks! Stay tuned, my best posts are to come in the near future… -SB

  • dre

    I dig the mix between the casual and formal. Definitely my style of expression. Great post mixing it up.

  • Dustin

    I have that Club Monaco hoodie in an off white, its fantastic. Although I probably should have sized up as its a bit tight when I wear a button up underneath.

    And to the posters asking about the APC’s, give it time. I recently bought a pair and they were ridiculously tight in the waist and thighs for the first week, but after that they stretched, and fit fantastic. Great jeans for the price.

    • SB

      Thanks for reading, and contributing Dustin. Best, Dan

  • Anonymous

    Almost pooped my pants when I saw that pice ! i have the same outfit on today.

    • SB

      hahaha. thanks for reading -SB

  • Chris

    Wow, the tank/hoodie/blazer looks tight! In gonna have to try that during our AZ winter. Another great post, thanks!

  • Richard

    Fresh. I like the mix of colours.

    Another good one.

  • Jen Smith

    Great use of the hoodie…I LOVEEEE that bow tie…. :)


    • SB

      Thx Jen :)

  • andy boyce

    Hey Dan, how do you fit in your new standards, I’m 6′ 185 and my 31 APC new standards(i bought online, so couldnt try on) are like womenz jeans? Especially on the thighs, were yours that way originally, pre stretch?

    • SB

      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve answered a similar inquiry.

      When I first bought my APC’s, I could hardly walk in them. Three weeks later, they are already slightly too loose in areas. Trust me (and all the APC salespeople), they WILL stretch, alot.


  • TK

    Always look sharp but noticed you said you were 6’1 and 190lbs.How can you wear a size smallor medium in many of your clothes?I just figured you would be a large??

    • SB

      That is exactly why I include sizing in all the captions…my way of helping fight the oversized clothing epidemic in Northern America. Thanks for reading. -SB

  • Maurice

    Another awesome post. Please note that your pictures are not linked up correctly when I click them for the close up (large view).

    • SB

      Hmmm. Will look into this asap. -SB

  • Dreary

    Any ideas on where to pick up some cool suit jacket buttons online?

    • SB

      The internet is full of buttons and button stores. Just do some searching till you find something you like. The selection is virtually unlimited. Good luck -SB

    • Thrifty Satorialist

      Better than online, do you have a fabric store near you by chance? Most I have entered have an enormous selection of buttons to choose from. I figure it could save you on the shipping and also you can determine size of buttons as well.

      Just a thought!

      Thrifty Satorialist

    • Thrifty Satorialist

      Better than online, do you have a fabric store near you by chance? Most I have entered have an enormous selection of buttons to choose from. I figure it could save you on the shipping and also you can determine size of buttons as well.

      Just a thought!

      Thrifty Satorialist

  • Caleb

    That last outfit is one of your best in a while

    • SB

      What I love about the comments and emails is that everybody gravitates more towards different looks. One of the reasons why versatility is important. Glad you like this one. Thanks for reading.


  • J

    Are those 106 Vulcanized Vans? They look great but I’ve been hesitant to buy a pair because I associate them with skaters

    • SB

      They are perforated genuine black leather uppers – not sure of the exact name. Hope this helps. -SB

      • Chris

        @J and @Anonymous, those look like leather Eras or Authentics. The 106s are more “derby”-style, while Eras and Authentics are more “oxford”-style. From what I can tell, those shoes look more like oxfords.

        @SB, I love looks 2 and 3, especially look 3! They’re totally fresh and creative, yet something that I could do myself. You always got some killer looks–thanks for the inspiration!

  • band of republic

    i was starting to think i was the only one who wore my hoodies with trousers and a tie. its nice to know this look has been “certified”. great looks!

    • SB

      Certified Fresh!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if those are 106 Vulcanized Vans? Thinking about buying a pair but have never seen them in person.

    • SB

      Not sure of the exact style name, but they are perforated genuine black leather uppers. Hope this helps. -SB

  • Phan

    Awesome work as usual Dan. I love the formal/casual high/low combos. Totally appreciate the frequency and quality of your posts (no homo). Keep doing your thing amigo.

    • SB

      Thanks for the compliment Phan (despite the n.h. comment…let’s kill that).

      All the best,

  • TO

    …Amazing looks. #2 is suberb (and would be very much my style if I had the appropriate pieces).

  • matty j

    Possibly my favorite post to date homie! I don’t have the guap (yet) for the custom suits, but hoodies are so doable — especially for a college student who doesn’t just want to rock the smurf-blue athletics sweatshirt erryday. That last look is too fly! Definitely fits the laidback/cali style I like, while still looking extra fresh and not sloppy. I hope you guys didnt jack anything from my room… although considering your state (and your history), i wouldn’t be surprised if i was missing some snacks ;)

    • SB

      Hahaha. I knew you’d like this one Matty…and thanks again for the other night. Nice seeing you cats again. -Dan

  • Amir

    Those HW gloves are truth!

  • Sabir P.

    Hey Dan,

    I think the hoody is a good look. I am not the biggest fan of the hoody with the bow tie look (but it’s not bad). The color pop of the last look and the pocket square are great. You should definitely look at and grab a square or two. I picked up two recently from Ontario in person and they are phenomenal and seem like they would compliment your looks very well.

    • SB

      Thanks for the heads up. Some cool squares there, and I Ontario is a good guy.

      Hope all is well Sabir,

  • Thatguy

    tweed blazer looks sharp