What I Wore Today – Dec 11 2012

December 11th, 2012

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Rule #1 of the TSB Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

A new feature on TSB Daily is #WIWT – what the staff wore to work today.

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite! (Yes, we’re keeping a tally)

1. Alex

“I’ve never been much of a denimhead, but I just got these 14oz selvedge jeans from Rogue Territory and I’m really loving them. They’re a little long (I’m damn short), so, until they’re broken-in enough for my tailor to hem them, I’m rocking this huge double cuff.”

2. Dan

“Suited for me, not for the man. For the love of #menswear and #pattern-mixing.”

3. Wes

“Heavy winter coat? No thanks. I’ll just layer-up with a vintage shawl cardigan and moc bean boots for inclement weather.”

4. Townsend

“Dressing up but staying comfortable.  This is a very Italian (read: Brunello) inspired look.”



Thanks for reading,

The TSB Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

Check out more of his work at alexcrawfordphotography.com.

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  • mon

    with wes in 2nd

  • glen

    alex. cuffs are dope.

    wes second though

  • Affrescoo

    I’m torn between Wes and Dan! Both outfits are perfect but for distinctly different reasons. Keep it up.

  • http://www.backdownsouth.com Caroline | Back Down


  • http://exis-collecti.tumblr.com Josh

    Alex! Casual and a wicked cuff on those rogues.

  • Xavier

    Dan, for wearing this shirt, that’s ballsy !!

  • Eric

    Wes. To me his risk is the one that works best.

    Townsend, I commend you on staying true to your love for your hat. It is a nice hat, but your preppy personal style is in contrast with the bohemian vibe that most of us associate with the hat(Carly Simon, Pete Doherty, etc). You’re rocking two idealogically opposing classic styles that are hard to deviate from when trying to complete a look. But no one should be pigeon-holed, and if you’re happy, f*ck it.

  • Luke


  • Erik


  • MH

    Going with Dan today. Love the patterns.

  • http://the-bigwig.blogspot.com/ The-Bigwig

    Wes my #1 there (despite these Bean’s). Dan’s suit second.

  • Miles

    Dan fo sho

  • J. Lambert

    My vote goes to Wes. I really dig that shawl cardigan. Bean boots make this outfit able to go through the day with style and land somewhere more casual at night.

    Big props to Dan. Those wild shirts of yours are growing on me lately. Thank you for inspiring a lot of men around me and keeping my daily style thirst fulfilled!


  • Dustin

    All sharp as hell, but Townsend takes the win for me.

  • TK

    Dan’s shirt is fire!Alex’s pea coat is dope,Wes’s shawl kills it and Ralphie’s look is legit minus that awful hat!! Winner=DT and his wick wick wack beard! Nice job as always boys,nice to watch the site and people behind it evolving!

  • Mitch

    Gotta say Townsend, the hat is dope aha although Dan I’m loving the red tie/paisley accent/shoes, its subtle but nice. Alex loving the peacoat, just picked one up for myself the other day

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    Wes, until I saw the shoes.

    Townsend gets my vote.

  • Jakob

    For me, Dan killed it. No question. High risk-high reward.

  • Gazman

    I find it amazing that you can wear a chunky shawl cardigan and still wear a jacket over it. And even button it!

  • TO

    Wes: great idea of layering the shawl collar cardigan underneath the blazer!; Townsend: like Wes last time, probably a dimple away from stealing my vote!

    I’m gonna go with Dan- I was feeling the Instagram pic of this fit “all done up”!

  • http://thezych.tumblr.com Steven

    Dan takes the cake. Everyone else is too deep in that comfort zone ja feeeeeel.

  • Jerome


  • http://thismorningincentralpark.tumblr.com Lindsay

    Team Townsend… I’d wear the hat and let my man wear the rest.

  • http://Www.greenlightrally.com Ryan

    Wes nails it every time. Wes it is!

  • Kristopher

    Going with Wes on this. Then Alex. Wes because it’s most similar to my personal aesthetic. Alex, don’t mind the haters with the over-sized cuffs though. Channeling a serious Ouigi Theodore vibe IMO (just missing the neckerchief and 8 panel). Dig it.

  • http://modernlyclassic.wordpress.com Eugene

    Wes again! Wearing a similar cardigan today.

  • Alex D

    I definitely need to go with Wes on this one. Dan is a close second though.

  • Bob

    Wes gets my vote. He achieves beautiful contrast between light & dark, svelte & chunky with his cardigan and blazer.


    I choose WES. This look is more me than any others!

    Good job to all!

  • Veronica


  • Joe

    I wanted to vote for Alex, until I saw Townsend. Townsend wins this round, albeit narrowly (it would have been a wider margin had he lost the floppy hat).

  • sam

    alex – the cuffs are bit too much. i would’ve cut them, leaving more than enough room for the tailor.
    dan wins this one for me. i think with the jacket closed, the vibrant pattern would peek out just enough to provide pizzaz whilst accenting the shoes on an otherwise sharp but stylishly muted look.
    wes – woulda gone for a tweed on top, maybe in a contrasting heather gray or camel. plus the shawl woulda perfected matched a winter/fall staple like tweed, nice idea tho.
    townsend – love love the top half of the outfit actually. even the hat. woulda gone with sharper fitting burgundy or wine khakis…i dunno something about the cords melting into similarly colors shoes kills the bottom half for me.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      I never thought of that. I’m kind of scared to cut them myself, I feel like I’d screw them up somehow.

  • Sam


  • Jake

    Wes, then Alex. (cuffs again – totally get the excuse – but i’d probably opt to not wear em)

    like townsend’s but cant get over that damn hat. just not my style.

  • Brady

    Dan takes it today, Wes is a close second

  • Lorenzo

    Wes wins.

  • Ben

    Wes, then Alex. Can’t get past those cuffs.

  • TimL

    Ok… where do I begin. lol.

    Alex… where did you get thos 10gal cuffs dude? hope those break in fast or your going to catch alot of sh*t in those when you get off the boat. :)
    Dan the man…. as usual, your style is your own….. I don’t like it loud but your working the patterns well.
    Wes, I like your style the best so far Simple and clean.
    Townsend, lookin sharp but the hat makes you look like the country boy just rolled into town for a job interview.
    All in all, still a great group of shots.

  • Mirko

    How can one not vote for Dan?!
    Rest is pretty good as well but too average, maybe it is my mood today to go for something flashy ;)

    Great job Dan!

  • Elbert

    I’m going to have to give it to Wes today. I personally try to employ Marwan’s principle of treading the line between presentably conservative and expressively stylish; and I think Wes nailed it. That said, Dan’s ensemble is cool, though that’s not the most flattering pose…

  • Keaton

    I have to give it to Wes this time. Alex would have been damn close if not for the huge cuff, but I understand having to break in the jeans first.

    • Joe

      I like the ridiculous cuff – a bit of a different look that I find interesting.

  • http://mensstylepoint.com Kevin G.

    Towsend’s got it today, guys!

  • James

    Wes wins! Dan is a close second.

  • cam


  • Daja

    Townsend’s color combo is spot-on.

  • Joe mama

    Those cuffs on the jeans look ridiculous. Sorry.
    Bean boots with a blazer? :-(
    Last outfit looks good but the floppy hat is a deal-breaker.

    • J Saltzman

      Dan gets my vote. Fortune favors the bold…even on a Tuesday. ;)

  • http://www.twitter.com/iPodschun Derric

    Wes wins this round for me. I also really like Dan’s suit.