What I Wore Today – Dec 18 2012

December 18th, 2012

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Rule #1 of the TSB Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

A new feature on TSB Daily is #WIWT – what the staff wore to work today.

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!

1. Townsend

“It looks like I’m doing an Irish Jig here… I wasn’t, weird. ANYWAYS…a pair of jeans, a button down shirt, and a jacket is my ‘go-to’ look.  It’s perfect for the office, and hitting a bar after work.”

2. Wes

“Marty McFly would be proud here, vintage on vintage. I also have been obsessed with these fingerless gloves I bought for $4.”

3. Alex

“A few of my staple pieces thrown together in a simple, casual, outfit; perfect for a day at the office.”

4. Dan

“More monochrome action today, complete with this sweater from Calvin Klein and a NY fitted. Go Knicks!”


Thanks for reading,

The TSB Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

Check out more of his work at alexcrawfordphotography.com.


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  • A

    Towni, by a landslide.

  • Rob

    Dan, he’s the only one doing a stupid pose.

  • Julius

    I’ll have to go with Wes.

  • Marcus Forlan

    Townsend. Then Dan.

    By a hair.

  • Ben


  • Luke


  • JeffGreg

    Dan with Townsend a close second. And isn’t that a Yanks hat, not Knicks? I’m from SF so who knows, hehe.

  • TimL

    Hey guys, you all look great….but Townsend look is my style. Love the sportcoat with the cardigan and casual jeans look. Casually dressy and comfy looking.

    Townsend gets it today.

  • mon

    or wes (for the mcfly reference)


    I like the sweater Dan.

    I like Townie’s best. I also love the fact that he’s wearing at least one piece he’s worn in another WIWT. It always seems like you fellows have an endless supply of different and new clothing to wear.

  • Herbert Morrison

    Yes Dan

  • Miles

    Townsend easily

  • http://thezych.tumblr.com Steven


  • Alex D

    Townsend with the win

  • Omar

    If the shirt Alex’s is wearing is from Jcrew, I have the same one lol.

  • Joe

    Tie – Dan and Townsend.

    Alex – Where’s the shirt from? Red Chambray?

  • Jerome


  • Jim

    Townsend. Wes is a close second.

  • Kevin

    Townsend. Dan close second.

  • Daja

    Diggin’ Townsend’s Tartan

  • Brian


  • Kevin

    Townsend kills it today…the waistcoast/scarf and shoe/socks combos are key

  • sam

    gonna go with townsend.

  • Kris

    Dan. Supercool.

  • jhymas25

    I think I gotta give it to Dan. Although I do so begrudgingly as I am not a Knicks fan. Liking the scarf that Wes is wearing though.

  • Bob


  • Keaton

    I’ll give this round to Dan. Where do you keep finding those awesome lightweight trenches. I love the blue one you have by Theory, is this the new model, or is it by someone else?

  • http://the-bigwig.blogspot.com/ The-Bigwig


  • Brady

    Towni FTW today. Love that blackwatch plaid jacket (may not be exactly blackwatch, but close) w/ the double monks and jeans. Sophisticated yet comfortable.

    Dan was a close second..

  • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South

    Everyone always killing it. Picking Dan today – the hat made it extra awesome today.

  • Brian

    Hands down. Townsend. Great shoes.

  • cam


  • Dave

    Townsend wins

  • Jake

    gonna go with Townsend on this one

  • Rich_Future

    Dan the man…

  • http://www.twitter.com/iPodschun Derric

    Townsend wins this round for me. It’s the jacket and shoes. Alex has a good, simple look that always works, but nothing stands out the way Townsend’s jacket, Wes’ vest, or Dan’s sweater do.