What I Wore Today – Dec 21 2012

December 21st, 2012

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Last day in the office before we leave for the Holidays….

Rule #1 of the TSB Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!

1. Wes

“When my hair is getting too long, or I’m too lazy to style it, I usually just grab a hat and build my outfit from that point down.”

2. Townsend

“Leaving NYC after work for a weekend hiking upstate before the holidays. I know it’s a little laid back for TSB, but I’m dressing for comfort and practicality here. I switched out the laces on my beat-up desert boots…easy way to give new life to an old shoe. Also, get yourself some croakies.”

3. Dan

“Country inspirations for a layered look today – must be thinking about heading back to the farm for the holidays.”

4. Alex

“I like pairing these wide(r) legged, cuffed, cargo pants with my cable-knit sweater. It’s a very Army/Navy inspired look.”



Thanks for reading,

The TSB Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

Check out more of his work at alexcrawfordphotography.com.

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  • Calvin

    Wes, if I may ask…What is the designer of the varsity jacket you’re wearing!?

    • Calvin


    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      Hey Calvin, the jacket is from Scotch & Soda.

  • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South


  • Skip

    Towner. Because croakies. Also, we totally had that talk the night before; functional can look good.

  • JeffGreg

    Wes ALL the way.

    Dan if he had thrown in some red somewhere in there.

  • Adyna

    I vote with all of you because every one of you has something interesting in t..he outfit .and în the end it just represents one’s own style, favorite colors, mood and everything.

  • Kiel

    10 points to Townsend for wearing clothes that won’t get your ass kicked outside of the big city.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      We’ve had a comment or two like this in the past, and I really don’t understand them.

      Kiel, in your experience have you or anyone you know been bullied for dressing too well? If so, who is doing the “ass kicking”?

      I’ve been to many places around the word, from my experience onlookers tend to be more intimidated by the confidently dressed…

      Anyway, thanks for reading and happy holidays.

  • Alan

    Late to the party, but these posts are really fun. Not the strongest showing here, but I think it is challenging to bring your A-Game every day in Winter. A lot of smart-casual dress code workplaces casualise further when it’s really cold; we naturally retreat to comfort, warmth and familiar pieces. When our ‘four-season’ suits are no longer enough to protect us from the outside, our attention turns to knits and cardigans (besides, who can be bothered to hang-up a blazer and a coat?).

    The Blue-Black combo can be done, but I can’t help but feel they’re the undoing of a couple of the outfits. Dan pulls out some sharp pieces from his infinite wardrobe and I approve of the black boots, but Alex takes it with a great display of simplicity and balance.

    I think a lot of people have ‘clothes’, ‘Summer clothes’ and ‘Winter clothes’. ‘Winter clothes’ cost the most and by far take up the most space, plus a good peacoat hides most sins – standards go down as a result.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Thanks for sharing you opinions Alan, although in my opinion Winter is one of the best-dressed seasons in menswear because of the available fabrics and potential for creative layering.

      Happy Holidays,

      • Alan

        Hi Dan, I don’t think we’re in real disagreement here; the potential to be stylish is definitely there because of the fabrics and layering as you say – but I think that logistical reasons previously mentioned often mean this is not fully taken advantage of, especially on an every day basis. I was hinting that this an issue that maybe merits an article – a week’s worth of outfits from ten key Winter pieces or something like that, definitely now that we are in sales season. Happy holidays.

  • mon

    with wes coming up 2nd just bec he wore that hat

  • Dave

    Dan really looks great here. Great hat!

  • Anonymous

    Dan! Dig the hat. What’s the style/type?

  • Sartaaj

    Can’t decide between Wes and Dan.

  • Joe

    Dan takes this one, but Alex is close behind. I really like the elbow patches on the cable knit – nice touch.

  • Anon.

    Alex, for the simple reason that this is probably what most people have in their closets. Takes very nice, simple pieces and combines them. Easy!

  • Anon

    I like Alex’s color combination. While I may not every piece on Dan, he’s pulling it off at expert level.

  • Marcus Forlan

    Can I vote for nobody today ?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Whatever feels right my man.

  • Keaton


  • Momo

    Dan the man.. Nailed it with the sweater and vest combo.

  • Brady

    Dan hands down. Great outfit all around. Ivy cap, knit vneck, hiking boots and a weekender. Cool, comfortable, and stylish… Well done sir.

  • Rob

    Dan kills it with the boots, but Alex’s elbow patches go hard too. Happy Holiday’s fella’s.

  • Tjay

    Dan definitely went the hardest out of them all but my vote has to go with Wes. It’s more of something I would wear since I’m still in high school. Besides the messenger cap of course. Teachers seem to have an ongoing beef with hats for some reason. Ah well.

  • Christian

    Wes’s jacket doe.. way to much vintage freshness. Homie is on point.

  • Jeremiah

    Definitely Dan today. Textures!

  • Hal

    Dan is on it today and Wes is in second for sure. Always wear a tie if you can…:)

  • TO

    I like Alex here, he’s got my vote today.

    Dan did kill it though!

  • Eugene

    Dan wins.

  • Jack

    I’d rather buy jorts than croakies

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      I kind of agree, don’t tell Towni.

      • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

        Oh yeah, I totally won’t see this or anything. It’s not like I read the site… BUT they are so functional! Don’t wear them when you don’t need them, but for hiking or skiing they are perfect!

  • sam


  • cam

    can i vote for townsend, wes and alex simply to keep dan from a shutout? haha

  • Jerome


  • James

    Dan, without a doubt.

  • Jack

    Dan wins. Just enough visual interest.

  • Justin

    Alex, What mocs are those? They look like the Eastland 1955 pair. I’m asking because I bought the same pair and can’t get them to stop bleeding on my socks. Wondering if they were the same pair, if you were having the same issue.


    • CalCon

      Justin, I believe those are the L.L. Bean Signature Eastport Handsewn Blucher Mocs.

      • CalCon

        Oops sorry, just saw the other post with Alex in it, and I am wrong. The description says they are the Camp Mocs by Bass.

        • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

          Thanks CalCon, they are indeed the Bass Camp Mocs. I LOVE them, they are on the cheaper end of mocs and they’ve held up great.

  • Brian

    Dan is the man. Today…

  • Gary-A

    Dan wins!

  • Luke


  • Matthew

    That sexy man Dan takes it.

  • Kevin


  • Bob

    Dan! Love the marled sweater, buddy.

  • Cory

    Today, Dan takes the prize. That’s exactly how I dress in the fall, and almost exactly what I wore today.

  • Jim

    Definitely Dan.

  • Miles

    Dan hands down

  • bktn

    Dan you got this one! Browns & grays are my FAV!!

  • Mike

    Wow – Dan killed it. Like he decided he was going to show the kids how it’s done today

  • http://Www.greenlightrally.com Ryan

    Dan nailed it! What piece are you wearing, I love that look?