In Season & On Clearance?

January 25th, 2013

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One of the most frustrating things about the fashion industry, in my opinion, is the timing of retail product releases. I understand why the business is structured this way, but it makes no sense from a consumer perspective.

Right now, for example, it’s a freezing cold January day in NYC (21 degrees Fahrenheit, -6 Celsius) and it’s nearly impossible to find gloves, scarves or winter hats in stores. Sure, there’s a few leftovers in the clearance bin, but the main displays are stocked with colorful bathing suits, polo shirts and other spring items.

Do people really shop this far in advance? I can’t even think about buying a polo shirt when my hands are half frostbitten.

Anyway, there is a good side to this. Sale sections, in store and online, are filled with winter gear that you can wear right now – if you can find your size. As an example, each member of our team selected their favorite warm winter coat currently on major markdown.

Check out our picks below and stay warm!



Dan’s pick: Ben Sherman Plectrum Parka $705 $405

Alex’s pick:  A.P.C. ‘Canadienne’ Jacket $780 $312

Townsend’s pick: Woolrich ‘Blizzard’ Quilted Jacket $450 $302

Westley’s pick:  Gant Rugger ‘Doubler’ Wool Coat $495 $248



Yours in style,


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  • Dave’s New York

    These cold-weather choices are great! Dan’s winter coat pick is incredibly warm while still stylish! Another coat like that is Woolrich Men’s Arctic Parka in black. This water- and wind- resistant coat is perfect all winter long!

  • johnny

    i question your benchmark when you consider -6 as “freezing cold.” You’re from Kanada Dan, I’m sure you have experienced MUCH worse.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Of course, but is -6 not freezing?

  • Luis

    Hey guys, just to let you know that the Hilts & Willard leather gloves featured in some of Dan photos are on sale at Neiman Marcus’ website. Time to shop!

    Love your BLOG, really do! Great job guys.

  • Jonathan

    Dan I really like that jacket. Do you know where I can find one for cheaper, a replicated version if possible?

  • Paul

    Having worked in corporate retail for years and being privvy to the seasonal decision making, I can offer some insight.
    It’s a huge gamble to keep large stock of weather appropriate inventory at what is essentially the end of the season. It’s toughest post-holiday, but also challenging post-summer. The last thing a retailer wants is ANY inventory of cold weather styles once the temperature shifts warmer. And since we can’t predict the weather, a safer gamble is to buy for the months ahead.
    What I am frustrated by this year is the minimal selection of sale styles. I didn’t get as many deals as I had hoped for, and I always plan to spend some $ at end of season sales. I’m a pretty generic size (40 jacket, medium tops, 10.5 shoe) and my sizes were GONE.

  • Shawn

    Funny you mention a freezing day in NYC being -8°C, up here in Quebec we are currently experiencing some -20°C yesterday and -29°C the day before, and then you have to add the wind factor. That was a cold ass week!

    • Dan Trepanier

      For real. I was in Montreal earlier this week. Sh-t’s crazy.

  • Hunter

    I just bought $900 dollars worth of clothes from J Crew for $250. As a college student that likes to dress his best I always wait until huge sales come along and then buy everything I can get my hands on.

  • Alex

    Good post guys. Would love to see more of these on your TSBDaily, it’s great getting a late season steal or an early season bargain.

    I wish more brands would look into January drops of fresh, in season product, particularly cold weather gear ‘basics’ as you mentioned above. It’s not the sexiest product(which I think drives a lot of their thinking/buying), but it would help drive foot(and web) traffic and chip away at daily sales. And it wouldn’t have to be a huge order to buy on their part.

    Anyway, you guys are the best. Happy Friday!

  • Rab

    It’s very easy to dismiss people as dumb when you don’t understand the subtleties of their work. But I am forced to come to the conclusion that the people who stock clothing retailers don’t really think or learn or try to improve.

    Firstly the point you address – do they think we plan our shopping months ahead?! Do they not have storage space for a few pairs of gloves, on the offchance they don’t sell them all? Are they worried that glove-trends in 2013 will be so dramatically different that they’ll never shift them?

    And when I look at the sales where I live it’s all the same sizes that don’t shift, year after year … Guys, perhaps it’s time to adjust your ordering?! And when you see some of the lines that don’t sell… Often they’re simply bizarre, I swear I could have told them that at the start of the season that the rack would be just as full months down the line.

  • Simos

    I’m loving Westley’s pick!

    Too bad I can’t take advantage of these offers. Sometimes I wish I lived in the US.

  • JR

    I snagged an AMI topcoat at Barney’s two weeks ago…65% off. Living in Chicago, I’ll get about 4 more months out of it this year.

  • AGT

    1. Dan
    2. Wes
    3. Alex

    Townsend doesn’t place, but I feel bad not tacking his name onto the end.


    • Dan Trepanier

      Hmmm…this isn’t a competition. But thanks for commenting.

  • Sundown aka Bob

    Incredibly useful post guys! Thanks! Buying the Gant Doubler now.