• Nicholas

    Check the archives/do a search for “socks.” There’re several posts on it actually. One of the posts is actually from a TSB reader. All great posts that have helped me with my sock game as my I’ve developed my personal style. Thanks to the TSB team for such a great style resource. I’ve been a reader for about 2 years now and love it.

  • Sundown aka Bob

    Wes(?) tell me where you got those duck shoes!

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      LL Bean site my man.

      • Brian


      • Sundown aka Bob


  • LouCaves

    Some pub to the TSB gents (and others I’ve seen who make it work) but I can’t do the rolled up pants; doesn’t feel right to me. Last time was in college (early 90′s) with my Girbaud jeans. HA!

  • Jack

    Who said all four were featured here? If they are, my guess would be DATW, going clockwise starting with the NBs.

  • Zaire

    This may sound weird but you guys should defiantly hit up urban outfitters. They have really interesting socks that always take my sock game up to a new level. I have American flag stripes that look great and take my chinos and shoes up to a new level at at least I have been told. $8 a pair.

    • Tjay

      Nooo, this is a bad choice to make unless if you want some 100% polyester monstrosities that are about as durable as a Kleenex. I bought some socks from UO and once I first got them it was a struggle to even put one of them on because the stitching was so bad in it that it wouldn’t even open up all the way. Try Kellan Apparel socks or Stance instead.

  • Mr E

    Is it a sad commentary of the fact I spend too much time here if I admit I know which photo belongs to which Style Blogger chap?

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Nope, not at all! So who do you think is who…

      • Mr E

        Green New Balance with Ronald McDonald sock: Townsend

        Cuffed Jean with argyle: Scoops Callahan

        Rolled Cargo with marled sock: Westley

        Tweed Trews with Snow Flake: Dan

        • http://tsbmen.com Townsend


          • Mr E

            Switch Scoops for Westley.

            I got them mixed up as I had to confirm the “t” in Westley’s name before I hit “post comment.”

            • Marcus Forlan

              Yea – you got it now.

              I know Dan’s style and recognize it by now. Towni’s green NBs from an old look plus the way he almost always has one foot or another w his heel off the ground. And pretty easy to recognize Alex’s vs Wes lower leg size.

              Yea – I gotta def add other bookmarks into my browser!

    • Kiel

      Exactly what I was thinking: Townsend, Wes, Alex, Dan. Bam.

      • http://tsbmen.com Townsend


    • Sergio

      Mr. E you are not alone haha…definitely knew who the 4 were as well.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        definitely eh…


  • Ben

    Is it sad that I know who’s feet each of those are by now?

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      No way man, that’s great!

  • John

    Probably this isn’t a competition (or is it?) but I like Dan’s socks best (the shoes definitely help though).

    Nevertheless, all the combos are indeed on point.

  • Brian

    I was just thinking today that this is a topic I’d love to see covered on the site. A good sock game is definitely one of my style weak points.

    • Li

      Oh man I would devour that post.