And the Winner is…

January 31st, 2013


Mustafa K!

4 Mustafa K

Congrats to Mustafa for being voted the winner of our January Giveaway. You will receive an email from our team later today for your sizes and mailing address.

Thanks again to all who participated.


Yours in style,


  • jay adam

    Congratulations Bro. Nice looks!

    • Mustafa K

      Thanks bro, appreciate it!

  • Marcus Forlan

    Congrats dude. Great look. You had my vote hands down too.

    Funny thing – i was actually wearing the same look (sans tie) when I voted.

    • Mustafa K

      Great minds think alike Marcus, thanks for the vote/support!

  • Arden

    Congratulations Mustafa. I am glad my little vote all the way from Melbourne, Australia ended up being the winner.

    • Mustafa K

      Thanks for the support Arden, every vote counts!

  • Ashley

    Congrats dude, a great look

    • Mustafa K

      Thank you Ashley, I appreciate the love!

  • Joe

    Congratulations on winning (and being named Mustafa)!

    • Mustafa K

      Haha – Joe, you just can’t let go of my name can you!

  • Mustafa K

    @ Corey K – thanks bro I appreciate the nice words – do you have a blog?

    • Corey K

      Not yet but one is in the workings. I’ll get you the link when it launches.

      • Mustafa K

        Sounds good Corey

  • Biko Kennedy

    Congrats bro

  • Corey K

    Congratulations Mustafa! I enjoyed looking through your blog the other day. You have a great eye for subtle color/texture/pattern combinations.