Reader Question: Pocket Square Matching

February 5th, 2013



“Hey TSB,

I’m tired of wearing the same old white pocket square day in and day out. However, I feel too matchy-matchy when my square picks up a color from my shirt or tie. Any cool suggestions for stepping up my office combo game?



Excellent question.

In our opinion, “matching”, or repeating colors through multiple pieces, can sometimes be boring or predictable.

The key is to come up with combinations of colors/textures/patterns that visually complement each other. The more unexpected the compliment, the better.

For example, check out the three combos below. In each look, none of the pieces “match”. Instead, they come together as an appealing unit.

Hope this helps, and remember practice makes perfect!”

4 small


Thanks for reading,


  • Brandon

    Adobe’s Kuler has always been helpful for me. It’s a pretty involved color wheel.