Snow Shoe Season

February 8th, 2013


With blizzard #NEMO currently attacking the east coast, we’ve been talking a lot about snow shoes.

Here’s our favorites. Think of them as long-term investments in your comfort and the lifespan of your other footwear.

Snow Shoes

1.  Towni – Hunter Wellingtons  $135

2.  Wes – Allen Edmonds ‘Long Branch’ Wingtips  $350

3.  Alex – Shearling Lined Bean Boots  $180

4.  Dan – UGG ‘Capulin’ Boot  $240


Yours in style,


  • Kristopher

    Alex FTW. Bury me in my bean boots.

  • Robert

    Love ya’ Wes, clearly a boot NOT for a foot of snow though.

    • Dan Trepanier

      If you’re wearing a suit, I would say it is. I think that’s why he chose them.

  • Simon

    I might be a little biased as I’ve got the exact same pair, but You can’t go wrong with a pair of Hunters! Love them boots Wes, but not in the snow. Sam’s right, all good picks!

  • Sam

    Gotta go with the Uggs. All good picks though!