What I Wore Today – Feb 19 2013

February 19th, 2013

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Rule #1 of the TSB Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!



“Shooting 2/3 from the field in this dope thrifted wool overcoat.”



“All vintage everything. Paying homage to Ralph Lauren circa early 1990′s.”



“Ready for some rain in my bean boots and Indochino short trench.”



“Been seeing this ‘peeking’ shirt collar under turtleneck trend a lot recently. I’m diggin’ it.”

John Crossley


“Keeping it simple in some APC jeans that I’ve been breaking-in for years. Perfect for staying comfortable behind the camera.” 

John is TSB’s new head of video production – new series coming soon! Stay tuned… 



Thanks for reading,

The TSB Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

Check out more of his work at alexcrawfordphotography.com.

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  • http://handsomebeastj.tumblr.com Joseph

    Crossley’s APCs. Really, really good stuff.

  • Ben


  • Tony

    Dans look is so on point tho…

  • http://boulevardmode.tumblr.com Rey


    Loving his classic prep rain attire.

  • http://undefined Lindsay C.

    Towni wins, hands down. Very “calm, cool, and collected” right there, and it’s classic.

    Second is John. It’s simple, but simple is good when it’s done right…and John’s done it right in this one.

  • http://undefined TimL

    Hey…………… you guys all look great today.
    Townsend, this is the looks I would be sportin and have. I have alot of ribbed turtles that I like to wear under my peacoat or overcoat. Sheik and sharp!
    I like it.
    But today I have to go with Alex.
    Looks very natural for him.

  • Paul Kim

    Townsend… I’ve seen his look evolve and it’s awesome.

  • Eugene


  • Tjay

    Everyone nailed it today but I’m gonna have to go with Towni on this one. He looks like one of those Italian OG’s you see at Pitti.

  • Vic

    Everybody looks great but I’m just loving Alex’s look!

  • Andrew

    For me, it’s between Townsend and John.

    I love the contrasting black on the collar and lapels of Townsend’s topcoat. And despite what I initially thought I would think about the peeking collar, I kinda like it. I like how it frames the face, and its secret lies in wearing it subtlety as opposed to using it for a loud statement.

    As for John, his outfit is a perfect look for any American man. A dark V-neck sweater, button down shirt, jeans, simple brown leather belt, chukkas, and aviators will make any man look put together and confident as long as the fit is on point (which John executes perfectly).

    Very close call, but I pick Townsend. His look had just a bit more personality than John’s. Plus, I’m generally a sucker for driving caps.

  • Sergio

    Wes, I’m digging the trousers and waistcoat and no tie look. Great example of a cool hitting the bar look, yet thrown on a tie and it’s ready for the boardroom.

  • TK

    All the fellas look sharp but Dan’s look takes the cake, even though his beard is starting to resemble beetlejuices! Hope the boys are all doing well! Welcome to the team John,excited to see some new SB vids!

  • http://be.net/edgarmorales Edgar Morales

    Wes, Blue+Gold & dark shades.

  • Will

    Towni! Im loving the turtle neck myself right now. I sometimes do the collared shirt over top, never seen it underneath. Looks great! And as always the coat is just awesome.

  • Daniel

    Townsend. But wow, how skinny are your legs?

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Haha, thanks! And sort of skinny, but trust me when I say that’s a weird angle/photo. They are NOT as skinny as they look in this picture. Thanks for reading.

  • Jerome

    DAN, but beautiful looks throughout!

  • http://undefined Dave

    This is the best I’ve seen Alex look for a while.

    But I gotta give it to Wes, followed closely by Townsend.

  • http://undefined Jack

    Dan, way to make a mockery of the Stars and Stripes. Take that sweater back to Canada, goddamn Commie.

    Just kidding. You’ve got my vote today.

    • http://undefined TimL


  • Changingman

    love that shade of blue

  • Orlando Lee


  • Gary-A


  • Scott

    Towni looks the best, even though every look is damn good

  • SAJ


  • mon

    alex 1st
    wes 2nd

  • Kris


  • Gazman

    A flag on one’s outfit is never a good thing.

  • Brandon

    I’m gonna go with Alex…

    And Dan…I hope you don’t earn the disdain of your Canadian brethren for wearing that sweater…:P

  • http://undefined glen

    everyone killed it

  • Eric


  • Kien

    Dan 1st, always loved the vintage Lo-Life look!

    Towni 2nd for the 70s Jean Paul Belmondo/Alain Delon homage.

  • HM


  • AGT

    Towni looking dapper. A perfect modern day interpretation of a classic look.


    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Wow, flattering comparison. I’m humbled.

  • Luigi Cuneo

    Towni for that Parisian guy look.
    Reminds me of Mattieu Amalric.

  • J Fig.

    Toss up between TOWNI and WES.

    side note, you guys are really killing it with your latest posts.

  • Henri

    A very solid quintet to choose from, but I’d have to go with a draw between Alex and John!

  • Brooks

    Winner: Wes. Excellent use of color–I dig the blue.

    Runners-up: Alex’s trench is dope as hell, and John has a pretty much perfect fit throughout.

    Points for effort: Dan, unfortunately, looks kinda bulky, and Towni’s hat throws it off for me.

  • http://undefined Ray


  • http://www.dressedbycc.com CC


  • Marcus Forlan

    Towni’s dapper look (in spite of the peeking collar, which is not too visible, thankfully).

  • Brian

    Towni. With Alex a (very) close second.

  • Justin

    Alex. Love that trench.

  • s.coble

    Sudden Death between Townsend and Wes.

  • http://secondhand-dandy.blogspot.com/ Secondhand Dandy

    Definitely Wes, since I love to get rid of three-piece suit jacket sometimes, and change it for some denim jacket or coat, as pictured above :)

  • Joe

    Townie wins this one in spite of the silly peaking collar. Alex, are you wearing Dan’s tie?

  • Ali

    John, hands down. Like another reader said, it’s classic, simple, and fits right.

  • John

    Hard one. Either Townsend or Dan.
    I’m not sold on the whole shirt-under-turtlenech thing, but it’s not distracting here.

  • Alex

    Alex wins!

  • Josh

    Jon Crossley. Colors and fit is simple, casual and stylish.

  • Dex

    Wes of course.

  • Johann


  • cam

    dan easily

  • http://undefined Domino

    Everybody’s lookin’ sharp today! Tough call. In the spirit of the PGA WGC-Accenture Match Play starting tomorrow, I had to break it down with a bracket. Wes gets a bye to the Finals based on his ‘tee to green’ this month.
    Rd 1: Dan vs. Towni (Towni advances)
    Rd 1: Alex vs. John (Alex advances)
    Semis: Towni vs. Alex (Alex advances)
    Finals: Alex vs. Wes
    Champ: Alex!

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      This is awesome! We should consider doing something similar every now and then… Stoked for the match play this weekend too! Go Ernie!

      • http://undefined Domino

        lol…I like the Big Easy, too. Got him in the Final 4. Jacobsen’s goin’ down!

  • Josh


  • Danilo

    vintage dan!

  • Daja

    Dan — Ralph Lauren is a top favorite designer and this look brings me back to diggin’ hot 90s guys in my younger years. ;)

  • Kiel

    Towni is super cool today. I have never seen the collar-peeking-from-a-turtleneck thing, but I like it!

    Dan, I dig it.

    Alex, you have inspired me to get my own bean boots. I had a pair as a kid and hated them, and now I really want a pair.

  • http://archiegreenisclass.com Archie Green

    Towni, HANDS DOWN!! A vintage look of class: that vintage top coat, herringbone driver cap, the 70′s style drug dealer shades, tinted-grey turtleneck, and complimentary slacks, then the faded mauve hardbottoms. Sorry to exaggerate lol but Towni, I tip my hat to you lol

    • http://undefined TimL

      “the 70′s style drug dealer shades”

      Ha!…. I thought those looked familiar.
      Were you on Baretta with Sugabear?….lol.

  • Bogdan


  • Jordan


  • Simon

    Alex is the winner for me today followed closely by Wes, Dan, Towni and John.

  • Anonymous

    Dan! I could never ever pull off those jeans, but he can.

  • http://undefined Luke


  • Lucian E.

    I like Dan’s RL sweater and Wes’ overcoat! Have a similar one! ;)

  • Adam

    Wes takes this one. Though all are looking really good today.

  • Lorenzo R. Mitil

    Dan | He can’t lose with his iconic sweater. Huge fan of Vintage Ralph Lauren.

  • Ace F.

    John got this one.
    Love the jacket! Whats the brand?

    • John Crossley

      Thanks man! It’s a Brooks Brothers X Loro Piana Wool Bomber.

  • Bob


  • http://undefined LUC

    Dan-Nothing beats classic Americana…