TSB Street Style – Feb 21 2013

February 21st, 2013

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Alex finally worked up the courage to hit the streets for our 2nd edition of TSB Street Style. He and I also just made a deal that he would deliver one of these posts every week.

There is so much personal style in NYC, you can find inspiration on just about every street corner. I think it’s important to observe how others express themselves through clothing, and how their clothes tell stories about them.

Here are some of the guys that caught Alex’s attention in the hour he spent on the streets of SoHo.

1. Contrast Collar


Have you ever seen an orange shearling overcoat with a brown collar and beige cuffs? One-of-a-kind vintage at its finest. This guy reminds of Canada, in the best way.

2. Rockstar Black-Out


Rockstar chic. Black on black on black, with a touch of gold. Also love the idea of layering a leather piece under a duffle.

3. Clean & Dusty


Not sure what I like more, the burgundy wool trench or those dusty neutral boots.

4. Old School/New School


Timbs are making a comeback baby! But jeans are sitting up on top of them now, rather than spilling all over the place, circa 1990s.

5. Classy Street


Grown-man streetwear at its finest. Also, another great example of layering a leather piece.



Thanks for reading, and special thanks to those who allowed us to take their photo. As promised from Alex, plenty more to come.

Yours in style,



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  • Jimi Brady

    I really dig this post. Looking forward to seeing this weekly, Alex.

  • http://undefined TimL

    Cool. I’d like to see more of this too.
    Great to see real guys on the street dressing for everyday.
    Great work Alex.
    Thanks Dan.

  • John

    I’d been thinking of layering a leather jacket and this post made me pull the trigger!

    Some pants are too skinny for my taste, but overall a good post!

  • Ace F

    I like this post specially the Old School/New School stuff.
    That’s the kind of casual we have here in the Philippines since putting a suit on is classified as business outfit and would only look good if your bound to the office.

  • http://mensside.blogspot.com/ Adam

    Gret shoots! The last photo is the best one:)

  • cam

    i can only imagine what its like to live somewhere where u can wear anything you want

  • http://undefined Jack

    Nice work. Reminds me of The Sartorialist for Dudes circa 2007.

  • Kiel

    Love the “Old School, New School” guys. You know what I like about this “street” stuff? NO SUITS!

    Suiting is great, but suits, and advice about suits only applies to 3-4 days a year for me.

  • AK

    I like the cut of the pants in the final look: roomy in the thigh, tapered tight below the knee. I just recently (albeit accidentally) got a pair of pant’s tailored that way. I must admit, first they looked sort of strange, kind of like riding pants, but they’ve grown on me to the point that now they’re one of my favorite pairs of pants with regard to both fit and form.

  • http://undefined Ray

    You guys keep coming up with great ideas to keep us fans coming back – love the new Street Style section.

  • Ali

    These are the posts that REALLY get me to think about my style… real people out there on the streets. If they can look that good, I damn well can too.

    • William

      It’s never too late to make a change or to put some effort into it.