What I Wore Today – Feb 21 2013

February 21st, 2013

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Rule #1 of the TSB Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!



“Came in a little casual the other day, but now I’ve really gotten into the office competition.”



“Nothing beats the basics.”



“Everyone in the TSB office hates this chunky hoodie I’m rockin’, but I’ve been sick all week and it’s the warmest, coziest thing that I own, so they can shove it. Occasionally comfort wins out over style.”



“Blacked out last night…blacked out this morning :/”



“It’s not a question of enough, pal. It’s a zero sum game. Somebody wins, somebody loses.”



Thanks for reading,

The TSB Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

Check out more of his work at alexcrawfordphotography.com.

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  • franky

    alex because he doesn’t care

  • SAJ

    Wes edging out Dan’s fit by being appropriate across several settings.

  • http://boulevardmode.tumblr.com Rey

    Wes. Such a beautiful outfit.

  • Chad

    Wes, for the witty comment

  • Francisco

    John and Dan look great!

  • TO

    Dan, Wes is a close second.

    My mom said she votes for John! I always share these with her.

  • popStar


  • Vic

    New guy John looks sharp bit Wes kills it this week!

  • Sam

    John. Beautiful classic pieces and perfect fit in the DB and jeans. Dan number two. I think Alex violated rule #1…

  • http://www.twitter.com/iPodschun Derric

    A lot of DB love this time around. I was set on voting for John until I got down to Dan. Loving everything Dan has on.

    Alex, I like the hoodie. I have a problem with the jeans though.

  • Niv

    Alex — AE Bootcut jeans circa 2007 or 2008?

  • Tom


    Used to follow your initial blog years ago. You appear to still favor very close cut suiting? It seems as you age, a more natural silhouette and a less aggressive leg opening may suit you’re body type more. But to each his own. Best of luck with recent endeavours.

  • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South


  • Ace F

    Wes and Dan!!

  • http://undefined Smithy

    Dan wins this, those shoes are some fly banker/ganster combo!

  • Luigi Cuneo

    DAN this time…
    lovely chalk-stripe vest..

  • Anu

    wes is killing it!

  • Ed

    Wes takes the cake, those boots are sweet. I’d give Dan second, but it’s not a question of enough, it’s a zero sum game.

  • M


  • Jake

    John takes it!

  • http://safarnaameh.tumblr.com Kyle

    Wes today. Ballin boots

  • Dan

    Alex, that look is simple with some attitude.

  • Eugene

    DAMN this one is tough.. gonna give this one to Wes.

  • http://undefined Paul

    Love the db blazer and jeans with a gingham shirt.

  • http://undefined Jack

    Wes. Not even close.

  • Adam

    John. The fit on that blazer is spot on.

  • Marcus Forlan

    Wes. But damn – I gotta stop voting for Wes!

    It was close between Wes and Dan.

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      I won’t judge you man, keep voting for me lol

  • http://littlerosetrove.blogspot.com/ Elissa

    John and Towni are tied for me.

    John – classics will always win me over. My husband is wanting the exact shirt you’re sporting and although it reminds me of a table cloth, it’s growing on me.
    Towni – honestly, it’s your shoes that won me over. I only know that ASOS has carried a monk strap shoe for women before and it’s at the top of my wish list.

  • Justin

    John. Very clean.

  • http://www.staykempt.com Robert

    Dan, anytime GG makes an appearance it’s a no-brainer. Ironically as I was scrolling down and saw the collar I immediately thought “money never sleeps, sport”

    • Marcus Forlan

      Yea – the moment I saw the outfit I thot GG and then I saw the quote and started to laugh.

  • Henri

    John – simple often reigns supreme. I may have gone with Dan if it weren’t for that waistcoat…

  • CaptnCarlos


  • Kris


  • http://N/A Harrison

    This is a tough one. Gonna have to go with Dan though. I am diggin’ the banker style with the pattern mix and oh yeah those are some pretty sweet dress shoes. Makes me want to go home and watch Wallstreet. Take care fellas.


  • http://www.fashion-rebellen.de/blog Ron

    Wes! Definitely Wes!

  • Brooks

    This is one of the classiest WIWTs you guys have done. I dig how everything is rooted in neutrals–lots of blue, gray, and brown (and, if you’re Wes, black). It makes the little details stand out even more.

    Speaking of which, that’s what won Dan this week’s competition (for me, at least)–while he’s rooted in gray and blue, he’s got the pindot tie, cutaway collar, DB vest with pinstripes, and oxblood wingtips.

    All that said, Wes has a serious Mad Men vibe today, which I dig. Also, John is looking to be a serious contender. He’s nailing the fit on this week’s look, too.

    Also, I hope Alex feels better soon. :c

  • http://undefined Domino

    Gotta go with Goran Trepanstradamus. .0001 of America could match their shoes to that tie. lol. That’s a showstopper right there!

  • Tjay

    Wes. I wanted to give it to Dan because of those shoes but the all-black look is being rocked perfectly here.

  • Jedd

    Totally John. Most improved, dapper and simple. Wes was my second. Get well Alex.

  • Eric


  • Orlando Lee

    This was tough but I gotta with Dan

  • HM


  • Gabriel

    Dan because its interesting, Wes looks like he’s going to a funeral.

  • Kevin

    Wes. Sometimes I rock the monochromatic black, and he kills it.

    P.S. I actually kind of dig Alex’s hoodie, and I know all about the “f*ck it, I’m just too damn cold” mood.

  • John

    Is it Double Breast Day today?

    Either Wes )Black and gray is my go-to lately so I’m a bit biased) or Dan, can’t decide. Maybe if Dan showed us what he wore over the vest today!

  • Bogdan


  • Josh

    wess all black

  • Jerome

    Towni! The fit on those trousers is absolutely perfect.

  • Tod C

    Dan knocks it out of the park. Hoping for a general waistcoat revival!

  • Rob A


  • Danilo


  • Brian


  • Sergio

    John, awesome casual look while still being dressed up.

  • Joe

    Alex – I like the hoodie. Keep on rockin in the free world my man. However, John takes this one – I didn’t expect to like such a nice DB with jeans and casual shirt, but I do.

  • http://undefined Ray

    All the looks are great today but I’m rolling with Dan on this one.

  • Kiel


    That look works great for you. It’s got a little attitude.

  • Bob

    Wes, I see you, player.

    Is that a PRL peacoat?

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      nah Bob, it’s actually vintage… but when people ask me I’ll just say PRL ;]

  • SC


  • Johann

    Wes, definitely.

  • Simon

    Dan all the way today! Then Towni, Alex, Wes and John.

  • AK


  • http://nelsonhoward.tumblr.com N.Howard


  • Sam

    Towni gets my vote today. Though Alex, I’m on board with you. If you can’t be comfortable from time to time, what’s the point?

  • Omar Shaikh

    Dan! What fabric is that waistcoat made from, I think I recognize it from one of your suits

  • http://www.acuratedman.com Walé

    Gonna go with Dan on this one.

  • Mojo