Own Your Look feat. Keino Benjamin

March 13th, 2013

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Keino Benjamin is a man of style.

The St. Kitts native who now lives in NYC wears many hats, literally and figuratively. He’s a celebrity stylist, a creative consultant, a personal shopper, a self proclaimed ladies man…all of which stem from his unique sense of personal style.

Keino uses subtle details and unexpected combinations to create his own unique aesthetic. More importantly, though, he stays true to himself and owns his looks with confidence…which is the best kept secret to having great style.

Here’s three examples.


1. Creative Director Suit

26 copy

As a creative entrepreneur, it’s not always necessary to wear a suit, but it is important to look competent and professional.

Keino puts a spin on the classic black suit, by combining a slim black jacket with a pair of sleek, but very subtle, biker pants. They give his look a little creative edge, while keeping the undertones professional and serious. Perfect for a creative director.


His pattern-mixing and unorthodox accessories show confidence, and prove that Keino is no rookie in the style game.


  • Eyeglasses Vintage
  • Black blazer by Zara
  • Pocket square by Joseph Abboud
  • Dot print shirt by DKNY
  • Vest by JCrew
  • Bracelet by John Hardy
  • Biker pants by Zara
  • Shoes by Juno
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  • Anthony Garrett

    This guys just nails every single look. Its incredible.

  • http://undefined VB

    This guy is baller.

    Although its not my personal style, I like how he owns it. I think what makes it work is nothing is to perfect. So although he is clearly trying to look good, he isn’t trying TOO hard.

    I agree I’m not a fan of the shoes in look 1 and 3 BUT the whole outfit elevates them. His style its seems is the sum of its parts as opposed to the individual items.

  • Mxolisi

    Saw this dude in a street style article in VIBE magazine back in 2006. I knew there was something special about him. All you Keino.

  • Tjay

    Can’t really get into this guy’s choice of combination (besides look 1) but he does get his point across of “owning your look”. Those super-pointy, low-top cowboy boot-looking oxfords need to go though.. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that.

  • Tyler

    Ugly shoes.

  • TO

    Dan- where is the nighttime look(s)? From the TSB teaser…

  • cuponoodles

    I think I saw a homeless guy on the F train wearing look 2 yesterday.

  • Randy

    I’m loving the colour combo in look 2, but I can’t get over how costumey look 3 is.

  • Anonymous

    Cool looks but garbage shoes.

  • http://undefined TimL

    I like some of the looks but the dude always looks pissed off when looking at the camera.

  • Vlad

    Cool guy. I like these outfits. I’d never wear them, but they do look good on him, and that’s what style is all about.

  • Miguel

    Love this post, make your own, I think we should all out some if ours in every outfit we wear, it makes you stand out.

  • Marcus Forlan

    “Self proclaimed” ladies man – hahaha. Did he see the copy before it went to press?

    Great, great post. In my books, one can “pull off anything” as long as it looks good. Too many times I see people trying to pull off edgy looks and end up looking sloppy, dorky or just plain silly.

    This guy has done a fine job of adding some unorthodox (tank with a wool coat??) elements in a way that is appealing to the eye.

  • TO

    Worth the wait. Dayum.

    He should tilt that last hat though (can’t believe I’m saying this, like telling Picasso to change a couple strokes lol).

    • Joe

      Nah – dude looks like a cowboy at high noon in that last set. A cowboy at high noon wears his hat like he shoots – straight.

      • TO

        Joe- agree to disagree. I prefer a Sinatra approach to a cowboy’s.

        • joe

          Ha – But what if Sinatra played a cowboy? Oh wait, there’s google right there… so even as a cowboy Sinatra went on tilt. Whadayaknow. While I tilt a fedora, I like the straight approach of a wide(r) brim in the last set. Different strokes I suppose. Then I will agree with you to agree to disagree.