Beach Getaway Essentials

March 20th, 2013


Thinking of disappearing to somewhere warm and burying your head in the sand?  Do so in style with these beach vacation essentials…

beach collage

1.  Linen Sportcoat by Boss Black  - $695

2.  Panama Straw Hat by Borsalino - $360

3.  Slim Irish Linen Shirt by JCrew - $80

4.  Summer Tortoise Sunglasses Han Kjobenhavn - $134

5.  Hand Woven Needlepoint Belt by La Matera- $145

6.  Subtle Print Shorts by JCrew - $80

7.  Surf Tank by Wellen - $20   

8.  Slim White Denim by Brooks Brothers - $148

9.  Two-Tone tote bag by Steele Canvas Basket Co. - $78  

10.  Kindle Paperwhite - $119

11.  Palm Leaves Swim Trunks by JCrew - $70

12.  Slip-On Beach Shoes by Rivieras - $70


Yours in style,


  • Kyle Leon Norville

    I agree with BG. This looks like a June/July Month Giveaway list.


  • BG

    Giveaway? Pretty please Dan? I actually live where it’s super warm year-round and would love to rock some of this stuff…

  • Matt

    I NEED those shoes!

  • Christian Davis

    Really nice set here guys. I just realized I don’t own a pink shirt. I’m slackin’.

  • Ian

    Nice! Pity we only get rain in the summer in Ireland!