Spring Essentials feat. Nish de Gruiter

April 8th, 2013

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Ten years ago a young Dutch entrepreneur named Fokke de Jong had some suits made by a local tailor and started selling them out of the trunk of his car. Today, that idea has grown into the globally recognized fashion label Suit Supply.

When it was time to expand the business to America (Suit Supply already had 40 stores across Europe) CEO Jong reached out to his old friend Nish de Gruiter – an ambitious entrepreneur and hustler who was quickly climbing the ranks at esteemed Brunello Cucinelli.

Today, Nish is the Vice President and creative force behind Suit Supply, and business is booming.

“I refer to myself as the Market Maker at Suitsupply, as I’m not a big fan of titles. After my study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute I worked at Brunello Cucinelli in Solomeo, and then moved to New York for Cucinelli where I spent many years in visuals and styling. During that time, I discovered it was possible to make great garments that didn’t cost a fortune. As for my personal style, I’m drawn to the unexpected – I don’t want to wear what every other guy is wearing.”

Here Nish gives us a taste of some of his favorite pieces for Spring.


1. Early Spring Layering


“The design team really outdid themselves with this parka–one of my favorites from the whole S/S ’13 collection. It has a slim fit and is long enough to cover your suit jacket if you’re wearing one–which I usually am.

I see guys all day long wearing outerwear that doesn’t cover their suit jacket and it looks sloppy.

You can bet I’ll be wearing this a lot this Spring when the rain hits.”


“I personally cannot own enough denim shirts. With an outfit like this it shows the off-duty appeal.”



“Can’t forget the shoes in this look, either. These kiltie loafers are phenomenal. I’ll wear them with a sharp navy suit to give the look a punch or with something casual like this on the weekends.

They’re unique, yet very sophisticated—not what you’ll see on everyone else… that’s kind of the theme we go for.”


  • Aviator shades by Ray-Ban
  • Everything Else by Suit Supply
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  • Sartaaj

    Who’s the watch by? Looks like one of them Bamford Submariner jobies.

  • Mark

    Will the parka from look no. 1 be available in the web store anytime soon? Looks dope!

  • Daniel

    what are the codes suitsupply of the jacket and the trousers
    not find them in the web store


  • Miguel

    That number three look is just fantastic, I must have the suit and the shoes.

  • El Zilcho

    What’s up with cargo pants? Does anyone actually use the cargo pockets? They’re so ugly. I don’t even need that many pockets on my shorts/pants when I’m out fishing.

  • Rich

    Amazing as always boys, those tassel loafers in look #3 look great.

  • Shawn

    Awesome post! I was kinda eyeing the loafers in look no. 3 and now I have one more reason to want them badly!

    Love his denim shirts!

  • J Saltzman

    I. Must. Have. the boots from looks 2. Those look great!

  • TO

    Perfect! What a well done feature. I definitely have more reason to further investigate Suit Supply thanks to Mr. De Gruiter.

    The kilties are dope, as are all the shoes in this post. Love the detailing on the cotton suit.

    The hood looks removable to be worn as a regular ‘mac’ raincoat? Really really cool stuff if so.

  • M.

    I can only hope to one day be as stylish as this man.
    Great job, really.

  • Dave

    What’s up with the unbuttoned sleeves on his jacket in the 3rd picture. I hope this isn’t a new trend. It looks rather vulgar.

  • Dacian

    Maybe it’s just me or what I am used to see in a more italian look, but the looks seem sloppy to me.

    • Jerk

      Ya, some of the looks seemed borderline slop. Didn’t bug me too much tho.

  • Misha

    I have a feeling my Dutch pride is coming up. Great post! Keep em coming!

  • http://wacavenue.blogspot.com Theguybehindthelens

    The washed cotton suit with side tabs is one of my favorite pieces ever featured on the site. I love the choice to pair it with a denim shirt as well. Anybody know some good brands that are reasonably inexpensive and make slim cut pants with side tabs?

    • cuponoodles


  • Brady P

    Love that 3rd look, casual and sharp

  • John

    The slim cargos are awesome! I wish I had visited Suitsupply last time I was in London.

    I like the fact he’s dressing up denim shirts here!

  • Jerk

    The kiltie loafers are dope son!