Season 3 Episode 1: “Blog to Business”

March 16th, 2013

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By popular demand (thanks for all your emails and support) we’re bringing back the TSB video series.

The videos give us a chance to go behind-the-scenes and share what goes into creating our content and managing the website, as well as the process of developing it as a business.

This is the first TSB video filmed and edited by our newest team member John Crossley. We’re thrilled to have him and very proud of his first piece of work!

You can check out all of our previous video episodes on our YouTube page.

Thanks for watching.

Yours in style,


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  • Kevin G.

    Man you guys are my inspiration! Can’t wait to work with you guys.

  • http://undefined Rob

    Old MAB studio?

  • Adyna

    Heya, good to see a new video! Keep them comming! Nice words Bogdan, believe me you will love NYC and i`m pretty sure that if you stick to the plan you will be there, shaking hands with the TSB crew. Guys, keep the good work!

  • TO

    Where’s the video section on the main page yo??

  • http://undefined Layton

    One of my favorite things about you cats is your taste in music. It’s good to see hip hop and dressing well go hand in hand more.

  • Ray

    Nice!! Ive been waiting for these videos to start back up again too! Good work fellas…

    Since we are on the discussion of bringing back stuff – bring back Marwan Helal for another shoot – that Gent has great style!

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thanks Ray. New Marwan post is in the works…he’s living in the middle east now, making it a little more difficult to organize.


      • http://undefined Ray

        oh wow! Yea I can see how that can be difficult.

  • Tjay

    I’ve been waiting absolutely forever for another one of these videos and this one certainly did not disappoint! It also felt good knowing one of my comments showed up in their too, haha.

  • Will

    I really enjoyed this series. I just watched season 1 and 2 for the first time after this was posted. Do you have any recommendations for similar videos out there that you would recommended watching? This definitely changed my perspective of the industry.

  • John

    Good job! Show us more of the studio!

  • Alex

    Excellent as always! Btw, Dan, you reminded me a lot of Robin Thicke in this vid for some reason.

  • Ali

    Timing couldn’t be better – I just finished watching the last two seasons.

    I only have one thing to say, though… With that gangsta intro music, I was expecting something a little more legit like riding a motorcycle.

  • JayKay

    Can’t knock the hustle ;)

    Great work as always guys!

  • Hanso Decembre

    great job guys. the site just keeps getting better and the second song by common or biggie?

    • John Crossley

      Can’t knock the hustle Jay Z

  • Jonathan

    I’ve been anticipating this for quite sometime.

  • Marshall Mulherin

    You guys are literally doing everything right at this point. You’re branding yourselves excellently with these videos and the #wiwt posts while consistently pumping out quality style posts that get better and better…Bravo good sirs. Bravo

  • dagobertinax

    i love yous guys. awesome video

  • Rob in London

    Great stuff!!!

    Suit supply is making a big splash over here as well.

  • BillAllonce

    TSB –

    Congratulations on the continued success. Avid visiter.

    I also even more appreciate the Gilbere Forte Pray intro. It suits the themes.

    Keep up the outstanding work.


  • http://undefined TO


  • Marcus Forlan

    Very cool guys. Great to see a group of guys doing something you love, building camaraderie and having fun.

    Alex – ur doing great with street style. Don’t be shy man – I am sure guys who have style like to be appreciated and will usually taking you approaching them as a compliment.

  • Harry

    Can’t wait to see more of this! Been following TSB for nearly two years~ Mad respect from Hong Kong!

  • Dub

    The video was awesome!

    You guys have GOT to tell me what is the name of the song in the beginning? I lost it 5 seconds into the video.

    • Dub

      Nevermind. I hadn’t done my due diligence. It was clearly in the credits.

  • Nick McCann

    I’m excited for season 3!

  • http://undefined TimL


    Can’t wait to see more you guys in action and what goes into what you do for us – the fans and style enthusiasts.

    Thanks again!

  • Ryan O

    Keep bossin’ up Dan! I still remember you shooting jumpers in my parents front yard for hours, the progression is amazing. The hustle may have changed but its clear the dedication and hard work hasn’t.

  • Jaime B

    Wow, that vid was great not only because it contained awesome content, but also allowed us readers a more in depth perspective on your guys’ direction of where this blog will be heading. And Dan, I don’t think we will ever get sick of seeing pics of your fits!

  • Pete

    That was actually kind of touching — I’m glad we got to see your basement studio before you guys make it huge and get the corner offices on the park.

  • Brady P

    Very well done. Loving all the new features, keep it up gentlemen!

  • Kevin

    Woah, Dan’s got real swag in person.

  • RJ

    You guys are my inspiration. I want to work in the menswear industry someday.

  • Ian

    Nice!! Great to see the Videos again!

  • Steve

    Yet another awesome post from TSB!

  • Bogdan

    Guys, this video is awesome…I really want to meet you all, you are my role models, but I’m kinda stuck in Romania right now, because I’m in the final year of high school, and I’m focus on my career right now, but in one year I want to come to New York. You changed my style, my mentality and my life and I’m very grateful about that. Thank you so much and, if I’m in New York, I will come there to shake your hands.

    • Sergio

      Bogdan I think you said something at the end that many visitors to the site I think really do believe because in many it’s true. I know this site definitely helped me change my style, my mentality about presentation and in a way the way I approach things in life, as in always dress as it’s your last, and do everything as it is your last.

  • Bogdan

    Good job, boys! Keep up the good work!