Season 3/Episode 2: “$200 Outfit Challenge”

April 9th, 2013

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In this episode we set out to test our styling skills and prove a point: you don’t need a lot of money to have style.

Each of the TSB team members were given $200 and a week to purchase a complete Spring outfit (including all accesories, alteration costs, taxes, etc).

Tomorrow we’ll be publishing the full post describing our purchases, along with our best budget shopping tips.

This was the second episode filmed and edited by John Crossley.

Thanks for watching. You can check out all of our previous video episodes on our YouTube page.

Yours in style,


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  • http://undefined Nathan Wind

    Wes really killed it here. Dan was 2nd to me, but he spent 25% less. Great Job.

  • drzwi

    Cenię wartość informacji, które publikujesz na swoim
    blogu. Czytanie ich to sama rozrywka. Styl strony www jest bez zarzutu, zaś artykuły są istotnie świetne:
    D Dobra robota:) Pozdrawiam.

  • ian

    digging the zion I instrumental, reppin the bay area is always good

  • http://ramblingsofawould-berenaissanceman.blogspot Joseph

    Awesome! I kept meaning to ask for something on budget styles and lo and behold you read my mind… or perhaps comments posted by others with the same thought.

    Loved the suggestions for places to go. Sometimes people don’t realize the stuff you can find at a well stocked Goodwill. And it’s not all there because it’s worn out. Sometimes people drop stuff there because they’re not wearing it and it’s just taking up space in their closet.

  • http://undefined Dave

    Great video keep up the good work. How about a reader $ 200 challenge.

    • Professor Black

      I thought the same thing.

  • JayKay

    Those shades are dope, Dan! Only $7 too – great find.

  • Alex

    great but one thing they don’t say is that menswear isn’t womens fashion, men who buy quality clothes and shoes can wear them for years, try getting more than a season of wear out of h&m or topshop- they’re utter rubbish- though uniqlo is good quality and great value

  • Pat

    Vimeo Link? German followers can´t watch this youtube-vid :-/

    • Rick Lomax


      Yanks probably don’t know but YouTube is crippled in Germany – the music lobby is demanding ridiculous royalties so YT detects copyrighted music and blocks videos by the million…

  • MB

    Nice! K-Mart though? Apparently, they DO exist!

  • Arron

    Can I be part of this challenge?! Damn this is my dream I can make an outfit out of $50

  • john char

    LOL i knew towi would go to h&m

  • TO

    Cool concept, everyone did well at that price point. I love getting to see the unique sides to the different team members in the new season. Alex is hilarious..

    Also, the music has been exceptional! Great job.

  • Zach

    Loved the video. It really showed all of your individual styles.

    Also, hopefully without sounding like that annoying guy who goes around correcting people, challenge is misspelled in the beginning. Thanks again for such a great site!

  • Alex

    I have that same old navy jacket Alex has just with buttons, therefore Alex wins it.

  • Changingman

    Hell yeah! My go-to spot is Jersey Gardens outlet mall on Elizabeth. This winter I got two Old Navy peacoats for $20 each.

  • Rich

    Amazing work boys. This truly must be the best workplace in the world!

  • Real-Type

    That being said, not having money can’t buy you style, either.

    • GAVIN

      Well, yeah… message being you need at least $800 if you plan on wearing the same clothing everyday each season.

      • owen


  • Poofy

    You should do a piece on how to come up with an outfit with $25.62 to relate to my lifestyle because that’s all I got right now. You guys at TSB are too bougie for Young Poofy.

    • TO


    • Professor Black


  • Phil

    I´m totally thrilled about your new videos! Please, keep working on another ones. And Towni’s suit is pretty good, who would say that HM suit can be so sharp.

  • Kevin

    This is the post I have been waiting for. Towni is honestly wearing my look; H&M suits with The Tie Bar ties and pocket squares, but I do also frequent KMart, Old Navy, Gooddwill, and Uniqlo (though I’m super jealous you guys are close to one of the actual Uniqlo stores).

    This is inspiring me to actually start posting about my own style online. I was always hesitant to do it because I felt I didn’t have the “premium” items most bloggers with cred have. Now I see that using “cheaper” store actually informs my style a lot more than I thought, and in a good way. Thanks guys!

  • Selfmade Gentleman

    Compliments for your new video. Keep on doing this (I mean everything not just your video series), with every new post you are pushing it to the next level.

    One recommendation though: Your latest video is blocked by Youtube in Germany due to music licensing issues. This is not your fault of course. If you want to do something against it you could use Vimeo for example, they do not seem to block videos.
    By the way: Also liked the music in this video: What is it?

  • Marshall Mulherin

    This post summarizes my life haha
    Wes, I love your style man. I think you won this thing.

    • Westley Dimagiba

      lol thanks Marshall

      • Marshall Mulherin

        WHOA DERE did you have the collar taken off of the shirt in the video?

        • Westley Dimagiba

          I cut the collar off myself.

  • http://undefined Ray

    I swear you guys have the best jobs – I would love to have a job where you are given $200 and told to find an outfit with it. Great post!

  • F. K.

    Damn you GEMA! I can’t watch it, because I’m from germany and the GEMA (is like ASCAP, BMI or Harry Fox Agency)blocks it, because there’s some music from UMG, which is not ment to be played in Germany :-(

    Would’ve loved to see the Vid. :-((( It’s so unfair…

    Keep up the good work guys! Am a long time reader already.


    • R.S.

      I use proxtube – if you’re able to install add-ons (chrome or firefox) this add-on recognises that GEMA has blocked a video and reloads it via a proxy.

  • LouCaves

    Great post. I agree completely with “Money Can’t Buy Style.”

    Except for my watch, everything I have on today came from Marshalls, Target or DSW.

    Thanks, TSB!

  • Sergio

    THIS is what we need more of us, I think too many people get hung up that it takes money to look like a million bucks, it doesn’t. 90% of what I wear falls in this category, awesome post!

  • John

    Good work! Waiting for the post now!
    Should have made John participate too though!

  • Joe

    You’ve done some “budget” and thrift features before, and I’m really glad you haven’t stopped. Indeed such features don’t feel intrusive, or as if given as an aside, but rather as an integral part of the overall message at TSB. Presenting the idea as a “challenge” and in a video format is great idea, keep up the great work.

    • Jerk

      Yep, that’s what drew me to TSB originally. Just buying expensive shit isn’t style. Mixing new/old and getting creative is style.

  • Ian K

    Love to see these type of items on TSB. Great looks all round guys. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Aj James

    Good work guys! Tsb should do more of these!