Spring Is In The Air: Towni

April 29th, 2013

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13 towni edit

We love having style challenges in the TSB office. A little competition is healthy and keeps us bringing our “A” game.

We teamed up with the good people at Johnston & Murphy to bring you a series called “Spring is in the Air”, where each of our team members chooses their favorite pair from the current J&M collection and styles them in an outfit that best represents the best of their Spring Style.


Towni has a knack for staying comfortable in style.

He went with the “Ellington Plain Toe” in water-resistant suede – the perfect bucks to sharpen-up a casual weekend look.


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  • A

    So he’s wearing a sweatshirt and a jacket, with the sleeves pushed up, and he’s wearing shorts. So ridiculous.

    • http://undefined sam

      how is that ridiculous? sometimes its sunny out with a bit of chill. which is perfect for shorts and light sweater on top.

  • Tripp

    Looking Sharp. I’m really liking the belt!

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Thanks, it’s the Trucha by La Matera!

  • Jack

    The jacket is from h&m.

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Correct! Good spot!

      • http://twitter.com/sweyn Sweyn

        Any chance I could still pick it up now? Or is it a few seasons old?

  • ronny

    hey towni,

    what brand is that jacket?

  • Jimi Brady

    Perfect outfit for doing casual-anything in Spring. Really digging the jacket, and the shoes are unexpected, but fit right in. Well done, Towni. I wish I was wearing that right now.

  • Jack

    Wouldn’t think to pair those shoes with shorts. Looks surprisingly good.

  • http://undefined Karl

    Love the whole look. That jacket is dope where is it from?

  • http://twitter.com/sweyn Sweyn

    Post looks great, sponsorship or not. Where did you get the jacket, Towni? I’ve been looking for one like it.

  • http://stylishbefore40.blogspot.com stylishbefore40

    Spring is in the air but not on the earth. Generaly , you make me feel rainy holidays

  • Mistahkelly

    Well done Towni

  • Phil

    C´mon you can do it much better Towni ;)

  • tim

    That’s all you got Towni?

    • Omar Shaikh عمر شيخ

      It’s pretty good for a casual weekend look, which what the point of the post.

  • Ali Naaseh

    What is this, J&M sponsor week?

    • LouCaves

      The post’s intro explains the J&M connection.

    • Brady P

      The entire series is a J&M sponsorship