Spring is in the Air: John

April 15th, 2013

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We love having style challenges in the TSB office. A little competition is healthy and keeps us bringing our “A” game.

We teamed up with the good people at Johnston & Murphy to bring you a series called “Spring is in the Air”, where each of our team members chooses their favorite pair from the current J&M collection and styles them in an outfit that best represents the best of their Spring Style.


John broke out his vintage madras jacket and pulled-it-off by keeping the rest of his look simple and classic prep: blue oxford, navy chambray tie, khaki chinos, brown loafs.


His J&M footwear selection was the “Clemmons” slip-on; a softly-constructed take on the classic tassel loafer that can be styled for just about any occasion. Smart choice.


Other posts in this series coming soon…


Yours in style,


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  • Pants problems

    Here’s the thing – I’m active and like to stay in shape. 30 inch waist but I’m not a stick figure. So when I try on all these pants with a “modern” fit, I find that when the waist fits, the thigh portion of the leg hole is skin tight. It does not work. I will def be checking out this Davis – sounds like it might work. Any others you can suggest for someone like me?

  • http://undefined John

    That jacket button will be gone in an hour or so! I agree…the shirt and tie are a bit much and a tee shirt would look great. The jacket is fine but better on the golf course as shorts. Get rid of the hanky!

  • MB

    I would have worn this outfit with a V-Neck shirt versus dressing it up. The jacket is too much of a statement to add on. Cool piece, but not sure if it hit the bullseye. Don’t quite like the loafers with this fit. BUT, the loafers are clean; utside of this outfit at least.

  • http://undefined Nathan Wind

    I’d wear this outfit with boat shoes or Seavees or driving mocs. Every time I see the “dress shoe with no socks look” paired with a warmer weather outfit I think sweat and blisters, discomfort. And gross.

    • John Crossley

      In my opinion, tassel loafers are more casual than dressy. I find these J&M’s just as comfortable as my boat shoes and driving loafers. I always sprinkle a little foot powder before and after going sockless and it takes care of sweat, blisters, and overall grossness.

  • http://www.thecufflink.com Jarrod King

    I NEED a blazer like that! Nice!

  • Nicole

    The Davis slim fit looks good on you. I like your style. Towni is partial to J Crew’s chinos but the problem with J Crew’s chinos is that the hip area is fuller, rounder. I’ve informed J Crew office to revise their pant pattern. It’s just odd to have rounder hips on men’s pant. Their urban slim fit is better.

    • John Crossley

      Thanks Nicole,
      I’ve found, for the price, the Davis are the best fitting of the major brands. They are slim without being skinny and are perfectly tapered through the leg.

      • Nicole

        You may want to try the Gap’s lived-in slim khaki (in various colors). Their fit is close to the Davis. And prices are lower than Club Monaco’s. Unis fit is also good but then, their pants are pricier.

  • BF

    Don’t care what anyone thinks but Tassel loafer are for old guys in the Viagra Triangle here in downtown Chicago…I hope they vanish soon.

  • Nick

    Think a plain white Pocket Square, or no pocket square would look better with this, the pattern is just fighting with the pocket square here, aside from that, he has pulled it off well, its a difficult jacket to wear.

    Would maybe look better with shorts and no tie.

  • Marcus Forlan

    Haha – nice! One statement piece w everything else low key.

    I could never wear this, but John made it look cool!

  • TO


    Great pattern mix, superb jacket and nice choice to do up the button-down here.

  • Tjay

    Dude nailed it.

  • Simon

    The grey version of the loafers look pretty sick!!!

  • http://stylishbefore40.blogspot.com stylishbefore40

    That’s you! Somebody’s stolen my coverlet last weekend!
    Just kiddin. Very cool.

  • Brady P

    Very cool series feat. different J&M styles. Great looks so far, props to John for going all out w/ the madras!

  • Scott

    Everything about this look is perfect! I’m really enjoying the spring is in the air feature you guys are doing!

  • http://undefined VB

    Jacket is dope! The whole outfit really!

  • Poofy

    Pattern overload for a jacket and looks more summery than springish. Too bold for me but I’d wear that pattern on shorts while my way to the beach.

  • massimo

    I don’t know, i just don’t know, looks a little wrong on John. Just my humble opinion.

  • http://WideEyesTightWallets.tumblr.com WideEyesTightWallets

    Where is the rest of the outfit from? I love that jacket…don’t know if I’m bold enough to pull it off, so even bigger props to John for doing it so well.

    • John Crossley

      Thanks man.
      Shades Ray Ban
      Jacket early 90′s J. Crew
      OCBD Brooks Brothers
      Chinos Davis Slim Fit Club Monaco
      Loafers Johnson and Murphy

  • Nick

    Sneaky best part is that pocket square. Breaks up the craziness of the madras well.