Street Style – Nashville Edition

April 24th, 2013

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“I recently went down to Nashville to get wasted with some of my college friends. Though I don’t remember taking any of these photos, they were on my camera when I came to back in New York.” -Alex

1. Mark

27 copy

One of my favorite things about Mark’s look is that his jeans are from Wal-Mart. He tailored them and added the braces buttons himself.

2. Andrew


Andrew is one of the biggest BMX photographers in the game right now.

3. Chase


Chase was in visiting from LA so it was a real treat that we were in Nashville at the same time.

4. Wes


Wes loves hammocks and J.Crew.

5. Chip


Chip is one of the most legit prep/trad dressers I’ve ever met. Here he’s wearing all vintage everything including a pair of Sebagos that belonged to his grandfather.


Thanks for reading,

Alex & TSBmen


Photography by Alex Crawford

Check out more of Alex’s work at

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  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    #1 looks like he just spent the night in Injun Joe’s Cave. #4 be lookin’ like Teen Wolf’s Dad (The Michael J. Fox movie not the MTV show)

  • Hugo

    I like the Duck Hunter Camo on Chip but I wonder if it legit Vietnam/Pre-Vietnam vintage…

    • Alex Crawford

      He mentioned that it looked hand-made. Probably hunting camo instead of military.

  • Dildoman69

    Chase looks yum

  • Ian in Dallas

    Great looks all! I’m already missing the winter beard I shaved last week.

  • Blard

    Pant cuff on Mark is a little too much, but I like the rest of his look (including the bag).

    Not a fan of Chip’s outfit. He’s wearing a jacket, but shorts and boat shoes? It’s like he’s dressed for spring up top and summer down below.

    Everyone else is on point.

  • Nick

    Do you drink at college, bro?

  • Shawn

    Nice Pit x Lab mix (I guess)! I love these looks, especially the “I don’t give a f*ck” image they put forward!

  • Kiel

    Dang. I really like all of these looks. I think I’d fit in better in Nashville than in NYC.

    • joe

      Come on, you can find any of these looks in Brooklyn nowadays.

      • Changingman

        To me these guys seem more natural in their respective styles, whereas in Brooklyn its probably wannabe hipsters.

        • Joe

          Seems hard to know that at just a glance.

  • Back Down South

    In my opinion, Nashville is the best dressed city in the South, so I love these!!
    Killer looks.

  • Joe

    Great pictures! I love the “buy them from Walmart, tailor ‘em up and make them yours” jeans.

  • Ian K

    Wes and Mark I think have the strongest looks. Walmart Jeans never looked so good!

  • John

    Great pictures! Seems like Alex had a lot of fun!

    How was the weather there though? Some layered looks and then a guy in shorts. I’m confused!

    • Alex Crawford

      At the beginning of the week it was in the mid eighties, but a storm came through and by the weekend it was in the low sixties.

      • Ellis

        Thought you were too wasted to remember anything

        • Alex Crawford

          Haha, Touche!