Thrift Trad & Indie Ornaments feat. Whit Smith

April 29th, 2013

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Personal style is just that; personal. It represents you as an individual – your experiences, your personality, your lifestyle, etc.

For that reason, it’s difficult to give “style advice” to a mass audience.What we try to do at TSB, rather, is showcase a range of individuals who have unique personal style, and ask them to describe their clothing choices.

Like most of Alex’s Southern friends, Nashville Tennessee native Whit Smith is a unique character full of personality. And, as you would expect, so are his outfits. Here Whit tells us about the evolution of his eclectic, thrift-heavy Southern style, and his clever use of unusual accessories to create a persona that is as interesting as he is.


1. Old School, My Way


“I have few routines in my life and one of them is going to work. ‘Business attire’ is mandatory at my job, which is delightful because I enjoy wearing a silly strip of cloth around my neck, truly. I even wipe my face with my long ties, which is why they were invented in the first place.”


“I also collect vintage pins and pin-back buttons and affix them to almost all of the items I wear. It’s a homage to my roots listening to punk/metal, and a nod to the still thriving underground/indie scene here in Nashville. I have about one hundred and fifty buttons at this point, with very few that I wouldn’t wear.”


“The tie clip is a silver-colored bar with an tiny reverse engraving of a naked Marilyn Monroe, encapsuled in polyeurethane. My wife bought it for me at a antique store in Dyersburg, TN.

The top button I bought at Little Hamilton Collective, a sort of catch-all anarcho-crust punk music venue that unfortunately closed down a few months ago. It pictures a dilapidated wall and boarded-up window that could have come straight from the side-scrolling beat ‘em up games of yesteryear (see: Streets of Rage 2). The significance of this button to me is that although I spent many years as a child submerged in a false idea of the ‘urban’ or ‘marginalized’, I now know these places to exist and to be real in themselves as they are. It also serves as a reminder to the undesirable places in the world that most people forget to remember.

The upside-down tie-dye peace sign signifies a rejection of modern New Age hippiedom; and it’s a nice reminder of the vestiments of the Catholic priests in my parish.”


  • Mustard jacket Thrifted
  • White club collar shirt by Brooks Brothers
  • Thrifted TN State Tie
  • Vintage Marilyn Monroe Tie Clip
  • Watch by Timex
  • Antique hand-engraved pipe
  • Navy chinos from Target
  • “Brogue Ranger” boots by Red Wing
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  • Josh

    It’s cool to see other punk and hardcore kids doing the preppy/trad/southern thing right

  • Derric

    Fantastic looks all around. I am truly jealous of his bow tie.

  • Roman

    No offense, but he seems kind of like a pretentious pseudo-avantgardist to me.

  • Kris

    That wristwatch is AMAZING.

  • Michelle

    Love this piece from top to bottom!!

  • Michelle


  • John B

    Lots of personality on every look!

  • Ibby

    As much as I love the featuring guests, I really miss when SB had a lot more to do with Dan

  • Jeremy Whitechick


  • dagobertinax


  • Khalid

    Definitely looks like an interesting character! By any chance, does he have an equally distinctive (if less-stylish) uncle who worked as a marketing manager for WKRP in Cincinnati??

  • Taylor

    That is the hottest man I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life.

  • William

    Now there was a real man.

  • Changingman

    I grew up on punk and metal also, which is probably why I still dont feel comfortable wearing light colors / preppy styles. But as the TSB team says , its our experiences that create our styles. I was a huge Anglophile growing up, from punk, Oi, Two-Tone, Mod, etc.. so stuff like Fred Perry Ben Sherman , slim suits, etc were always on my wish lists. But its only 20 years later that I can actually afford them….just barely lol!

  • Jimi Brady

    After spending a month in New Orleans, none of Whit’s outfits look outlandish to me. He’s definitely got the dandy southern gentleman look, and I think that’s awesome. Not my cup of tea, but that’s the point! I agree with another poster – he looks like he can be found betting on horse races every day of the week. Great article.

  • Kevin

    No thank you. It must be because I come from the suburbs, where wearing a correct fitting suit is already seen as weird, but I don’t go for the whole dapper dandy look. If he likes it, more power to him, but I’ll stick with more “reserved” style.

  • joe

    The quotes have got be the funniest in the history of TSB. Great post and great wit behind the clothes.

  • http://undefined Nathan Wind

    I couldn’t help but read his descriptions in a southern drawl. It’s nice to see some fuller cuts on this site as opposed to the usual Thom Browne tailoring.

  • Brady P

    gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a sh!t. classic

  • Whitfield

    It’s the same watch that I wore in all three shots. It’s a Timex that I picked out from the website and my wife ordered for me.

  • Back Down South

    Heck yes. And really stocked to see Volunteer Traditions on here! Great company run by some greater folks.

  • Pete

    Awesome. What watch is that in 3?

  • stylishbefore40

    Well done. But , moreover, I think that you should have Thompson M1928 , your outfit would be completed:-)

  • Nick

    Very cool. Maybe could have given the pants in the third look a quick iron though?

  • Patrick S.

    Brilliant post! Love his personal style very much, (great fits) and especially how much thought he puts behind his accessories

  • Kiel

    This is great. I hope to see more features like this. What a character! He looks like he bets on horses all day.

    I would like to hear some TSB opinions on this guy’s outfits also.

  • Z

    Love it

  • jerry feinstein

    “upside-down tie-dye peace sign signifies a rejection of modern New Age hippiedom”

    …but my pants are from target. nice.

  • Shawn

    Love the stories behind every outfits!

  • Jake

    uhh…interesting. Not my speed, but as we say, “to each his own!”

  • http://undefined Laurence