Layered in Color feat. Calvin Saunders

May 24th, 2013

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An NYC native, Calvin’s personal style is shaped by his experiences working with iconic American prep houses like J.Crew, Club Monaco and Ralph Lauren, along with European influences from his time spent studying and traveling throughout Spain, England and Holland.

As you can see from his previous feature Tall & Lean in Style, Calvin’s style is all about slim tailoring and layers. This season he’s injecting his look with some unexpected Spring color.

Here’s three examples.


1. Seasonal Re-Purposing

01 copy

“Your fall/winter favorites can work well into the spring, and even summer, provided you complement them with seasonally appropriate pieces…to show that you are cognisant of the time of year, and weather.

This burgundy mohair cardigan, for example, is typically associated with colder contexts, but with a crisp white band collar shirt and mint green chinos, the look is great for a breezy Spring afternoon.”

03 copy

“That said, colored chinos don’t always have to be tied down by neutrals like navy, gray, and white. With a good understanding of color theory and color harmony you can create a picture that is unexpected but pleasing to the eye.”


Oxblood tassel loafers, a sleek city shoe that does it all and gets better with age.


  • Tortoise shades by Ralph Lauren
  • Burgundy wool/mohair cardigan by Club Monaco
  • White band collar shirt (altered) by Banana Republic
  • Mint Green Chinos by Club Monaco
  • Cordovan tassel loafers by Allen Edmonds (vintage)
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  • Nicholas Cassadine

    I think the first is a throw-a-way…very forgettable. However, the next two looks would make me stop you and inquire about your clothes or at least acknowledge how much style you have. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the double shirt look…a bit unnatural. I think the same effect could be done with a cardigan or v-neck sweater. You most definitely have style.

  • Nick

    Looks good but I will never agree with the double collar look. It’s not even that I think it looks terrible its a little more that it seems contrived and unnatural.

  • Edgar Morales

    Those Hugo Boss Rock! Saw a pair at my local store in Mexico City, I hope can purchase them soon.

  • TO

    What kind of collar is on that salmon polo? It doesn’t appear to be a button-down, so I have a feeling you may have DIYed a trick I have used before…

    Dan this dude makes me think of your drawings from fashion school. His style is impeccable. Great job Mr. Saunders!

    • Calvin

      You are correct TO, the polo is not a button down. I tend to ‘transform’ a regular point collar on shirts and polos to a ‘button-down’ by applying wurkin stiffs magnets under the shirt where the point of the collar meets the inside fabric, and another magnet on the outside of the collar near the point. I just hate having my soft collars flap around..

      Thanks for the comment!

      • TO

        Ahh interesting- I have yet to invest in wurkin stiffs (mostly my shirts are button-downs).

        But, what I thought you had done (which I have one various pieces with floppy collars) is just sew the points on the collar in place, for a similar effect (sometimes I have sewn [non-functional] buttons there on shirts:)

  • Paul

    Great looks – love the burgundy cardigan and mint green chinos the best!

  • Brian

    Not a fan of the shortish pants no sock look.. I know that’s the fashion forward thing these days, but it’s just not my thing.. Overall great looks though liking the colours.

  • Rob A

    The socks in the last look is the cherry on top

  • Kit

    did he taper the hugo boss jeans on look 3?

    • Calvin

      Yep, I had my tailor taper them below the knee.. As a matter of fact, I believe this pair of white jeans was the first article of clothing that I had ever tailored (besides a suit). Now most of my items in my wardrobe get the same treatment. If the fit isn’t right, I’m not rockin it..

      • Changingman

        Thanks, you just answered my all time question. “Is it possible to tailor only a portion of a leg without the stitching being noticable”. I have a couple of jeans that are perfect except from the knee or calf down.

  • http://undefined Brady P

    The mint green and burgundy is a great color combination, esp w/ those loafs. Nice job Calvin

  • Randy

    Calvin’s style really exaggerates his lankiness, and he totally owns it. It’s unbalanced, and it works.

  • Kiel

    I really dig the tie in the third look. A cool rasberry kind of color. I like the shirt layering a lot too, but I have yet to pull that one off myself.

  • Akil M

    The second look is my favorite. I really like the way he puts colors together. This is a great feature.

  • BF


    All 3 looks.

    Colors are perfect for spring and fit is impeccable…

  • massimo

    this guy looks sharp w/out spending a fortune, well done. Doesn’t hurt to be tall, skinny and handsome.

  • John B

    It’s nice to see him featured again! It’s too hot for layering here, but colours can always be introduced on a look!

  • Jerk

    Love the looks you gave this guy. Spot motherf-cking on!

  • Back Down South

    Damn, love the second and third looks

  • Matt

    Looks 1 & 2 are SO boss. #3 is a bit busy for my tastes. Regardless, this man has serious style!

    • John Crossley

      I’m a really big fan of look 1. I’ve never been able to put off reds and greens without looking like christmas.

  • Brent Kuz

    I feel the mint green chinos are pushing almost a 3/4 length pant status too short even for such a fashion forward gentleman. Is it safe to say we are throwing away the one loud colorful/loud item in an outfit theory?