May Giveaway Top 10 – Vote!

May 28th, 2013

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Here are the Top 10 entries to our May Giveaway.

Now it’s time to VOTE for your favorite outfit using the poll at the bottom of this post. Keep in mind you can only vote one time.

Voting ends June 29th at 11:59pm. One winner will be announced and contacted on June 30th.

Best of luck to all you stylish gents, one of you will be receiving a very nice prize package!

1. Adrian B.

Adrian B. NYC


2. Akil M.

Akil M. Buffalo NY

New York

3. Daniel M.

Daniel M. Netherlands


4. David T.

David T. Poland


5. Jimmy W.

Jimmy W. Louisiana


6. Lance F.

Lance F. New Orleans


7. Lucian E.

Lucian E. Italy


8. Marshall M.

Marshall M


9. Philip A.

Philip A. Houston Texas


10. William C.

William C. South Carolina

South Carolina





Thanks for reading and special thanks to all those who entered the contest.


Yours in style,


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  • Dave

    Judging from finalists this time, Louisiana is the coolest place on the style planet.

  • Tim

    Akil I must say you truly have one of the most inspirational style choices that I have witnessed to date. I come to this conclusion after spending my entire lunch hour browsing your blog. TSB could definitely benefit featuring you in an upcoming post. Great work.

  • Thomas

    Adrian did nail it, but got to tell you, Lance was my choice. I may actually do this myself in June :)
    Thanks for the style guys!

  • Adrian B

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to say thank you to TSB for featuring me in their top 10 this month. It truly is an honor. Also to everyone entered in this month, its no wonder why you guys made it. You all have such great style. Akil, I honestly thought your fit would be tough to beat. From the linen jacket to your brief case, it’s all fire. And Philip, man did you rally your votes in yesterday. Really gave me a run for my money haha. Awesome suit as well. And to everyone else, you all were great!

    So thank you again to everyone involved, especially those who took the time to vote for me. Couldn’t have done it without you.

    Best Wishes to All,

    (p.s. check out

  • de-a dura lex

    my favourite is Lucian E.
    only two colours, navy and white (a very elegant combination in itself), harmoniously alternated from collar to laces and sole.

    • Konstantinos

      I fully agree with you.. Simple, stylish, the always-in-fashion Riviera look !!! Just great. I like also Akil’s and Daniel’s outfits…. Thank you all for the new ideas…

  • Sergio

    Will there be a set of honorable mentions posted in TSB Daily?

  • AK

    Phillip has swagger in spades. I can think of few people who could rock that green suit with that specific fit with as much grace. Those pants are coming dangerously close to capri territory, though. Haha. :)

    Vote still had to go to Lance. A great casual-cool look for the summer. Love the color balance and fit.

    • http://undefined Lance F.

      Thanks for the vote AK. You hear that Adrian, I’m coming for you!

  • Dani

    Phillip’s entire outfit is just brilliant. There’s a lot of little things going on, but proportion and fit means it’s not overwhelming.
    I also like Marshall’s colour play. It all goes together well, but the contrast between the tie and everything else is cool. Not huge on the New Balances, but there were a lot of things that really worked for me.

    • Marshall Mulherin

      Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate that! Yea those shoes are definitely not for everybody, but I’m glad you liked the non-matching color scheme I tried out. I appreciate that

  • jon

    Adrian’s and Philip’s colors are fantastic, but another inch and those are capri pants! I don’t get the Thom Browne cuff length. Couldn’t sit down in a business meeting like that.

  • cam

    lucian e., to me, looked like the only one not trying too hard. then I scrolled back through and noticed he’s Italian…no surprise there #sprezzatura

  • Munim

    For me it was a tie between Philip and Adrian! Adrian, what brand is your bag?

    You are looking great gentlemen! And by the way, how do I get on this list? I think I have a few decent photos!

    • Adrian B

      Thanks my man! Bag is Polo Ralph Lauren. I actually thrifted it for $3.50.

      As for making it for the top 10, you need to submit pictures to TSB via email. Thanks for the support.

  • Patrick Garcia

    Wow…. what a crock of nonsense… seriously… a guy a with suit and NEW BALANCES on? Is this a joke? I don’t mean to be a sore loser, but my outfits topped most of these. What a joke.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Hey Patrick,

      You were certainly in the running…we had to make some tough decisions for the Top 10. Keep in mind that photo quality plays a roll, especially lighting.

      Thanks for participating, we look forward to seeing your entry in coming months!


      • M.

        Well, guess what- I voted for the jacket and new balances. ;)
        I think he pulls it off very well. The colors are also in incredible harmony.

    • Tribeca, NYC

      I actually like Marshall’s new balances. There is nothing wrong with switching it up. We all see, and own, plenty of hard-bottoms. There are plenty of great looks on the streets of NY and Milan that incorporate a similar sneaker. Don’t get mad, get even…next month.

      • Marshall Mulherin

        Thanks you guys. Good to get some love

    • http://www.gregnoire,com greg noire

      that boy salty.

    • http://undefined khordkutta

      Seriously Patrick? Serious…?

    • Jordan

      hahaha! You’re as sore as my legs after todays workout. And it was a GOOD one!

      I have to admit, I thought it was funny, but appealing in a strange way. That being said, you should NEVER hold your style higher than others. Yes, there are certain rules that may indicate if a kind style looks good or not, but there are always exceptions. I think Marshall carefully considered if the New Balances would work with this outfit, and came to the conclusion that they would reflect the playfulness that he was looking for. You can obviously see from his pose that he’s in a playful mood, and is probably not going to a banquet or big shot fund raiser.

      btw, he is not wearing a suit. He is wearing a sport coat with chinos, there is a big difference.

    • Cam

      dude wasn’t even an honorable mention….hahahahahahahaha

  • Tammi

    Akil’s selection of colors and fabrics are very daring, but he pulls it off. Vote goes to him!

    • Akil M

      Thank you so much Tammi, I appreciate it.

  • Kaitlin

    Fancy Lancy!

  • Stephan E.

    all great, but my vote goes to David! That’s a great coat!

    • David

      Thank you Stephan, it certainly is! :)

  • Brent Kuz

    Jimmy and Lance are some sharp dudes. Not feeling blazer and shorts just makes me feel like I am looking at a young lad forced to go to church.

    • http://undefined Jimmie W.

      Thanks Brent, I really appreciate your comment!

  • Gazman

    Everyone looks sharp! Compliments to all. I went for Jimmy.

    • Jimmie W.

      Thanks Gazman, I really appreciate your vote!

  • Pete

    Really liking Akil, by a mile.

    • Akil M

      Thank you very much Pete. I reallly appreciate the support.

  • SAJ

    It was a tie for me between Adrian and Philip. For some reason Adrian just nailed it, and not because of the recurring green combos… I think the very subtle pattern of the suit in conjunction with everything else tipped it for me, although major props to Philip! Very boldly stylish!!

    • Adrian B

      Thanks for your vote man! The bag is actually my daily bag. Just so happened to match with my socks for this picture. :D

  • Joe

    Really tough this month. Lots of cool things going on. It came down to Jimmy W (love how the double breasted blazer got toned down by the white buttons so that it paired really nicely with jeans, and the purple gingham and laces is a nice touch) and Phillip A (a fly green suit, but everything else toned down and classic and from the great state of Texas, though I’ll try not to be biased) for me. I’m still trying to decide. Congrats to all.

    • http://undefined Jimmie W.

      Why thanks for your comment Joe!

  • Changingman

    I dont understand how a plain grey suit is winning. Is it because the socks match the bag?

  • Gatzby Gordon

    you have been blessed with my presence.

  • Marshall Mulherin

    Daniel, where is that blazer from?

    • Daniël M

      it’s from the society shop, the only thing is I don’t know where you’re from because I think it’s a dutch brand..

      • Daniël M

        oh wait I see you’re from Louisiana, uuhm should I just give you some more info about it because I don’t think they have it in louisiana haha it’s 80% cotton and has no shoulder pads it falls pretty loose and is still is pretty stretchy they would probably have something like this in most shops in your area. good luck with searching! oh by the way you were wearing an awesome blazer my man!

        • Marshall Mulherin

          Thanks man! I really do appreciate the compliment

  • Greg Norire

    Phil, easy. No easy task pulling off green that way. Well done, sir.

  • Sam

    My vote’s for David, who’s looking dandy as ever. And I know some of that’s secondhand (:

    Adrian’s a close second, kudos for matching the bag to that prime sock/shoe combo. Akil, Daniel, Jimmy, and William are also lookin fly.

    Lucian’s glasses don’t match his outfit or fit his face. Marshall’s color palette is wack as sh*t. Just my couple of cents.

    • Marshall Mulherin

      Thanks for the input

      • Chris Reetz

        Take those comments with a grain of salt. Looks great. Fit is dead-on.

        • Marshall Mulherin

          Thank you very much sir

    • Brad

      Tone it down Sammy boy, no need to be a d*ck. That comment about Marshall was so unnecessary.

      • David

        Thank you very much, Sam! I really liked the fact you described the overal impression as “dandy”. 80% of my closet consist of vintage clothes. The photo above shows “secondhand top to bottom” look, as all of the goods were found while thrifting :)

        Thanks for the support!

    • Jimmie W

      Why thanks Sam, I appreciate your comment!

    • Josh J.

      No need to be so hostile towards Marshall because of his unconventional style. Everybody can’t pull that off. And if his stuff was so “wack”, he wouldn’t have been chosen. The people at TSB know what they’re doing.

      • Sam

        Not trying to be a dick. Just don’t think the olive/grey/baby blue/deep red color scheme works here, especially with no color tying it all together anywhere. Try not to mistaken my criticism for hostility. Nothing against Marshall, just his color choices on this outfit. Besides, he seems to be doing fine in the poll, so I’m clearly in the minority here.

    • Daniël M

      Thank you! really appreciate that you like my outfit!

    • AK

      I don’t see the wackness in the color pallette. Grey and olive green are two of the most neutral colors and can go with pretty much anything. And light blue and deep red are pretty inoffensive pairings in my opinion. Not like we’re talking lime green here, haha.

    • Akil M

      thanks alot I appreciate it

  • PG

    Adrian B killin it top to bottom but Marshall M gives reasons for the contestants disclosing where they got their clothes. Seriously though, why doesn’t each picture have a list of items as per the usual posts?

    Likewise for TSB Daily. Make it happen, folks!

  • Carl Zinard

    adrian has the most swagu dripping from him. i vote him.

    • Adrian B

      The swagu is very prevalent here ;)

  • Michael

    I went for David for adding a personal touch to the strong ss staple in the form of classic, wide-lapeled trenchcoat :)

    • David

      Thank you Mike for your kind words!

  • Levi G

    Philip A looks great but I voted for Adrian B because the bag coordination with the sock/shoe combo is a thing of beauty.

    I’m surprised Jimmy W isn’t falling over at the angle he’s standing on.

    • Adrian B

      Thanks Levi! I actually voted for you for March. I was disappointed when I did not see you win :/ You’re style is right up my alley!

      • Levi G

        Thanks! I’ll enter again at some point, but I don’t have much of a use for the summer prize packages at the moment as it’s just coming into winter here in Australia :)

  • BaeBabyPaw

    Let’s go Adrian. Vote for him, slimes

    • Adrian B

      Good lookin’ out Bae. I appreciate the love

  • Jim

    jimmy W went the extra mile with his use of the prop.

    • Jimmie W

      Why thanks JIM!

  • Weezy

    Weezy Ana holding it down!

    • http://undefined Lance F.

      Agreed, good stuff guys.

      • Marshall Mulherin

        preciate that y’all

  • Parker

    I feel like numbers 1 and 2 are always in first and second, respectively. Maybe the pictures could be arranged in a grid, with everyone visible and the pictures able to be enlarged. That could possibly make it more fair. Or maybe I’m just hatin’

    • Ian K

      I have to agree with being able to enlarge them. Even your own pictures being able to see a belt or a watch even closer would be a nice option

    • Josh J.

      I totally agree Parker. Definitely would make it more fair.

  • tie-barred

    It’s the Internet boom all over again, but the greater United States is Silicon Valley and micro-suits and tie bars are bad websites.

  • Jack

    Philip killed it.

  • http://undefined undefined

    lots of good fits this month

  • Sergio

    Jimmy W. info on the shoes!

    • Jimmie W

      Shoes are by ASTON GREY and shoelaces by ALLEN EDMONDS.

      • Sergio

        Mercer Wingtip? Great color and price!

        • Joe

          Nice touch Jimmy W.

          Reminds me of an important note – AE doesn’t charge shipping, even on shoelaces, which makes it a good online deal.

  • Danielle

    Team Lance.

  • Vaz

    Gotta give it to Daniel M. for standing out with shorts. Breezy look is imperative IMO for summer.

    • Daniël M

      Thank you! really really appreciate it! and the bad thing was it was actually freezing that day but everything for the perfect picture!

  • Jack

    The Green Suit is daring but pulled off too well!…Gets my vote!!!

  • CeJae

    9. Philip A.

    that suit is sick!

  • Kid Icarus

    I was all set to go with Lance F. for those “effyou red” pants. But Phillip A. chainsaw massacred it with the green suit. That’s a big, bold look from Texas, and it’s pulled off perfectly.

  • Adam

    Wow, one of the hardest sets to choose from, if you ask me! I’m going with Adrian…I definitely like the slim fit, but what got me was the coordination between all the details (shoes, socks, tie, bag, even the plain white pocketsquare, which sometimes is used just as a fall-back, is a perfect match). Well done all around though, it was a tough decision to make, which means everyone’s doing something right! I’m pretty excited about throwing my hat in the mix next month…

    • Adrian B

      Thanks Adam. Coordination between bag and sock/shoe was not even planned. That messenger is my daily bag haha!


    Great look by Adrian

    • Adrian B

      Why thank you my anonymous friend

  • John B

    Some pretty strong looks this month. I was going to vote for David, but I don’t like the shoes.

    I’ll go with Adrian. Good luck!

    • Adrian B

      Thanks for the vote John!

  • Shawn

    Really hard to choose this month, lots of good looks!

  • Sergio

    Easy one here, Adrian B. Classic Glen Plaid suit with a white shirt and light green rep tie. Make that picture black and white and it would look in place even 50 years ago.

    • Adrian B

      Thanks Serg. Timeless is what I aim for.

  • BF

    DB jacket on Jimmy is the GOODS…

    Last guy lost me just a bit with the fedora but everyone looks great.

    • Jimmie W

      Thanks BF, I appreciate your comment!

  • Carlos L

    Wow… Louisianan coming hard!!

  • Steve

    I think Akil seems to have the best eye for coordination of color, fabrics and fit.

    • Akil

      Thanks a lot I really appreciate that

  • Ian K

    Gotta go with Akil. Hard choice again this month!

    • Akil

      Thank you very much, the competition really is tough this month

      • Ian K

        You are most welcome. The attention to detail to get all those items to match without being overkill is amazing

  • Martin

    Everyone looks great, but that green suit is another level. Fantastic.

    Dude in the shorts needs to be rocking a DB jacket though ;) hehe

    • BF

      No sh-t, I would have vote for him 50 times had he rocked that epic pairing(sarcasm meter is exploding all over my keyboard)

  • Matt

    Lance is the only one who doesn’t look like he’s trying too hard IMO!

    • http://undefined Lance F.

      Thanks Matt, was just taking a stroll after a Mother’s Day brunch.

      There are some very well dress gentlemen up there.

    • http://undefined Ray

      I agree – very chill and laid back. You got my vote Lance!