And the Winner Is…

May 31st, 2013


Adrian B.!


Congrats to Adrian for being voted the winner of the TSB May Giveaway. You will receive an email from our team later today for your sizes and mailing address.

Thanks again to all who participated.

Think you got what it takes? The TSB June Giveaway kicks off tomorrow!


Yours in style,


  • Mustafa

    Congrats Adrian, enjoy your prizes!

  • Poofy

    The socks and the bag made the outfit “the outfit”. who wouldve thought

  • Nagy L


    • Adrian B

      Thanks Nagy. Congrats on winning back in March! That prize package looked amazing!

      • Adrian B

        Whoops, meant April!

  • Alex

    Nice, the kind of outfit I’d put together.

  • Adrian B

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to say thank you to TSB for featuring me in their top 10 this month. It truly is an honor. Also to everyone entered in this month, its no wonder why you guys made it. You all have such great style. Akil, I honestly thought your fit would be tough to beat. From the linen jacket to your brief case, it’s all fire. And Philip, man did you rally your votes in yesterday. Really gave me a run for my money haha. Awesome suit as well. And to everyone else, you all were great!

    So thank you again to everyone involved, especially those who took the time to vote for me. Couldn’t have done it without you.

    Best Wishes to All,

    (p.s. check out

    • Akil

      Congratulations Adrian, I appreciate the kind words but that sock and bag combination was pure magic. You definitely had this month’s competition won from the very beginning.

      • Adrian B

        Thanks my man. As said early, that’s my daily bag. This fit was the first time I ever matched it haha!

  • Brent Kuz


    • Adrian B

      Thank you brent!

  • Ian K

    Congrats Adrian!

    • Adrian B

      Thanks Ian. I appreciate it