Crocodiles, Alligators, Oh My!

July 8th, 2013

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As menswear enthusiasts and collectors, we’re always on the hunt to step up our game.

It doesn’t get any bossier than exotic leather. Crocodile and alligator are lifelong investments that represent the pinnacle of luxury.

Here, Alex and I share some of our favorite exotic pieces.



1. Serious Business


The first alligator piece I ever purchased was the brown belt in this look; a used Ralph Lauren Purple Label number I found on eBay for a steal. I’ve had it for years and still wear it several times a week.

After I picked up my Montblanc Timewalker (also used from eBay) I tracked down alligator watch bands in several colors (brown, black, tan), along with a spring bar tool to easily swap them.


This beautiful briefcase was handmade by Frank Clegg. It’s one of those legendary pieces that has the potential to instantly become a family heirloom.

On a separate note, a linen suit with gator skin seems like a perfect fit for summer. The combo has a very “southern luxury” feel.


If you’re considering investing in some exotic skin for the first time, a captoe lace-up is a wise choice. It’s an elegant and classic footwear shape that will never go “out of style”.


  • Natural 100% linen suit by Michael Andrews Bespoke
  • Blue cotton shirt by Michael Andrews Bespoke
  • Navy rep stripe tie Vintage
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
  • Brown alligator watch band by Montblanc
  • Brown alligator belt and silver buckle by Ralph Lauren Purple Label
  • Crocodile captoe lace-ups by Scarpe di Bianco
  • American Alligator brief handmade by Frank Clegg Leatherworks
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  • Edgar

    Love that look. aside from crocodile I think they also make ostrich.

    over all good look.

  • Maetha

    3rd look is fire.

  • CJ

    I miss the feature where you would recommend items equivalent to the ones youre wearing!I’m dying for a linen suit but don’t know where to start. Budget isn’t quite at Dan’s level either haha

    • Dan Trepanier

      We’ll be bringing it back, in a much bigger and better way, along with some other added features to the new site. We’re working on a major website re-build this Fall…


  • Joe


    Outfit #3 is money brother. I might be stealing your look in these NYC streets.

  • Professor Black

    I like the white on bottom/grey or darker color on top Dan. You’ve been killing it with that look the last few weeks. Alex, this is a great look for you man. You can really sell this type of mature and refined style.

  • Anonymous

    all of these looks (and items, especially the last bag) are a bad cartoon…

    • Dan Trepanier

      I don’t know what that means, but thanks for reading!

  • Anonymous

    your father told you to simply take care of the shoes and the first time you wore them you went without socks!?

  • Don Pierre

    Brilliant! Best post featuring Alex. Dangerously Stylish Dan.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thank you Don Pierre!

  • Matt

    Dan I love look 3, if you don’t mind can you tell me where that watch strap is from?

  • Brady P

    This is one of those classic TSB posts with fantastic items sprinkled in w/ great tailored pieces. Always like seeing Alex in the photos ;) Being someone who also has a close sartorial relationship with his father… your lucky to have the same shoe size. As previously stated, Dan, those custom Croc loafs are dirty! All the leather pieces featured in this post are enough to drool over. Well done Gentlemen

  • Marshall Mulherin

    Yo Dan I’m feeling this beard length right here. Clean but still keeping that jaw warm

    • Dan Trepanier

      hah thanks player

    • Chris


  • josh

    These are great looks! Always an inspiration.

  • John B

    Alex’s best look! I didn’t expect to see alligator bags to be honest, but it was a nice surprise. If only I could get one..

  • Pete

    Dang that suit on #1 is perfect.

  • Kiel

    I for one, would love to see Alex in shoots like this more often. I know, he;s the photographer though, so I imagine there are practical limits to how that can be. I’m sure some kind of trans-dimensional portal was used to make this happen.

    • Dan Trepanier

      He’s definitely more comfortable behind the camera…but his style has come a long way! It’s the TSB advantage :)

  • Carter

    Sick post Dan and the team! That linen suit with the patch pockets is boss as well as the scarpi loafers in look #3. Alex, your killing as well bro. Dan, saw an IG pic from that wedding with the guys in Jordans! Nice touch.
    Be Well TSB team!

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thanks Carter! We got some great shots from that wedding coming up. 10 groomsmen all in different Jordans :)

  • Paul

    Love the third look – easy summer style at it’s best!

  • Tom

    Hey Dan,

    You should get the MJ patent installed on all your custom shoes…just because you can

    • Dan Trepanier

      hahahaha everybody wants to be like Mike.

  • Dan

    Dan, you paid seven grand for that bag?

    • Dan Trepanier

      Frank and I are friends…it’s all about who you know ;)

      • Brady P

        Just stop it, that bag is probably the most beautiful piece of leather Ive seen. Frank is extremely talented, and that bag is by far my favorite piece he makes. I was assuming you “borrowed” it for this post, considering its rarity and hefty price tag. But you actually owning it is another story. One word for you… ENVY, pure envy

  • Bob

    love the teal linen shirt

    • Dan Trepanier

      Me too. It’s vintage, if you look closely you can see how beat-up it is…makes it even better

  • BF

    Damn, those loafers in look #3 are beyond baller

    • Dan Trepanier

      My favorite pair to date!

  • TO

    Some beautiful pieces here gents!

    Alex, your dad must have been quite the dresser.

    Dan, one of the craziest looks you’ve done in a while with no. 3. “Luxury casual”, can’t put it much better than that. Love the colour/texture palette on that one.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thanks TO! Alex’s pops was clearly a boss.

  • cam

    funny timing on the post dan…i’ve been contemplating on purchasing the gucci drivers with bamboo horsebit in the brown ostrich leather for a few months…i believe you’ve pushed me over the edge now…btw, that linen suit is perfect

    • Dan Trepanier

      Those sound awesome… definitely head-turners. I have a pair from the Gucci bamboo collection and they’re great – very durable…I traveled Europe for three months with those and a pair of Sperrys.