What I Wore Today – June 13 2013

June 13th, 2013

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Rule #1 of the TSB Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

Vote for your favorite look using the poll below and tell us why in the comments!



“It was sprinkling this morning so I grabbed a mac, boat shoes, and an umbrella made of cork.”



“Camo rain jacket, navy seersucker pants, classic Sperrys.”



“This denim jacket is literally falling apart at the seams, but it gives it more character…or at least I think so.”



“This short trench and umbrella are my go-to rainwear.”



“Up salmon fishing in Dan’s homeland, be back soon…  These other boys are a bunch of hosers, eh?”



Thanks for reading,

The TSB Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

Check out more of Alex’s work at alexcrawfordphotography.com.

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  • Marchao

    Nothing like a portuguese detail to win this one!
    That umbrella… :D

  • bobspeaksthetruth

    Wes is the only one on this website that looks like someone I would want to be friends with.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      No sure what that means, but cool.

  • Mr Saint

    Dan all day for this one. That umbrella is off the rails!

    God is in the detail.

  • Sean

    I’ve gotta give it up to Towni because a bad day fishing beats a good day at work.

  • http://undefined Steve

    Superstition du jour: open an umbrella indoors and bad luck will rain on you.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Hah I knew someone was going to say this! I’m not superstitious…

  • Daniel

    Dan, and its just not fair..dude has more bespoke suits than most dudes have t-shirts

  • http://undefined Adrian

    Dan in the boat shoes. Definitely.

  • josh

    dan-”just threw on a mac” no big deal lol #oneday #aspirations

  • http://themodernprep.wordpress.com Marshall Mulherin

    what material is that suit dan?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Linen/wool blend. It’s from ready-to-wear collection I did with MAB a couple years back.

  • Changingman

    All the things I wore as a hardcore/punk skater kid in the 80′s is part of everyday menswear. Camo jackets and pants I’d buy at the Army & Navy surplus store, denim jackets, Chucks, etc. hmmm, I guess those are menswear staples that teen music scenes make their own.

  • Jimi Brady

    I went with Wes because of the cargo pants and LL Bean Mocs. I know Alex is wearing very nearly the same thing, but Wes’ look is much more “light rain”-looking, if that makes sense. I also would’ve gone with Dan for the hat and coat.

    Or I would’ve gone with Dan for the umbrella made of human skin. Are you a Bolton, Dan?!

  • John B

    Is it me or Alex and Wes are wearing the same pair of pants?!

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Yup, good eye. Slim cargos from Uniqlo. I think we each have a pair…

      • BF

        Are those cargos true to size?

        I think I want a pair.

  • cam

    i had to go with alex today. i still can’t get behind dock/boat shoes with no dock in sight. it’s a silly tend that needs to die fast. sure style can be about bending the rules but some things need to keep function first and foremost.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      I wouldn’t consider boat shoes a trend…guys have been wearing them steadily since they were invited in 1935. As far as function goes, I find them perfect for a light rain in the summer.

      • cam

        i wouldn’t consider boat shoes a trend either. i love boat shoes and have a few pair. what i do consider a trend is wearing them in the city. if you need to select footwear when it’s raining, you have more appropriate options. i know you will say “don’t live by such strict rules” b/c i’ve seen this response before along with “once you know the rules only then can you break them”. i see that one a lot on other blogs where someone tries to defend an article of clothing being worn out of context. i know i’m rambling here a bit but i guess it leads me to the question “when do we stick to the rules”? it seems like with all the menswear blogs in recent years, it has allowed anyone to wear anything whenever and wherever they want. velvet slippers are another huge example and i could name more but i think you get the idea. anyway, thanks for letting me vent. btw, you guys still kick ass no matter what ;)

      • BF

        Boat shoes are not a trend – city or country.

        They are simply an American Classic.

  • Chris

    Dan has been owning June.. Everybody lookin slick today tho!

  • Ian K

    Went for Dan. Who else would have a cork umbrella!

  • Marcus Forlan

    Toss up between Dan, Alex and Wes.

    Went with Dan cuz the look is effortlessly dapper.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Thanks brother. I hope all is well!

  • LouCaves

    I go with Wes today because I wore my denim jacket, as well.

    Yes, Wes. It has more character.

  • Bob

    Wes’s caption

    “Doin’ It Right”

  • Poofy

    Dan wins

  • TO

    Dan brought too much today to lose.

    John I like the slick camo jacket! Dan- another example of the lapel turning into a hood we talked about way back when:) Thought about voting for the look because of the jacket’s uniqueness, but I found the camo and patterned belt were competing a bit too much.

    • Poofy

      “Dan- another example of the lapel turning into a hood ”

      Please elaborate.. muchas gracias

  • John B

    Dan. Even without the umbreall, he looks awesome! John is super close though!