Friday Night in Amsterdam

June 28th, 2013

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This past weekend Alex and I, along with a group of stylish menswear editors, joined our friend Nish and the team behind Suit Supply for their annual press trip to Amsterdam.

Here’s a brief recap of what one of those trips looks like. At least, from what we can remember…


Act I – Private Tour of the Rijksmuseum



This was a special tour of the famous Dutch Art and History museum since it had just opened after a ten-year, €375 million renovation.



Act II – Presentation of Suit Supply S/S 2014

008  010 014

In the final hall of our museum tour, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection was awaiting us.

A roster of models (also Dutch) were placed in front of the iconic works, which just so happened to serve as the season’s color inspiration.

The presentation was clever, the visuals were epic, and the clothes were a healthy mix of style-forward and everyday wearable.

016  020 021

Suit Supply CEO, Fokke de Jong (who started the booming brand by selling suits out of the back of a car in Amsterdam roughly a decade ago) addressed the crowd and spoke briefly about the upcoming collection and the future of the brand.


Act III – The Canals


And now drink, smoke, and socialize as we ride through Amsterdam’s beautiful canals toward a secluded abandoned-warehouse-like restaurant.


We met some great fellow menswear writers – like Wendell Brown here from Esquire.


028  031

A couple fellow Canadians – Coleman and Lance of Sharp magazine (left) with my man Jian of Complex.


Act IV – Nish’s Mission


Nish, a phenomenal host, stops the boat to run down some additional drinks and party favors…

We followed him through the narrow streets as he’s greeted by locals and friends – this guy is like the unofficial mayor of this place.




Act V – Dinner


This was a heated game of pre-meal table tennis. In the end tho, my man Reza‘s topspin was too much.


We then sat down for a European-style five course meal with a steady flow of red wine.

058 060

Full on seafood and half-drunk on vino, it’s convos about the state menswear, American vs European tailoring, the business of blogging, and, of course, where to explore next in Amsterdam.




Act 6 – Early Morning

We slowly left dinner and headed back to Fokke’s speedboat, where the party continued with a late night cruise toward the club district.

At this point, though, Alex was in no shape to shoot any more photos…besides, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam ;)



Yours in style,


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  • Sir Byron Laurent

    Very Dapper Affair!! Well done Gents!!

  • Eric

    Hi, Is the blue suit you are wearing by Angel Bespoke?


    • Dan Trepanier

      Yup. Denim cloth by Ariston.

  • Alex

    Are all of the suits made by S/S? If so they’ll be definitely taking some of money…

  • Kevin

    Holy crap that sounds like the most ballin day ever. These guys do this for a living?

  • Esmetjie

    I guess this white sailing shoes – suit Thing is a americano Thing Hmm?
    Here in Europe it was 4-5 years before and Even then it was more a Boy “swaggish” Thing …..
    I just mentioned that because Dan has such awesome shoes!
    Year Amsterdam is Great and im sure you had a Great Time
    Thanxs for sharing!

  • Changingman

    All those “coffee shops” were quite a culture shock for sure. They literally have menus of weed! Lol

  • BF

    my god I love suit supply.

    The colors and DB jackets..

    I have to walk past the Chicago store daily on the way to the gym and it’s a nightmare trying to not stop in there and buy one of everything…

  • Reza

    Hey guy’s, thx again.

    Was a gr8 night/shoot in Amsterdam..!

    Arrivederci ;-)


  • josh

    I hope there’s a video for this. Looks awesome!

  • TO

    Awesome! Well done, great asset to have Alex along to beautifully document this trip- like you said of the S/S presentation, epic!

  • http://undefined TimL

    Looks like you and Alex had a great time.

    Nice to see all the differetn styles and art and scenery throughout this post.
    Thanks again for sharing your trip!

    • S

      I’m glad you and Alex had a great time. What happened in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam, right? ;)

  • Rajeev

    Amsterdam looks amazing as well as all the suits. And are those cigarettes really just cigarettes? ; )

  • Steve

    Didn’t Towni and Wes get to go to Amsterdam too?

    • Westley Dimagiba

      no =[

      • Hernandez

        C’mon! The whole team has to eat !