June Giveaway – Honorable Mentions

July 10th, 2013

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As we mentioned, we had some fantastic entries to our June Giveaway. Thanks again to all who participated.

Here’s the June “Honorable Mentions” – those who almost made the Top 10.

These decisions are always tough.

Ralph I.


Brady P.


Michael Y.

TSB June 2

Victor S. Victor S. Romania

Silviu T.


William C.





Thanks again to all those who participated. Check out our current July Giveaway and enter for a chance to win (notice the rule changes – no photo submissions needed this month).


Yours in style,


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  • Jack

    What kicks is William wearing? The stripe on the sole is a real standout

    • http://wacavenue.blogspot.com Theguybehindthelens

      They are a just a pair of canvas Pro Keds Royal. I stole them out of my dad’s closet so the new pairs have a different rubber toe cap but they have the same stripes on the sole. You can pick them up pretty much anywhere online for $30 or $40.
      -William C.

  • Bradley

    I dig that three quarter sleeve button up Ralph has on. The fit is perfect. Victor should have made the top 10.

  • Joe

    I woulda voted for Victor S.

  • Pato

    Really like Bradys Look. What happened to Silvius Blazer? So tight and short? Movements must look horrible :-/

  • Sam

    Would’ve straight up voted for Victor had he been in the contest.

  • http://undefined Mr E

    William C should definitely have made the top ten.

    That is all.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      He was realllly close. Tough decisions man, not everyone is going to agree.

      • Dit

        William’s matching blue stripes and the red gingham should have been his ticket to the top 10. Awesome coordination.

        Also, Silviu’s outfit look slick. Great fit and colours! Overall, I think these gents look better than the original top 10. Just sharing my thoughts here :)

    • Ryan

      The length on his blazer is really short. Too short. Use of accessories, and the double monks are sweet, but things need to be altered about the blazer.

      • Ryan

        Oops, my apologies. Wrong person. William C though definitely has a great outfit going on there

    • Tod C

      I would love to find out where William got that hat – I would like to wear a wider brim but most hats look like a floppy mess.

      • http://wacavenue.blogspot.com Theguybehindthelens

        The hat is from brixton. They are at a pretty cheap price point but hold up great. That is the scout model. I also have the capistrano model which has become my new go to hat. They also make great a huge variety of other great hats with good sized brims. I always try to find hats with a two inch brim it is a nice balance between the little hipster fedoras and floppy ass farmer joe hats. -William C

  • Immanuel

    Everyone grabbed those uniqlo polos. theyre love

  • John B

    Good job Brady (again).

  • cam

    brady p not winning the whole damn thing is a crime

  • Vaz

    Victor and William would’ve made the the top ten tougher.