What I Wore Today – July 9 2013

July 9th, 2013

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Rule #1 of the TSB Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

Vote for your favorite look using the poll below and tell us why in the comments!



“Been really into silk lately… like this printed jacket from the fabulous 80′s.”



“Ready to hit the beach club.”



“Dan inspired me to break out the short suit.”



Miami Vice inspired”



“Yeeeaaah cargo shorts.”



Thanks for reading,



Photography by Alex Crawford.

Check out more of Alex’s work at alexcrawfordphotography.com.

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  • fash1on

    dan, my mom has the same jacket!
    towni, i will steal that look.

  • BL

    This is Dan all the way – details on the leather slippers?

  • Jordan

    I admire the bold look by Alex. But it looks to me as if he forgot to wear his pants!

  • http://undefined Big Jon

    Towni and John were my favorites. Those are looks I’d definitely wear.

  • Fox

    Ça va, mais il doit y avoir quelque chose de plus…

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Ah oui? As tu un proposition pour nous?

      • Fox

        Oui, d’une façon général j’aime votre style mais aujourd’hui il manque quelque chose.

        • Fox

          Et aussi Dan, tu parles très bien Français

  • Bob

    Only one of these looks would fly in Austin.

    Dan, you won my vote today.

  • BF

    Looks like the crew is hung over from 4th of july…

    I’m not voting for anyone..

    No hope today..LOL

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      I mean, that’s definitely true…

  • massimo

    I do not like shorts and blazer combo, Wes looks fine, John is whatever, and Dan makes us think Donnie Brasco, which is not a bad thing at all.

  • http://ramblingsofawould-berenaissanceman.blogspot Joseph

    I really don’t want to vote for you Dan because I really don’t like those jackets, but… somehow you are pulling it off and making it look cool so I got to hand it to you.

    To everyone else, did you guys call each other ahead of time and plan your outfits? Haha

  • Jack

    Are these looks April Fools’ Day holdovers? Abstaining from voting today.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      I’ll admit, this was a weak WIWT… We’ve been slammed with business development stuff, slippin’ on rule #1!

      In related news, BIG things happening with the future of TSB!!

      • http://undefined Daniel

        You somehow pull off that silk printed jacket. Fantastic :D

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          Looking back, I don’t really love the look – but that jacket is awesome.

          Thanks Daniel!

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


  • Tom

    Wes is consistently in hipster territory – I could be nice and say ‘to each his own’, but Camp mocs with rainbow pocket square, short suit with extra button undone, rolling up suit sleeves… In my opinion, you guys tend to give advice on mastering basic rules ect., and it seems there’s still some context to be understood about dressing on this blog.

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      hey, as you said my brother… “to each’s own!”

      Thanks for reading.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      The WIWT looks are simply for inspiration and to show our personal perspective…it’s not about rules or copy-catting.

      We’ll do our best to ad some more context going forward, although I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be doing the WIWT…

      Cheers mate.

      • Rich

        Dan – your website analytics might say otherwise, but I think the WIWT is fantastic, and value it as much as anything else you do at TSB.

        I’m confident many of the engaged audience of the site will agree, part of the charm of the site is getting to know the team through these regular posts, and seeing the interactions which follow. If WIWT is becoming more of a distraction from your new directional strategy, then you need to do what’s right in terms of resource and content.

        As the team behind a site which exists to inspire, I would say that it’s important for those being inspired (your audience) to have some sense of the team’s personal aesthetic as well as viewing what you’re creating through featuring others.

        So I am saying this as a fan of the work you’re doing – keep WIWT!

        Just my 2 cents.

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          Thanks for that Rich.

          It’s not so much the analytics, it’s more the logistics and the future of where we’re going with the site.

          You’re going to see some major changes/upgrades in the coming months, specifically with content interaction, user community, and technology. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, even if you’re a die hard TSB reader in it’s current form.

          Cheers brother!


          • Tom

            To follow up, been reading this since blogspot – think the WIWT is a pretty good feature and would be surprised if it isn’t adding traffic value

  • http://themodernprep.wordpress.com Marshall Mulherin

    Dan, I like that silk jacket playboy *rubs hands like Birdman*
    I’ll take that junt for my birthday please haha

  • Ian K

    Has to be John again! Another strong look

  • Kiel

    I know I know, but short suits? Come oooooon.

    John gets it for always rocking a good polo.

    • BF

      I’m trying to keep an open mind as I see the guys featuring or wearing this look on and off the past few months….

      I showed my girlfriend a few of the short/blazer images.

      The reaction was snickering followed by Expletives….

      This is a look that has zero legs – especially with the ladies…..LOL

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        It’s all about finding what works for you my man.

        Not sure if your girlfriend speaks for all “the ladies”, but nevertheless thanks for reading!

  • Matt

    Alex wins this one! Where are those shorts from?

  • John B

    Wes. I like Alex’s idea, but in my opinion the jacket looks too long and structured (the shoulders at least).