Street Style – At the Game Edition

September 16th, 2013

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What do you wear to a menswear blogger basketball game?

Well, here’s some inspiration from the crowd themselves…

1. Dub Monks, of course


You can always tell when jeans have been “fake distressed” versus actually worn-in. I really wish I had a pair that looked this naturally beat-up, but I just switch ‘em too often…  Extra props for the frayed hem + cuff.

2. Band Collar + Chambray Pop-Over


Our boy Calvin was on deck to support, looking so fresh and so clean as always in a pencil stripe chambray pop-over, band collar shirt, white denim, and chocolate suede monks. Fit is everything.

3. A…trench blazer?


This guy is so fly he’s inventing his own category. Pinstripe outerwear is hard enough to pull-off, extra props for the 3/4 placket and Belgian loafs.

4. Hawaiin Shirt & Nikes


Kind of a modern, graphic, impressionist take on the ‘ol Hawaain shirt here. I hope we continue to see more guys using abstract prints…

5. The Classics I Always Wear


The very smooth James Jean showed up wearing what he always wears: perfectly fitting classics. Love the old school belt, burgundy suede elbow patches and the bringing back of the waist wrap.



Yours in style,


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  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    #1 looks good except for the shoes (they look like something, but I can’t put my… oh yeah, two steaming piles of dog stink) #5 looks pretty good #4 looks like Herve Villechaize’s slacker twin brother.

  • Haarin Kwon

    I bet #4 is rocking a Supreme hat!

  • Trench & Slippers

    If dude in look #3 is trying to be as alienating as possible, he’s pulling it off. Other looks are great. Nice post.

  • http://undefined Robert

    Typical sports fans, lol.

  • Edgar Morales

    I’m sorry to say this but the third one is showing some extra-package; isn’t he in the editorial business? Magazine perhaps?

  • Gazman

    Sorry but that trench blazer is naff. Looks like something you’d wear to and from the bathroom. Not only does it look bizarre it must be a pain to wear, especially on a breezy day.

    • World War II

      You can always tell what type of comment you’re gonna hear when it starts with “Sorry”.