TSB Reader Giveaway – October

October 11th, 2013

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The TSB Giveaway is back!

As a thank you to our loyal readers, we offer you a chance to win a package full of our favorite gear of the month.

Readers from anywhere in the world are welcome to enter for a chance to win.

One winner will receive all six items in their desired sizes.



1. “Havana Grey Check” flannel sport coat by Suit Supply

2. Handmade acetate/titaniun sunglasses by Matsuda Eyewear

3. Shrunken leather card wallet by Frank Clegg x Dan Trepanier

4. “The Henley” slim jean in Resin Rinse by Baldwin Denim

5. “Dalton” wingtip leather dress boots by Allen Edmonds

6. Blackwatch tartan wool/angora scarf by Sir Jack’s

+ A chance to be featured in a post on TSBmen.com!

*Prizes subject to size and availability. Out of stock items will be replaced with comparable product. 



1. Follow us on Twitter (click hereAND like our Facebook Page (click here).

2. Copy the message below to your Twitter and Facebook status at least one time before October 27th:

@TSBmen’s October #Menswear Giveaway: http://goo.gl/lPTNCq @MrSuitSupply @MatsudaEyewear @FrankClegg @BaldwinDenim @AllenEdmonds @SirJacks

3. Show us your personal style! Send us a full-body photo of your most stylish outfit this October. Email photo(s) to contest@tsbmen.com. Include your name, location and a link to your Twitter and Facebook profiles. Multiple photo/outfit entries are welcome.

*Tips for taking winning photos:
- Have a friend photograph you (avoid “selfies” in the mirror)
- Make sure the shot is FULL BODY (including shoes) and the outfit is easily visible.
- Shoot outdoors in clear natural light. No flash.
- Find a simple non-distracting background. Consider composition.
- Check out our past contests/winners for reference



October 1st-26th: Contest open. Enter to win by following all three steps above.

October 27th: Contest closed. TSB team narrows down the Top 10 photo entries of the month.

October 28th-30th: Online voting on TSBmen.com between the Top 10 outfits.

October 31st: One winner will be announced and contacted for sizing info and mailing address.




Yours in style,


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  • Evan M

    Submitted yesterday! Hopefully they see this one, or at least consider it :) Not everyday you see a lad my age getting into menswear.

  • DR

    Just as an FYI I made a twitter account to join this contest, but when I tweeted the required message it suspended my account for having a tweet aimed at too many people. Might want to change it for the future as twitter thinks you’re spamming

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Hmmm. Thanks for the heads up. We’ll consult with Twitter and perhaps change the entry guidelines going fwd…

      • http://undefined Dias

        I think you should have IG replace Twitter. Or simply give the option of having either or. Just a suggestion.

        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          I think that’s the move… Twitter seems to be giving us a hard time.

          Thanks Dias!

  • Anon

    Why not add “your firstborn child” to the list of requirements for entering these contests?

  • Paul B

    Hey Dan&TSBteam I sent you an email a few days ago but the photos were in instagram and weren’t so clear so I’ve took a clear one.Can you consider my last email for the contest ?I’ve just sent the email!

  • Tim

    Hey guys, was just wondering if it was possible to have a ‘make over’ contest. As opposed to having a ‘best look’ contest. Most of the guys who send their photos are stylish and I assume have a decent wardrobe. They don’t necessarily need these items.

    There are other guys out there who NEED your help (I presume, it’s one of the reasons you created this). So please, have a ‘make over’ contest. Wife, girlfriends, friend can nominate a person they think needs help. I would nominate myself since I like everything you guys always put up but…….I’m much too stylish. Ha ha.

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Joe

      I would take a dive to win…

    • Tommy

      That’ll be interesting!

  • Dani

    Can I enter if I’m not a guy, but am wearing menswear? Those Allen Edmonds are great. :)

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


      Anyone is welcome to enter as long as they’re wearing menswear :)

      Good luck!

  • Austin G

    Is one allowed to enter if they have won a previous giveaway?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


  • AM


    Mi facebook and twitter are privated. You CANT find me if you are not my fb friend. Is that a problem?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Please provide screenshots of your twitter and facebook statuses in your entry email. We just need to check that you followed the entry instructions…


      • AM

        I got it! Thanks Dan. ;)

  • dalton

    good luck to everyone out there! question i don’t have a facebook so is it possible that i use a friend of mines instead? if not just say and i will make one

  • http://undefined Dias

    I don’t have a twitter account. Is it possible for me to use my Instagram instead? Thank you.

    • John Crossley

      Hey Dias,
      It has to be BOTH Twitter and Facebook, no exceptions. Social networking is what makes these contests possible. The good news is you have 27 days to set up a Twitter account.

      • Dias

        I have Facebook so that’s not a problem. And I just made the Twitter account. I just have a lot more pull with my Instagram, but whatever I have to do to qualify. Thank you. :)

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      Sorry Dias, we have so many entries than we can’t bend the rules for anyone. Twitter is completely free though, so you could always make an account for the contest!

      • http://undefined Dias

        That’s ok. Just know I’m making a Twitter account solely for this contest. lol Thank you.

  • Marshall M.

    Back in this thang like I never left

  • Rob –

    Entered! My dudes, so glad to see the contest is back. I submitted two looks — let’s see what comes of it! Best of luck to everyone, gents.