Season 1/Episode 2: “Now Hiring”

March 1st, 2011

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Enjoy Episode 2!

Our goal is to release a new video episode on the 1st of every month.

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve been looking to add a new intern to the team.

Because we value the opinion of our readers, we decided to make the search interactive. Therefore, after viewing Episode 2, feel free to participate in the poll below.

Don’t forget to set the video to HD before watching (middle/right of the toolbar at the bottom of video screen) and go full-screen while you’re at it (bottom right of toolbar).



Yours in style,


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  • Sean

    How come these guys all look the same? Same style and same boots. I think wearing high-top boots over your jeans is too overdone among people in menswear that it makes me annoyed. Have some originality guys.

  • BA

    “i dont go above 14th st.”

    dont play brand new, styleblogger. 116th still calls u back haha

  • UTK

    Who has Tigerblood?

  • russbheez

    great post, really enjoy your site

  • Anonymous

    Vinh and Brady were the ones who seemed to have some personality and jazz. I would go with Brady.

  • Shoes de Pierre

    I think you should have another round and tell them to dress a little smarter..or give them a test in the next video where they have to put together an outfit or something

  • S L

    fmpl just make alex do it… and tell him to cut those boyish/goyish locks.

    • SB

      Haha. That’s an option. For the record, Alex just got a smooth new haircut


  • Tom

    If you go to “Business Expressive”, his buddy Clark is actually wearing boat shoes in the middle of winter. As for your rules… “The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can’t do.” – Jack Sparrow.

  • H20

    Hey Dan,

    What is that damn fine peacoat you were sporting at the beginning of the clip?! Olive Green waxed cotton? I’d love to cop me one of those bad boys. Keep up the great work!

    A fan from the frosty North,


    • SB

      Hey Patrick.

      Money green leather peacoat! One of my favorite new pieces. More on this piece coming (very) soon.


  • Brian

    I love Brady’s blog! One of the few I actually care about following.

  • Fashion nerd

    Have younever read the blogs written by Brady O? He’s been blogging for years and has a substantial following……plus very educated on the fashion trends, relaxed, ready to work his tail off to help you succeed!

  • Maurice

    Great video, but it’s impossible to select one based on lack of definition of the performance expectations of the job and lack of questions asked around past performance of the interns.

  • Colleen SLattery

    The first contestant Brady seemed the most fitting for your blog because he was cool, down to earth, and best looking.

  • Darmond

    Brady O.

    He seemed very genuine and stylish as well!

  • Conor Quinlan

    nice work SB. i love this site. I agree Townsend is the man.


    Overall.. good top 3.

    Brady O-I like the fact that he’s from the Midwest but nothing really.. sticks out about him. He dresses pretty well but there’s nothing too out of the ordinary as far as the way he seems to carry himself.

    Townsend-Was it just me or did he seem the most awkward? The way he was walking n his didn’t seem natural at all. I did like the overcoat though.

    Vinh L-Totally reminds me of myself.. from his work in social media to the way he carries himself..which is really to me, quite odd.. seeing as how I almost applied for this very internship, but due to not living in NYC, I couldn’t.

    I’d say.. continue the search or open it up to guys outside of NYC..but I know that won’t I’m going to go with Vinh L.

    Maybe if TSB hires more interns.. more of us will get an opportunity? :crosses fingers:

  • Nick K.

    Definitely a fan of Brady. He seems gutsy and witty, which makes me think he’d be entertaining to watch.

  • Preplee

    All the guys seemed a little nervous… Also, there were no full suits, like the beginning of the video suggests. Dan, shot me an email, my credentials:

    My site:

    I think I could be a great aid to your site. Let me know sir.



    • SB

      The interns were not required to wear suits (it’s an internship for a style blog, after all). The tips were meant for a more traditional corporate role.

      The deadline has passed, but should we need another intern in the future (which is likely as we continue to grow) we will keep you in mind.

      All the best,

  • charles

    i say Townsend. he also reminds me of Kurt of Glee haha

  • Erick

    i think townsend not only looks, but also sounds like he’d be the best fit.

  • anom

    the video is great except the beginning is unnecessary. the video is called “Now Hiring.” You should have gotten straight to the point of the interview process there was no need to show the photoshoot or the editing scenes. Otherwise, nicely done.

  • Garth

    I love how much more you were dressed up than your candidates. Reminds me of my law interviews, not an interview for a blog intern (where I imagine casual style would be emphasized). Were you expecting them to wear suits as well?

    Anyway, I loved all those looks at the beginning of the video, in the shoot. Bring it on, seasons are changing and I need to see the freshness.

    • SB

      Thanks for reading/watching Garth.

      We instructed the interns to dress casually for the interviews – they were not required to wear suits (its an internship for a style blog after all). The “interview tips” scene was meant as more general advice for more corporate interviews.


  • Roger

    Dan, you’ve got to go with Brady O!

    Brotha is like a cross between Kevin James and LeBron Jame: fun and cuddly on the exterior but you just know he’s packing heat!



  • James V.

    I’m not sure any of them are a good fit for

    • Awesome


  • Mr. Andy

    Put ‘em through the paces.

  • Pinstripes

    Townsend by far is your guy. Knowledgeable and fashionable. Might I add he appeared in a tie and sportcoat/blazer unlike candidate 1 and 2!

    • Awesome

      You’re right the jacket alone should give him the job..talking can only hurt his chances.

  • Tony

    Townsend hit it. Even if someone told me to dress casual for an interview, I wouldnt. I think it showed his commitment and maturity for the situation. It also didnt hurt he was sporting that Rugby camel hair overcoat :)

  • Petey

    Hey Guys,
    I’m from Germany..and unfortunately i cant open the video via Youtube.
    It says its not available in my Country :(
    Can u upload it somewhere else maybe?

    • SB

      This site should work!

      • Petey

        Thank you very much!
        I enjoy your Blog!
        Greetz from Frankfurt / Germany

  • Rei Fernandez

    Dan and the rest of the SB team,

    Another great post! Love how you incorporated the job interview. I think they’re all great, but like what many people have said, it is very difficult to determine without seeing their resumes. Good luck with deciding who to go with!

    Can’t wait for episode 3!

    -Rei Fernandez

  • Patience

    Townsend seemed like he knew his stuff, but I wish he’d unbuttoned his jacket when he sat down.

    Vinh seems more relaxed and got my vote.

  • Bosun

    Your tie clip totally inspired me! I’ve got a University formal on Saturday and as soon as I saw this video I bought one from eBay to go with my ensemble (although I suspect it was slightly cheaper than yours!)..just hope it arrives on time.

    Much love for the U.K

  • Leroy

    Townsend looks a bit like Mayer Hawthorne. I dig his style of dress plus he seems like he knows his stuff.

  • Jizzy

    I think that without seeing the resumes of the applicants or their whole interviews it is difficult to give any quality feedback. That being said, they all seem like nice guys who could benefit the site.

    Any info on that letterman jacket Dan? I’ve been searching ebay for the last few months to no avail, and am thinking a vintage store around town (Seattle) is my best bet. Any thoughts?

    Great post as always!

  • DG

    I like your urban prep look at 1:12. What kind of kicks are those?

    • SB

      Post coming soon!


  • Jamie

    Townsend for sure. Dressed up while still embracing the casual/informal aspect of the interview. Also seemed the most knowledgable

  • trevor


    What boots were you wearing when you go sit down to talk to your photographer. Red wing iron ranger? They were dope!

  • Mateo

    Townsend fits the look and seems very knowledgeable but I do like Brady’s personality better, he seems more personable. Decision, decisions.

  • Anonymous

    Boatshoes @ winter? :-)

  • Aisha

    Great tips for job interview clothing tips, I’m going to share this video with our @blanklabel fans…and I absolutely love your office space!! Did you guys do the decor!?
    Best wishes with your intern hunt!

  • Chris R

    I like Brady but I think it was funny how at the start if the video you talk about what to wear for a job interview and then all three of them show up significantly under dressed for such an occasion.

    • SB

      We told the interviewees to dress casually. The interview attire tips were meant seperately, more as general advice for more formal/coporate offices. As mentioned previously, while the video episodes are sort of “reality show/behind the scenes” in format – they will always include at least one scene with style tips. That is, after all, the foundation of the site.

      A interview for a style blog internship certainly doesn’t require a conservative suit.

      Thanks for reading!


  • Joel from the Netherlands

    Towsend was dressed down the best, his style was on point

  • SB


    Try it on the SB Vimeo page instead, here:

  • Paige

    Townsend dressed to impress, but what did their resumes say? Do any of the three have the experience that you need? All three looked like they were eager to learn.

  • Anonymous

    What is the name of the song?

    • Chris

      First song is RJD2 – “All for you”

  • Stephen

    I liked Townsend’s outfit the most and he did seem the classiest but I think Vinh is your man. Understated street style with an eye for detail plus his social media chops will be a great asset. My 2 cents.

  • J.Carlos

    I like this blog.

    hi from Spain.


  • Anonymous

    Brady is the man. No doubts.

  • Mike

    The more important question. Is that an apartment or an office?!?! That place looks incredible

  • Vinogram

    I’m liking the production quality of these videos! One thing however that seems to stand out at me as being ‘bad’ is that the audio feed is also picking up unnecessary frequencies and sounds (such as the fridge buzz in the deli shot). A directional microphone/boom perhaps(?)

  • Sascha

    Why did you limit the video content to the us (or other country but germany)? I would love to watch the second episode. Please fix this!

    • SB

      Hi Sascha. We did not do this on purpose. Try watching on our vimeo page instead of youtube:


  • Anonymous

    you’re seriously going to choose based on readers’ votes?? you should choose based on what YOUR needs are. are you reading the justifications for how people are voting? “he’s cute” “he seems nice” etc. hardly what you should be looking for in an intern…but thats just my opinion.

    • SB

      The reader voting will play a roll in our decision, but will (of course) not be the only deciding factor.

      Thanks for reading.


  • Dan

    Vinh for sure.

    Vinh seemed sure of himself and had good chemistry with you guys. He also pulled off his look very well.

  • Dan

    Townsend kept his jacket buttoned while sitting down.
    tsk tsk

  • @KevinLanre

    I voted Brady. I think his style was more practical and effortless plus it flowed really well.

    He comes across really sincere too…Not saying the other guys are fake, but Brady just stuck out to me.

    • Anonymous

      for sure! much agreed!

  • Jared

    Since I know none of these, I’ll give my unbiased point of view.

    Brady and Townsend both seemed cropped from the pages of multiple blogs, they were doing everything they were “supposed” to be doing. That being said, they did it well, looked sharp and dressed. I will say I liked Brady’s outfit the most.

    Vinh, he looked a bit more casual and comfortable. I must say that I could notice Brady and Townsend trying to model whilst modeling. Maybe that comes with time, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

    – 3 good choices…

  • JMN

    I gots that exact same wooden skull bracelet at 0:38! Man, on point.

    • Awesome

      Congrats on having the same bracelet!

  • CMT

    Lay off the cigs Dan!

    • Tom

      I agree with CMT. Lay off the smoking! As a fashion expert, you direct me through my closet. As a medical professional, I’d like to remind everyone there are several diseases and conditions with the primary cause being cigarette smoke (and even more with smoking as a contributing factor).

      That said, I loved Vinh’s short. He was full of energy and seemed to mesh well with Alex and you. Well-dressed and confident, he was a great interviewee and definitely a people-person. I always know an interview went well when it become more of a social conversation and less of an interview.

      Townsend seemed to know what he was talking about and had good style. The downside: he seemed a bit stuffy and (in my opinion) unappealing to a young audience.

  • Chris Aussie

    Vinh L. For sure, Vinh’s style is more Fresh to Def !

  • alex

    Good stuff Dan.

    My favorite blog. I like your blog more
    than Sart Inc and the Sartorialist.

    You know style. That is unmistakable

  • Townsend

    the last dude. cool vid Dan! cant wait for more

  • Kerry

    Townsend is your man!

  • GLouie

    Vinh is the best choice for me because he will accelerate the brand and better connect it to the social media. Plus his style is understated, cool and calm. Definitely a good balance for you Dan…

    Good luck bro.

  • Chris

    Holy heck, nice looks at the beginning. Please, please tell me where to get the sunglasses at 0:39 and 0:56! Those would be amazing sunglasses to wear here in Hawaii.

  • Mary

    Absolutely Townsend. He is a class act that runs circles around the other two. He’s stylish, poised and seems incredibly articulate in terms of fashion and social media. You’d be crazy to go with anyone else.

  • Anonymous

    Is the suit you’re wearing MAB? The fit looks on point, even better live than in the pictures…

  • Anonymous

    Brady is a cool guy that carries just the right amount of casual goofball to appeal to a wide audience. Plus, a big “represent” to the midwest. Talk to him outside of the stict nervous vibe of an interview and you can clearly see he’s the guy to have around.

  • ricky fats

    the 3 guy

  • ricky fats

    the 3 guy seems to fit into all this the best.
    btw what boots was he wearing??

  • S.U

    hands down Townsend. The other two do not even compare. He the best dressed and seems mature and professional…not to mention he is by far the best looking.

  • Lola

    Choose the cute comedian…Fashion is supposed to be fun, right?! I don’t think fashion should look “forced”, or “over-styled”….it should just second nature.

    My vote is for Brady O.


  • Walter

    I loved Brady O’s outfit and relaxed swag. My vote is for him!

  • Parker

    Make mine Brady.

  • Kristopher

    Unreal video. Its been amazing to see how youve expanded and continued to expand on the blog. Youve really created a whole brand for yourself and its awesome to see a fellow Canadian succeeding in the fashion industry, especially in an area as competitive and demanding as NY. On a sidenote, I am green w envy at the Bradys waxed canvas bean boots. I’m on the 8in chocolate ones but those are next in line. He is my pick because of his modest demeanor and he seems like he would be dedicated and willing to learn. Thats what I gather from the minute I saw of him anyways. Keep it up!

  • Darin J

    Mmmm….visual goodness

  • Knucklehead

    Vinh was leaps and bounds ahead of the others.

  • Lisa

    Great vid Dan! Looking forward to this series… As far as the intern goes… Townsend S. He seemed more put together than the othe two. He also seemed to know a lot about the industry already. But then again we only got to judge them on 30 seconds. Who knows how the rest of the interview was for all of them.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • Apollo P

    Vinh! he’s different.

  • Fashion nerd

    I think Brady was sharply dressed, yet understated..he didn’t try to overdo it! He seems even keel to make a good, dedicated, smart intern. Plus he could model for you?!

  • DCRob

    Brady was cool, but Vinh would be the best choice in my opinion. I think Brady would provide the late day energy being a comedian and all.

    Ps: I think most men with no fashion sense looking for an update would go right to a GQ before they would go on the net

    • Mary

      Why spend money on a magazine when you can check out the Style Blogger for free? Townsend has an excellent point here and I think his awareness will be an asset for the website in terms of to-the-second fashion.

      • DCRob

        Incorrect…take the Sartorialist for example. Scott Schuman was very involved in the indusrty pre-start of the blog. Check the traffic pre-GQ. Last I thought GQ was a magazine. This site, formerly mensstyleblog…I wonder if there would be so much traffic on it if there was no Esquire, another magazine…hmmmm starting to see a trend? Also, the way Townsend brought up the topic was based off of a man who has no “style” and wants to update himself. Most men like that would not know where to begin on the net, if they have no clue, they would either start by going to the mall, or grabbing an iconic magazine such as a GQ. Even if you’re an idiot you’ve heard of it.

  • Eddie Mac


    I am going to have to stray from the pack and go with Vinh L. He was understated in both his dress and demeanor.

    His style was not flashy, but he paid close attention to detail – that should count for something!
    He seemed extremely observant – someone willing to learn, but also use the experience to develop unique ideas.

    Just one man’s opinion, but I believe he would be the hardest worker of the bunch.

    Best of luck!

  • Ricky

    Although it seems as though Townsend is the fan favorite thus far, I think that Vinh would be a better choice. It seems as though you are looking to advance thestyleblogger and I’m assuming, increase its web presence and things of that nature. With that said, Vinh’s enthusiasm for and interest in social media would help you more than Townsend’s interest in Fashion. You, personally, have enough knowledge of fashion and style for the website, but maybe Vinh has some things to bring to the table concerning Social Media and other things that will help increase your web presence that you don’t currently have. Of course, I only saw the few minutes of each that you presented and maybe in the rest of the interview Townsend proved to have the same kind of experience and interest that would benefit you. In any event, I wish you and the site good luck.

    All the best,


  • J

    Hopefully the poll is just something to have fun with. I’d hate to have my job prospects decided by the vote of a bunch of anonymous voyeurs who saw only thirty seconds of my life on a blog.

    That said, the video production has really improved. I know you’re a smart guy so chances are you’ll make the best hire.

  • SAP

    I felt like Townsend was working too hard. I give my vote to Brady.

  • Economically

    Yo Dan, the video is sick. The scene in the deli is just awesome. Just so natural. The ride in the car with the NY skyline was just sick. I think you should be on TV man and I cant wait for the line to come out. You are a natural in front of the camera. My man can b-ball, dress, style, design and act……well damn!!!

    • Anonymous

      The scene in the deli was awesome? I mean, he was on the phone in a deli. Who are you people? Next you will be asking what he orders and telling him how you have been debating between the Sable and the Gaspe.

  • L power

    Townsend drops a lot of information, however Brady rolled in with swag and relaxation. Brady clear has this underlying talent and humbleness that would be a great asset to the log!

  • fashionista

    I definitely think Townsend would be the best fit for the internship. He was certainty the trendiest and best dressed. Also displayed the most amount of knowledge, credibility and seemed the most fitting for the job

  • Craig

    This video was cool b/c it was very informative and transparent of what you guys use and how you guys operate. Thanks a lot Dan!!

    And o yea Townsend actually looked like he already belonged!!! And he had Swagger lol


  • Matt

    Brady O. rockin’ those Bean Boots! Dressed sharp.

  • NastyNate

    great vid.

  • JMRouse

    Townsend S. felt like the best fit to me. He seemed the most knowledgeable about what you do and the industry as a whole. Plus it didn’t hurt that he was the best dressed of the group.

  • Lyrics

    Love the porn music background…and yes shaving before an interview is key. I always forget that detail. Well done as usual Dan. You are awesome.

  • Andrejs

    It’s a great video. Awaiting for some more fashion tips.
    Empire of the Sun <3.

  • Mondetails

    Townsend has the appropriate swag and knowledge thus far it seems. I’d be perfect but my current day job is financing my hip-hop legacy and fashion vices.

    Good luck with the search.


  • S.K.

    Video ist not available in my country… :(

    • SB

      Really? Not even on youtube? What country are you in?


      • DC

        I’m from Germany and this episode wan’t work for me either. For some reason the first one worked fine.

        • HN

          I’m having similar problems. In Germany can’t watch the video.

          • SB


            How about if you try directly from youtube:



            • HN

              No luck…which is too bad because I really enjoyed the first one! Maybe post it on vimeo? Normally they’re not so strict with content moderation. Love what your doing here, keep up the good work!

        • Zach

          Not that this helps you much, but the video works in the Czech Republic. Maybe check your youtube country settings? I have reset mine to ‘international’ and that may change your luck.

  • carlton

    Towsend, where in upstate NY do you go to school?

  • Sabir P.


    Check out the video. I feel that overall Townsend S. fits the look and has a true passion for style. Even though each of the candidates bring a different enthusiasm Townsend seem to convey a really good understand of put together style from his particular look to his influences.



  • Caitlin

    I think Townsend is so adorable! And a major plus that he went to school in Upstate. Trust me!

    Best luck on finding an intern and I love these episodes! Great work!