A Shoeman’s Shoes – Featuring Bill White

April 27th, 2011

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I thought I knew a lot about men’s shoes, and then I met Bill White of Scarpe di Bianco.

Bill, a refined gentleman, fellow Canadian and all-around great guy has been manufacturing handmade luxury footwear outside of Naples since 2009 and already has some of the finest shoes on the market.

The best part is, if you visit his NYC showroom you can design your own custom pair by choosing from over 50 leather/suede/exotic swatches and combining any of the details found on the 60+ pairs on display (broguing styles, medallions, burnishing gradients, sole compositions, welt constructions, fabric blocking etc).

I am officially addicted and in the process of designing my 7th pair. Although nobody, of course, has a larger collection than Bill himself.

So we followed him for a week last month to get a taste of what a real shoeman has on his feet.



“Texture in Context. These loafers in finely stamped calf skin are a perfect example of how pebble grain is not only for old-school advocates, but can be brought up-to-date with a little help from a lighter tone contrasted with dark burnishing on the toes.”

Bonus Tip: A monochramatic look always let’s you draw a little attention to some rich footwear.

Bonus Tip II: Grey & brown, as I’ve been preaching. I think we’ve established that charcoal and chocolate works (and is relatively easy), here Bill takes it up another level with light heather and cognac.

  • Grey flannel down coat by Moorer
  • Medium brown loafers by Scarpe di Bianco
  • Grey v-neck sweater by d’Avenza
  • White dress shirt by d’Avenza
  • Grey suit trousers by d’Avenza
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    I am continually searching online for posts that can aid me. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Shoes are too pimped out! I’ll go the Edward Green route.
    Just my opinion: the pushed up jack arms look is too Kanye! very nouvo phony looking, not sophisticated.

  • Mr. Pracci

    My God – complete perfection in every look! Shoes absolutely make the man…all men should acknowledge this. Shoes are an investment – spend the money on high quality shoes and you will NEVER regret it. Women will notice and you will feel like a million bucks. And, by the way, the black belt with the lighter caramel monk staps does go together and is amazing. Since these shoes are 2 tone, the darker hues towards the toe and the welt make the combination of the belt and shoes perfection. Keep up the amazing work!

  • The Shoe Snob

    Dan, I love the shoe style that you designed, I would have never thought about it myself, but it fits into the feeling of some of the stuff that I have being designing myself. I look forward to seeing your other designs being put into production.

    All the best,

    Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  • G

    Its why u mustnt wear a black belt…with brown shoes. Its horrible.

  • G

    Match our shoes with the belt is A MUST.
    He forgot it obviously…

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      Disagree. Not a MUST…as long as they’re in the same family…heck, sometimes it looks better when they’re complimentary rather than matchy too.


      • G

        Nope! When u wear BLACK shoes, u MUST wear a black belt, period.
        By knowing that…u shouldnt wear black shoes in not a formal suit or…late @nite. (“;)
        Codes exist. Its why u must know them to b able to play…with them.

        • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

          I agree about black..but nobody’s wearing black shoes here

  • Sam

    I imagine with my measly salary I wouldn’t be able to buy one pair of these shoes. It would be nice to see an entry on cheaper clothes where you don’t have to be wealthy to shop at these stores.

  • MattM

    What is the cost for the bespoke option?

  • S.

    My god these shoes… god I think you should put a disclaimer along the lines of (not for the jealous type). Man I wish I had more than one AE pair of loafers and one Alden Cap-Toe Oxfords! Urgh!

  • Leonardo

    I’m having a heart attack here! The boots are to die for! All the shoes are amazing and i want a pair of each…


  • Arsene

    Shoe porn at it’s best!

  • New Yawk

    I often am afraid to venture it into too many different shades of leather for fear of a lack of matching belt. Do you ever encounter this issue? If so, how do you address it? Thanks – another great post.

    • Evan

      Im with New Yawk.

      I tend to want to stay with the basic shades of leather. All the burnishing touches to the toes and odd shades are a little too flashy for myself.

  • Elijah B.


    This is by far one of the best post I have seen in a long time, I met Bill last year at an event in the city and will definitely be working on a boot project with him soon.

    Great Post!!!

  • Identity

    Your shit is just awesome.

  • Filip

    Stop tucking in your pants in your shoes. It doesn’t look good.

    • Anonymous

      @ Filip, speak for yourself.

  • Maurice

    Awesome shoes! Never have to worry about wearing the same shoes as some other guy.

  • Carter

    Love the collaboration. This is one of those posts that makes you say to yourself…”I gotta get my stuff together.” Keep up the good strong work!
    Be Well

  • Tony

    I like the Wednesday outfit

  • TO

    Yours might be the dopest ones… totally unique
    Great enlightning post!

  • L33tminion

    I like the shoes in that last picture. Reminds me of the lapels of a tuxedo.




  • Parris

    love the wednesday outfit

  • dish

    Dang, those shoes are intense. That leftmost chukka in the second to the last picture is crazy.

    I had one question though: how do you go about picking the right belt for such adventurously colored shoes? (Surely you can’t go beltless all the time.)

  • cam

    dan, these shoes are really nice but i’m a little suprised you would like the look of some of these. i really like the new SB Daily feature…keep it up!

  • Vadims

    Really beautiful footwear.