Behind-The-Scenes: TSB Weekly Recap

October 13th, 2013

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We get a ton of inquiries from readers. Most of them are style questions, but a lot of guys are also interested in TSB as a business and life as a full-time blogger.

I’ve always had a “grassroots” approach with TSB; sharing our journey (as style enthusiasts as well as entrepreneurs) with our readers. After all, I’m just a regular guy who grew up on a farm and played college bball, so part of me still thinks it’s funny that we’ve become a major player in menswear publishing.

Therefore, every Sunday we’re going to try to share a “TSB Weekly Recap”: a behind-the-scenes look at our lifestyles and the moves we’re making to grow the blog as a business.

Location Scouting

One of the first things we did when we got to LA was cruise around the city looking for some awesome shoot locations. Alex somehow stumbled upon the LA river – an enormous deserted concrete drainage. We did a shoot there the other day (coming soon) then Alex showed off a few of his skateboard tricks.




Networking at Saks Beverly Hills

Along with the move to West coast came some strategic goals that I set for TSB. One of them: develop a relationship with a major retailer in LA for stylist pulls. As a professional stylist, it’s key to have retail partners who’ll allow you to borrow clothes for shoots when needed…especially when you begin to work with celebrities.

Saks invited us to an event at their Beverly Hills store that they were co-hosting with one of the largest talent agencies in Hollywood. Alex and I worked out a deal with Saks, talked shop with some potential agents, drank some whiskey, and played a couple rounds of pool with our lovely ladies.

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Surfing in Malibu

Scratch this one off the bucket list: go surfing in Malibu.

Special thanks to our friend and surf coach Sean Spear, who’s a big supporter of TSB and has been connecting us with all kinds of people in LA.

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We finished the week with a cute little double date to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.







Meanwhile in NYC…

Wes has been doing some networking in my absence in NYC. Trying to get Carmelo Anthony featured on TSB…

Thanks to our boy Louis and Degree for inviting us to Carmelo’s Clinic.








Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,



Photography by Alex CrawfordPhotos of Wes and Carmelo courtesy of Maria Penaloza.


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  • TO

    Alex- where did you get those tees from? Don’t even tell me it’s that Old Navy card… they are perfect. Nice post !

  • theKacar

    I’m liking this new feature fellas. Keep up the good work.

  • http://undefined Jason P.

    Awesome new feature!

  • Chase

    Great new feature, guys!

  • Joe

    3rd shot from the top, Alex on the skateboard, may be the greatest TSB photo ever. (The shot of Alex at LACMA, the second LACMA shot, framed by the bronze, might be the second)

  • Jeff McAllister

    Thanks for doing this, guys. Providing a ‘behind the scenes’ look at an industry that’s notoriously misunderstood is a great idea. Not only does it show that you guys care about your readers, it lets us know that you’re proud of where you are, what you’re doing, and don’t have anything to hide.

    -A proud reader.

  • Thomas

    Anyone getting drive vibes from the first location. Is that the same spot as the one filmed in the movie?

  • Towson

    Wes – Tip on the cut: Your stylist isn’t properly blending the layers gradually, which causes that straight line between the fade and the length and a bit of ‘mushroom’ effect

  • Bob

    Wow, someone’s got a hot girlfriend. See! Style really does pay off :)

  • James

    Just a quick message to say I’ve been loving TSB men since I found it a few months ago now (Via Nate Green’s blog), even if it has cost me a bomb on getting more stylish clothes!

    That pool shot is awesome with only the balls in focus. What camera and lens is used in the above photos?


  • Sameer

    Who are the shoes that Alex is wearing at LACMA from?

  • Michael

    Alex is getting some air on the ollie!

  • Brady P

    Love the behind the scenes post! Can’t wait to see what’s to come guys, really excited about the moves your making.
    Oh… and Alex’s outfit at the museum was sick!!

  • Philip

    Nice. But don’t forget to visit the other parts of SoCal.

  • Philip

    Nice. Don’t forget the inland parts of California.

  • Kanye

    You’ve got one of the best blogs of all time, one of the best blogs of all time!!!

  • John

    I have to say–and I never post comments–but just seeing this whole weekly recap told me that you guys aren’t complacent with the success you guys have had already had. I’m so impressed with your drive to make bigger things happen and as a reader I can’t wait to see what’s next.

    Also Carmelo Anthony on TSBmen would be crazy. Hope that happens soon.

  • Fromthepacific

    Glad you guys made it out west and your featuring more of California landscape into TSB.

  • AM

    Im waiting for your world tour next year…!! You can take a lot of awesome pictures, style makeover, street style and, maybe, have a lot fun. Come to Chile! ;)

    • Westley Dimagiba

      oh I would definitely love to go to Chile.

      • AM

        You´re welcome!

  • Samuel

    Love It ! A lot of content in the last weeks and we appreciate that. But I still have one interesting question for you Dan:

    I saw that you prioritize a lot of bespoke clothing (suits and shirts) which I love because I try to do the same, but with a partner like Saks, is it your goal to show more brand that are worthless to pay ?

    Proud reader guys !

  • Stat

    Love this! I can see TSB growing into a media production company based on the original members… The “GQ” standard for the next generation

  • Ali

    I’m falling deeper and deeper into man-love with Alex as the weeks go on. His style has developed dramatically since he first started getting featured, and I think LA is a perfect fit for him. Keep it up dude.

    Also, stoked to see some basketball features. Try to get some of the other former Thuggets on there too!

    • Alex Crawford


  • Sam

    Every picture I see of Alex and his girlfriend makes me think they must be the perfect couple.

    On another note, looks like you guys are having a great time here on the west coast! Glad you’re enjoying the move, and I love how both of you have begun to incorporate some golden state goodness into your style.

  • Ian K

    Its a hard life Dan!! Fair play you guys deserve your success. Onwards and upwards!

  • John B

    A weekly behind the scenes post? Great idea! Good luck on the new partnerships as well!

    By the way, Alex’s look on the museum (black tee, jeans, double monks) looks so awesome!