TSB Street Style: NYC Oct 16 2013

October 16th, 2013

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We’re always cruising the streets looking for personal style that excites and inspires us.

Here’s some shots we’ve collected over the last month or so, with some commentary about why they stood out to me.


2. Make it Look Easy


Our friend Dillon knows a thing or two about putting some menswear basics to work. It’s in the details like the right hair product, glasses that suit his face, and maybe a luxury watch worn face-in.

  • Blue Plaid Shirt
  • Navy T Shirt
  • White Denim
  • Brown Tassel Loafers
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  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    No. 10 wins, followed by Camo Couple. They’re the only dudes that dern’t make my butt itch. Plus they be lookin’ like they can throw hands without crying, unlike the other cake boyz. Cake boyz be like: “Owwwwww”

  • http://www.genuinemensmag.com Steve E

    Does anyone know in look #6 what those desert boots are? Allen Edmonds? I love the color.

    Great content as always TSB

  • Mondglorious

    Next year I’m coming strictly unstructured, jagged cut animal hides. Back to basics.

  • http://undefined Flint M.

    Note to self:
    1. Never wear a cross body strap over a jacket.
    3. Buy linen pants, roll cuffs and wear vans.
    8. Hem pants and wear unlined jacket.
    6. try and have a scruffy cuff for my white jeans.

  • http://undefined Daniel

    Camo dude and the suited booted dude are killin it. 3 and 6 are both rockin the band collar in distinctive ways. I like the linen pants on 3.

  • http://undefined Neel

    3 – looks very comfortable. Nice touch with the flower instead of a pocket square. Digging the creases on the linen pants.
    4 – this guy looks really neat and tidy but no obsessively. Great way to use those pants. Except for the roll-up, he could be walking from the mess to barracks.
    8- I simply like this guys easy style. very cool.

  • Towson

    0 out of 10

    • http://undefined TO

      Haha. Hard to please

  • JD

    Adam Gallagher! Would’ve thought most menswear bloggers know each other (or know OF each other, at the very least), but guess not. Still, nice to see menswear bloggers crossing over every once in a while, unintentional or not.

    On a more related note, when can we expect to see LA street style features up?

  • Gazman

    I’ve been chided by Dan for being too negative so here’s my (subjective) view on these outfits. Of the 10, I like 5. Two outfits are just a bit too feminine for me, one looks as if he’s off to clean a canon, and another looks too ‘costumey’. But in my opinion apart from #1 and #8, none are especially outstanding unless you see dressing as a woman outstanding.

    • Sam

      What’s with all the hate on feminine dressers? Not every likes to conform to gender norms/stereotypes.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


  • uio

    is #9 a girl?

    • Greg

      Yeah she is a girl. I hope you are not being sarcastic. Why does it even matter. This is about menswear. Gender is irrelevant. #9 proves girls can rock menswear and nail it.

      • Michael

        #9 is actually a man. His name is Marquis Phifer. He has a tumblr: marquisphifer.tumblr.com

  • cam

    i would think in nyc, there are plenty of men who dress well that you could photograph. while I appreciate each of these individual’s unique style, none of them seem to dress particularly well. maybe that doesn’t make sense but I hope it does. cheers guys!

  • Esmetjie

    Nr 1 is a big Thing on lookbook.nu …. I find him very boring because he dont have any Personal Touch to his Outfits….
    Anyway a Great Post! I like the streetstyle Thing allot and also enjoy the Personal opinions very much !

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    Look 1: You’re right, the strap lessens the value of the, already, nice fit. His camera strap makes him look like he’s a lean guy with a beer gut.

    Looks 2, 3, 4, & 8: these fits a nice, no questions about it

    Look 5: I’m jealous I can’t pull this look off. Can’t have everything though.

    Look 6: White after Labor Day is always a win!

    Look 7: I saw the title “What a difference a shoe can make” and was expected to see a badass pair of shoes until I continued to scroll and see those. Everyone has a story as to why they do the things they do. Maybe shoes aren’t his strong point, maybe they’re for comfort, or hell, maybe his dog chewed the remaining good pair lol

    Look 9: Well…..I like the jacket…

    Look 10: I wanna say his beard scruffiness and tatts help carry the, already, badass uniform.

  • Olerud_4_Life

    Out of the photos you guys take it seems like people in nyc dont like irish brogues. Like classic irish loake or church or even grenson brogues with jeans that match the brown or tan color. Very odd. Seems to be Bigger in australia and England. Would think it would translate well over here.

  • Olerud_4_Life

    #2 has shown me how to rock white jeans. Was always scared but this look is good. Ten has a nice dull color look that I like as well. Nice shoes.

  • John B

    Sorry but #9 isn’t just “out there”. It’s downright feminine: dinner jacker draped on shoulders, untucked florar shirt, really skinny jeans, stacked bracelets. Even the iphone case looks like a clutch bag!

    I like the other outfits though! #7 would definitely look better with different shoes. In fact, I’ve always wonder who would wear these Camper-colab shoes!

  • Joe

    Did you seriously take #7′s picture and put it up on the web so that you could tell the world how much you hate his shoes? Did you stop him in the street and say, “Wait, I gotta get a picture of you in those horrible cartoon shoes and put it up on the web, just sign here, and here”.

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      To be fair to Dan, he didn’t stop him, I did. Nonetheless, the reason we chose to publish this photo was because we LOVE the look, we just didn’t like the shoe choice. We use Street Style not only to inspire readers, but also to share OUR point of view on trends we see.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      We stopped him because his outfit is awesome. My comments about the shoes are simply my opinion, the idea here is to start a conversation about style – which is purely subjective.

      Cheers and thx for reading!

    • Joe

      I was being mostly facetious. I figured someone had taken the shots (I thought it was the NYC crew) and then Dan or someone else added the commentary. I just found it humorous that someone gets stopped, has his picture taken for a style blog, to find that they indeed dug his threads, but dogged his cartoon shoes!

      I get things are subjective (I’ve got my own dislikes, some of which are above), and to that end it would be cool to get a couple of perspectives for each street-style post, especially when y’all disagree. For example, a sentence on what caught Alex’s eye (or the eye of whoever is shooting) in addition to some thoughts from Dan and maybe the crew.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        That’s a great idea. Thanks Joe.

  • AM

    1 & 2 are my fav.