October Giveaway Winner!

October 31st, 2013

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And the winner is… Jesse P. from Dallas, Texas!



Congrats to Jesse for being voted the winner of the TSB October Giveaway. You will receive an email from our team later today for your sizes and mailing address.

Thanks again to all who participated.

Think you got what it takes? The TSB November Giveaway kicks off next week! Feel free to start sending in your outfit entries now!


Yours in style,



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  • dalton graham

    Congrats Jesse! I loved the whole composition of the picture and the outfit. Where did the jacket come from?

  • http://alreadyinvoiced.tumblr.com Adrian B

    Congrats on the win ! All of these pieces are awesome staples to have. Wear them in good health.

  • Joseph

    Congrats on the win my man! Haha it was a hard fought battle for sure. Glad it’s over now though so I’m not glued to my screen. Well done son, bring it next month ;)

    • Jesse P

      Thanks, Joseph! You did make it tough. Keep rockin it though, bro.

  • Alex

    Great look, especially that jacket. Well deserved win!

  • Jorge B

    Awesome look Jesse, glad to see a fellow Texan get some style recognition! Would you happen to be a musician? Something about your style seems to suggest that, in my opinion.

  • Dante

    Any chance we’ll be getting a look at some honorable mentions?

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      This is what I was wondering. I would love to see the Honorable Mentions….just cuz we like style n all :)

  • http://undefined JD

    Wait, is that…is that you….Jesse Pinkman?

  • http://undefined Nate

    Zzzzzzz at the haters. You had your chance to vote! That is a very solid outfit, and something a bit different from the usual DB jacket at pocket square (which I love btw). Rocking a trilby without looking try-hard too. Not easy. Respect Jesse.

  • Joe

    Congrats Jesse! Nice to see the title come to the Lone Star State.

    • http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com Jesse P

      Thanks, Joe!

  • Concerned Reader

    Really? This is what us readers are passing as an inspirational, prize worthy winning outfit on this site?

    No disrespect to Jesse, everything fits well and it is a GOOD outfit. Mind you, I said good. Not great, fantastic, inspiring, or anything of that nature.

    I expect more from the contest winners of this site, rather, the people who vote.

    • cam

      I wouldn’t say this it what the vast majority of TSB readers thought was the best look. Dude is apparently a Style Consultant and linked the voting from his Tumblr page so if he happens to have a lot of followers, he gets a lot of votes. That one guy from Nike Talk or whatever that community is got a shit ton of the people there to vote for him months ago which is, I’m sure, the main reason he won. Can’t knock the hustle though.

      • Anonymous

        a STYLE CONSULTANT?!?! DAN, TOWNI, WES & ALEX dress a thousand miles better than this pretender!

        All these “contestants” do is rip outfits from these guys without any real inspiration.

        I come to this site not to enter the contest, but to find my OWN style.

        I don’t need to enter the contest bc these men provide enough inspiration on a daily basis.

        Don’t forget why you’re here hungry gentlemen.

        • http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com Jesse P

          Dear Anonymous,

          Pretender? Ouch! I entered this contest just for fun. I didn’t expect to win, or even be in the Top 10 for that matter. Down here in Texas you don’t find many men that care about their own personal appearance. It’s always, baseball caps and t-shirts everywhere you look. My main aim as a “style consultant” is just to reach out to the male population here in Dallas, and instill more confidence in themselves. That’s all. I don’t think I’m some sort of style god by any means whatsoever. And to put me on a pedistal with the TSB team? I know they are way better dressed than I am. These guys are role models. You may have your reasons for not entering the contests, but I feel these contests give the readers the encouragement that they sometimes need. Thanks for your input.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Show us what you got player.

    • Joe

      Don’t feed the trolls. It just encourages them.

  • Richard L.

    Well deserved. Great outfit, Jesse.

    • http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com Jesse P

      Thanks, Richard!

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    Congrats on your win Jesse. Where in Dallas actually? I’m in Irving, we should link.

    • http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com Jesse P

      I’m over on Alpha a few blocks from The Galleria! Click on my name and shoot me an email, bro.

  • http://undefined Dias

    My choice exactly! Someone mentioned a Johnny Depp resemblance. I can definitely see that. lol Either way congratulations on this win. Well deserved.

    • http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com Jesse P

      Thanks for your support, Dias! I think the Johnny Depp-ness comes from the facial hair.

  • Brady P

    Well done Jesse! Congrats

    • http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com Jesse P

      Thank you, Brady!

  • http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com Jesse P

    A big thank you to the TSB team and everyone that voted! You can find me on Instagram @jessempowell as well as on Tumblr at, http://www.motivatestyle.tumblr.com.

    • JM

      Congrats Jessie! Nice to see a fellow “Dallasite” win. Really great look that I think a lot of men could pull off because these pieces are basically wardrobe staples. If you ever need an intern I’m always available! :)

  • AM