The Leather Topcoat feat. Marcel Floruss

November 22nd, 2013

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Every fashion student wants needs designer pieces to look fresh learn from the best in the business. But how do you score a $3,000 “lifetime piece” from your favorite designer on a student’s budget? Sample sales.

Not only are they super cheap (we’re talking 70-90% off retail) but you can also find very rare pieces that never made it to mass production.

My friend Marcel, for example, found this incredible olive green leather topcoat at the Alexander Wang sample sale last year. It’s one of those pieces that can completely transform a look, or even a wardrobe, and you never have to worry about somebody else rocking it.

Here, the professional hip-hop dancer who moved from Germany to NYC to study at the Fashion Institute, shows us the transformative power of a designer “investment” piece.


1. All Business


Photography shot with the Canon EOS 70D digital SLR camera, with Dual Pixel AF technology and built-in Wi-Fi

A leather topcoat is a fairly aggressive and fashion-forward move. It instantly ads an edge to an outfit, which Marcel offsets nicely with a sharply tailored suit and some warm brown tones.

“I tried to keep the suit simple, so the attention remains on the coat. I think the right accessories make it work…the tie, the wingtips, the watch and the vintage briefcase are all color-coordinated, in an attempt to create a cohesive color palette.”


Nothing says Fall like flannel suits and chunky wingtips walking over fallen leaves.

Makes me miss New York.


  • Olive Leather Topcoat by Alexander Wang
  • Grey Wool Suit by COS Stores
  • White Dress Shirt by Hugo Boss
  • Plaid Tie by
  • Light Brown Wingtips by Mr. B’s by ALDO
  • Watch by Casio
  • Brown Leather Briefcase by CVV (Vintage)
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  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    Good lookin’ coat. And I love Germans. But Hugo Boss, Armani Exchange and Casio… it’s like a time warp to 1998… where’s the FUBU at?

  • Mo

    Hands down my new favorite post ever on the TSB. This is the exact style I’m very into right now.

    Note to Marcel: Never leave that top coat unattended when I’m in the room.

  • Ilya

    A leather topcoat? Seriously? With a felt hat? For god’s sake, seriously? TSB, you have fallen below the line.

    • Alex Crawford

      Tis the season for topcoats… And the year of the wide brimmed felt hat.

    • Daniel

      Normally I’d agree with you about the leather topcoat. Blown away by how good this looks

  • BougieHippie

    Really clean style. That full length leather coat is just the ultimate winter/fall accessory. He managed to style it 3 different ways brillantly.

    He’s a style savant!

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    That last look….MONEY! Has an urban cowboy feel. Thanks for his blog info, I’ll be following his as well. Great content

  • Curtis


  • Drew

    man, i would have paid retail for that coat! great piece. great looks. Props!

  • Daniel

    Great style!

  • Dan

    Nice, except the shoes. Looking at the photo it is easy to see that though the design is basic and good, the leather is lower quality and they don’t fit the model well at all; I hope they aren’t his shoes.

  • http://undefined Robert

    Three perfectly curated looks. Best guest post to date.

  • Jimi Brady

    One of my favorite guest articles of all time. That second look is killer.

    • Jeff

      I agree! I much appreciate the introduction to One Dapper Street as well :).