The Outdoorsman feat. Townsend Smith

March 28th, 2011

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2. Boating

“I enjoy walking the docks and checking out the boats. It’s a nice reminder of my northeastern coastal heritage, which was originally founded upon nautical culture. I recently replaced my peacoat’s blue plastic buttons with gold anchor ones that were a great find from my local Army/Navy surplus store. Replacing the buttons was a cool (and inexpensive) way to give new life to my go-to winter coat.”

This is proof that if you invest in versatile, classic pieces that work together you can mix-and-match to create an exponential number of outfits. Here, Townsend is wearing the same shirt, pants and shoes as the first look, but paired them with a wool tie, nautical striped knit and pea coat for a look that is warmer and more speedboat-friendly this time of year.

Bonus Tip: Nautical stripes won’t look more natural anywhere than on the dock or on the boat.

Bonus Tip II: A necktie is not just for the office. It can be the perfect finishing touch on a casual look for just about any occasion – including the season’s first cool-weather boating event.

  • White chino pants by JCrew
  • Blue oxford by Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Navy Peacoat by JCrew
  • Navy nautical stripe shirt by Saint James
  • Light blue boat shoes by Sperry Topsider
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  • Adyna

    Been in New England 2 years ago and actually got lost in some woods thanks to my incredible GPS, almost remained without gas and talked in french with a squirrel while waiting for my friends. Great post, luv all the looks Townsend!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Adyna well said the GPS you are talking about really the same things happened with me also.


    Anyone know where to get the black gloves from in the shooting photo? NYC street vendor??

  • Francesco

    Is the Barbour jacket a Bedale or Beaufort? I’m about to purchase one and can’t decide which one to get…any feedback would be great.

  • JD

    I definitely identify with this classic New England style having grown up in CT as well, but I have to say I would like to see a little more variety. Sperry, Ray-Ban, Timex, Saint James, Barbour, Aigle, Red Wing…J.Crew sells them all. Basically all of these looks can be had with a single stop to any J.Crew men’s shop. I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does kind of bore me. But hey, props to J.Crew for securing some killer partnerships.

  • JK Ferguson

    Fantastic post. Was my choice for the position. Dig the replaced buttons on the Navy peacoat. All the best Townsend.

  • Nick

    This was awesome. I hope we can see more of this style. This is exactly my style and I have several of the same pieces. I love the classical preppy style.

    Hope you will be able to do more of this type of style. Its a great compliment to the other SB articles. You really filled a gap here in my opinion.

    Congrats to Townsend on the job.

  • FPMD

    Congrats to Townsend on getting the internship! His style is definitely on point! Really enjoying the looks he’s put together. Looking forward to seeing much more from him in the future!

  • alan m.

    Awesome post. Love the variety. Great style. Look 1 and 2 reminds me of the Kennedy look.

  • bijan m.

    His style is pretty cool. Love how he incorporates knit clothing into every outfit. GREAT POST!

  • Roger Thorne

    Must be challenging to drive that automatic transmission pickup truck around all sunday with a large piece of firewood chocked behind the rear wheel. For that matter, I am absolutely dying to know what outfit he wears while chopping wood.

    Kind Regards,
    Roger Thorne

  • Rei Fernandez

    First and foremost, congratulations to you, Mr. Townsend Smith, for landing the intern position with the SB team. Secondly, my god that is an awesome J. Crew jacket you have (under “shooting” section”. T

    his has to be one of my favorite posts as of late due to the different composition. Keep up the great work and good luck with the new intern!

    Best Regards,

    Rei Fernandez
    The Common Grounds

  • Anonymous

    Maybe wearing all mall-tier brands but he looks top-notch, I’ll refer people to here when anyone calls J Crew plebeian.

  • A Well dressed high schooler

    That Ruger is truly beautiful. It’s not an antique, is it? The wood looks too shiny to be old, but I would’ve thought you’d choose an older one to go with the theme of the post. ( I personally have a beautiful old sears and roebuck pump I inherited from my grandfather.)

  • Pete

    He looks like a stereotype in the sailor and lumberjack setups.

  • Anonymous

    that timex watch of yours looks just awesome

  • Warren

    This may be my favorite post yet, minus of course the one on the beautiful brunette. I love how you wear very accessible and even affordable clothes. I enjoy dan’s posts very much but his are usually filled with bespoke suits and designer clothes that I can’t afford or even find in my part of the country. This post however is right in my wheelhouse. Great job.

    • S.

      Cannot agree more! I like how this guy is from Ohio like me, which is debate-ably the LEAST sartorially inclined place in the USA… I hope he’ll bring in the persepective of a NOT bespoken NYC high flying gentleman, but bring us some options from the GAP and other places that real men in suburbia can hope to find. Not all of us can get our jacket’s made, for some of us Macy’s is the limit!

  • Michael

    Great looks, Townsend is a great asset to the team! Love the first two looks. Suit my lifestyle more than the others but awesome timeless classic pieces!

    **Quick question**

    What are the exact name of the J.Crew white pants?

    • SB

      Thanks for the comment Michael! The pants are the urban-slim fit chinos. The online store doesn’t seem to be carrying them in white right now, but I bet, with spring practically here, that they will be soon.


      • Michael

        Thanks SB for the quick reply, ill keep an eye out!

  • windsorite

    “For men of means, in my opinion, this is very important. It’s not about lavish –throw-it-in-your face” style, it’s about humble –this is just how I live” style.”

    Could not agree more. Well said, SB.

  • Joey Dee

    After reviewing the ‘now hiring’ episode, Mr Smith just has a natural cool that flows from his demeanor. He seems at ease, and not old money stuffy, and I look forward to his contributions on your blog.

    @commenters commenting about prices of goods, being thrifty is a big part of being stylish. As most readers here will know, prices always go down, especially at mid and end of season sales events. Many high end items can also be acquired in thrift houses for beyond reasonable prices. Maybe SB will have a sevment on how to shop?
    Thanks for keeping us informed!

  • CAS

    I voted for this guy. Dude was the only one w/ jacket & tie on the interview. Good move Dan.

  • William

    Nice dog.

  • Mike

    I really like this guy.

  • Dillon

    I really dig this, rather then completely create pieces he does an (seemingly more realistic) alteration. I too have replaced buttons and tailored vintage clothing. He seems to have a solid style-knowledge about him and a realistic wardrobe.

  • Bo

    Yes, Warby Parker glasses! My next pair is definitely coming from them.

    • khordkutta

      I bought two pair last year, I have horrible vision so I had to get special lenses $20-$30 extra, without question one of the best online experiences I have ever had. Very personable group @ Warby Parker and you are also supporting a good cause when purchasing with them. Highly recommend them.

      • Bo

        Yeah I read an article in the New York Times about them and they have a really cool setup. Plus the frames have a really great classic look

        • TK

          I have three pairs from Warby Parker, love them to def! And yes, its for a good cause.


  • Aaron

    This is interesting because you point out the difference in upbringing yet his pieces are way more affordable than the majority of the stuff you are wearing in most posts.

    • Dillon

      Yeah this seems to be a big likable characteristic of this guy. A great fit to the team it seems.

  • Akshay

    I think Townsend brings a fresh perspective to the SB. I look forward to seeing more from him!

    I also appreciate that almost all of his pieces are relatively cheap and easy to find (J. Crew, Rugby, Sperry, L.L. Bean, etc…). I think this is necessary because while I enjoy your site, some of the items you recommend are a little out of my price range. I know I am not alone in thinking this way.

    Looking forward to seeing the episode on Friday as well!

    • d knott

      this site is definitely teaching me to invest in the classics. not only are the looks timeless they are also very versatile and easily mixed and matched with other items in my wardrobe which lets me get really creative and i love that. i probably would have taken some of townsend’s looks in another direction but that is why he is he and i am me.

      p.s. i usually never bite a look, i usually just get some inspiration and take it from there, but i’m still trying to pull off the camo cargo’s that you had a while back on your “blending in….” post. i went with a tan camo print instead and it is waaay tougher to pull off than you made it look which just makes me respect your style game so much more.