“I Am Dandy” Feat. Nathaniel Adams

December 23rd, 2013


2. Horizontal Stripe Suit


“Well, the obvious stand-out detail of this suit is that it has horizontal stripes, which I know is style blasphemy for people who are sticklers for rules and not having fun.

I’ll admit that I never would have thought to do a horizontally-striped suit until I saw the artist Paolo Canevari’s when Rose and I profiled him for the book.”

The inspiration image, Paolo Canevari:

Paolo Canevari photographed by Rose Callahan in NYC on March 15, 2013

“His is even bolder than mine because his is a cream stripe on a dark brown fabric.

I lowered the contrast, choosing a white chalk stripe on a light gray fabric, and the effect is much subtler – I don’t look like an old-timey convict, which is good. If it makes it any less painful for the arch-traditionalists, just think of it as a windowpane pattern that’s lost its sides.”


“Perhaps the nicest thing about this suit is the Holland and Sherry cashmere and flannel fabric itself. It’s incredibly warm and soft to the touch – which are both values that women seem to appreciate in a fabric, if not necessarily in a man.”


“I think that the key with such an unusual pattern is to not have too much else going on. I pretty much only wear this with a plain white shirt and no tie and then a splash of color at the pocket and a high-shine leather shoe like these burgundy ones from Paul Smith to contrast the soft matte look of the flannel.”


  • Shirt by Against Nature
  • Grey 3 piece suit by Against Nature
  • Shoes by Paul Smith
  • Pocket square from Fine and Dandy Shop
  • Cufflinks by Ryan Matthew
  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    #2 and #3 look great. In #1 your either going for Dr. Who’s 4th reincarnation or Lady Elain Fairchilde.

  • Eric

    That gray horizontal stripe…bravo sir.

    Stunningly simple, yet fascinatingly unique.

  • Jakob

    Damn. I have to get that book.

  • TO

    That grey horizontal striped suit- YES!
    Mr. Adams has a lot of things going right here. The waistcoat, what a great design for a signature item!

  • Adam E

    All 3 looks are solid. The colour play in #1 is pretty awesome, picked colours that suit him well. I would never have thought about horizontal striping in a suit, but it looks solid (although I think that subtle like his look is the way to go, bold coloured striping might be too much).
    My favorite has to be the backing on the waistcoat in look #3, I always have my waistcoats made with a fabric backing to match the rest of the suit, since, I think the shiny backings that most have look like prom rentals… But the playful take of patterned fabric for a subtle flair I think is pretty genius.

  • Patrick Germany

    Guys, one of the best posts in ages! I love the book and all the different styles it shows. Very inspiring.

    Also I would like Mr. Brionapoliagnelliano to tell us all what in the world a neo-dandy is. You’re a dandy or you are not. Right?

  • http://anorexicescapades.com BougieHippie

    He is really good at picking out what colors works well for him, I also enjoy his fine detailing. Not to mention not many people can pull of a 3 piece suit with out look like a complete Men’s Warehouse douche.

    Though look 1 had a lot going on I like those colors the most, like the sharpness of look 2 but I have to go with look 3 dapper, dandy and dope!.


  • Brionapoliagnelliano

    The neo-dandy is the equally misguided brother of the ‘oh-so-vintage’ hipster.

  • http://undefined Joshua

    Some interesting looks here. I like the contrast and willingness to push the envolpe in these looks. Will definitely be picking up a copy of this book.

  • Shawn

    I like look # 2 but I think a tie would benefit the overall appearance, something subtle and not overwhelming like a textured solid navy or brown. Never been a fan of attached collars without a tie. I love the horizontal striped fabric though!