Deepen Your V-Neck Sweater

December 26th, 2013


2. Business Casual


Nothing ruins a tweed blazer and dark jeans combo like a sweater strangle.

This sky blue wool number (available at selects Saks Fifth Avenue Locations) is just deep enough to create the right lift in the tie. That subtle bend brings a lot of life and dimension to the entire look, in my opinion.


This vintage Ralph Lauren wool/alpaca jacket has at least a dozen colors in it including orange, green, blue, pink and purple.

I usually try to accent one of those colors (the light blue in this case) and keep the rest of my look simple and neutral.


Shout out to my friend Jim Buckley from Buckley Denim for these awesome new jeans. Made in American from 100% American woven selvedge denim.

They’re a little longer than I’m used to, but the deep cuff & break is a perfect match for dress boots. Can’t wait to break these in!


  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    Jeans on business casual? My boss would go all “50 shades” of beat-down on me. First outfit is boss doe.

  • http://undefined Big fan

    Happy New Year to the entire team at TSB!

    Best of luck in the new year with all your projects planned and the ones not yet conceived. I can see great things happening for you because of the dedication and the continued hard work you have been showing. Keep inspiring us the readers as well as the other bloggers who also are being inspired by what you do. You are much appreciated.

  • Bruce

    Great looks, as always. #2 with the jeans is rock out…sharp, but with a slightly casual edge. Also, gotta say, the facial hair looks ideal on you. I’ve shown this post to some friends and they all agree that you’re rocking it. Both the men and the women both say it’s the best you’ve looked in any post on here.

  • Akil McLeod

    Look 2 is great that blazer is dope

    • Brent Kuz

      Look two is awesome. Maybe my favorite ever. Jeans are way more my style compared to some of the jeggingish jeans I have seen here. Awesome solid men’s style for any where

  • Daniel Moretz

    Great post. That blue fabric is awesome. Was it part of a recent Ariston line or something from a few years back? It seems like Ariston always discontinues the best fabric.


    • Dan Trepanier

      Hey Daniel. The blue hopsack suit was from the MAB x DT collection I did a couple years back.

      Ariston doesn’t discontinue their fabrics, they just make limited runs on all their styles to keep them exclusive.


      • Daniel

        Didn’t realize that but it does make more sense. I’ll head back up to MAB once the new Ariston books come in and see what’s available.


  • Samantha

    Whoa Dan, the length of that collar in Look 1 is getting a little into disco territory.

  • Steven Santander

    That’s a beautiful blazer in Look 2! Great job!

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thx Steven. I hope all is well!

  • BougieHippie

    Dan have I told you that your suits always fit superbly! Blue is great on you btw.

    • Alan

      Hmmmmmm I guess the answer to Dan’s “Can you please stop pasting your (pro-ana) blog link in our comment section?” is no then!

      A pity.

  • John B

    I’ve recently gotten (stolen from my dad that is) a burgundy deep v-neck and I figured I should just wear it like a normal v-neck.
    Good to see a similar post here!

    • Dan Trepanier

      Nice find.

  • http://undefined Jeff

    Dat shoe!

    Those woven oxfords are a thing of beauty!

  • Mark

    Great looks. I really like the tie with the business casual look…it is very unexpected, though brilliant coordination. The sweater with the evening look is pretty tricky, YOU may be able to pull it off…but most men will not be able to.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Practice makes perfect!

  • http://undefined khordkutta

    Skiddamn, that vintage RL Tweed is HELLA Dope!!!

  • http://ramblingsofawould-berenaissanceman.blogspot Joseph

    Those spectacle sunglasses are awesome.

  • ajb240

    There are few looks you gentlemen of leisure can’t pull off. My issue with deep v-necks is when the neck itself is a little broad/wide. I can’t get my mind around that.

    However, it looks like you’ve chosen sweaters which are relatively close/narrow at the neck and then drop down deep in the V. Would that be accurate?

    • Dan Trepanier

      Yea, I know what you’re saying. You want the neckline to be deep, not necessarily wide.


  • Edward Fitzgerald

    Brilliantly original post, I had never even thought about what a difference a deeper V would make, truth be told I never knew they existed. Also, those oxfords are fantastic.

  • Y.O.

    I have a similar pair of Black Woven shoes (cap toe). Is this woven style typically a summer shoe, or can they be worn year round?

    • Dan Trepanier

      In theory they’re a summer shoe (because they’re designed by breathe). But with a thicker sock you should have no problem. Only you can know for sure though.

  • TO

    I have stopped buying normal v-neck sweaters for this reason!! Lower Vs like the ones featured here are surprisingly hard to find in my experience- I actually haven’t found any for myself. But as this shows they are worth the search, very complimentary to a tailored look.

    Sometimes in lieu of finding a sweater with a deep v, I have purchased a thin cardigan, but they usually have fit issues around the waist despite a more flattering gorge line. A deep v sweater/sweater vest is the best of both worlds!
    Good post Dan!

  • Antonio

    Love the white shirt. I have a long neck and I can never find a shirt that seems to have a “high” collar. Your shirt collar seems to be higher and stand up straigther. Is this a particular style or design?


    • Shawn

      Antonio; I am not Dan and I certainly don’t want to steal his answer (just thought I’d help), but this particular shirt is from Angel Ramos, and is featured just a couple posts back in a article named “the power collar” or something along those lines. Hope this helps.

      • Antonio

        thank you!

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thank you Shawn!

    • TO

      Antonio, here’s the exact shirt and corresponding collar you were admiring:

      • Antonio

        thank you!

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thanks TO. Always got my back.

        • TO

          You’re welcome. I try man! Know you’d have mine.

          I am going to be reminding you in the upcoming days, I will be coming to LA for a couple nights in about a month from now!

  • Shawn

    Great looks once again Dan! I wish you and the TSB team a happy New Year and many successful projects (that I will follow closely) in 2014!

  • Jakob

    Great post. Those woven oxfords are too good. And that McQueen sweater ofc.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thx Jakob!