Modern Menswear: Oh So 70′s

March 26th, 2014

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It’s amazing how much a pair of glasses, or sunglasses, can change an entire look.

I recently found these vintage-inspired Matsuda gold aviators in the pocket of a jacket that I hadn’t worn in a long time (that happens to me quite often) and I’ve been wearing them steady. They give my look an instant throwback feel and harken back to the groovy and free-spirited 1970′s.

We’ve been talking a lot about the 70s influence in current menswear – wide lapels, earthy palettes, expressive patterns, etc. I just think it’s funny because my father was roughly the same age when these things were first in style. It makes me think about the role that generations play in the cyclical nature of fashion. Do we all  just really want to be like our fathers? Or maybe an updated version with our own spin? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. 

Anyway, psychology babble aside, here’s three looks that are a celebration of some of my favorite things about 70′s style.


1. Bitchin’ Burgundy


One thing about menswear in the 1970′s is that it was expressive and non-apologetic. It wasn’t full of strict rules, group think, and rigid tradition. It was a time to experiment, to look within, and to live and let live.

More than anything, I think it’s that attitude that makes the 70s aesthetic so appealing to our generation. Guys weren’t making fashion decisions out of fear. It was groovy to have a mustache, wear a little gold bling, and show a little chest hair.


I also love the unorthodox color palettes of the 70s. They were heavy on the saturated earthy/vegetation colors; browns, greens, mustards, plums, etc.

Sometimes when you keep it ultra simple, it’s all about the color story.



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  • Unseen Flirtations

    So, do the 70s clothes come with the 70s general moral and ethical outlook? Let me know – I need to make my plans for the summer. Thanks.

  • Madeliene Rose

    Those whiskers are right on 70s! I love the colour of the suit, reminds me of eggplants and Gabriel Garcia Marquez!

  • Objective.

    you look like you cast porn.

  • Gazman

    Great post! The 70s: wide lapels, flappy shirt collars worn outside the jacket, tight shirts, flaired pants, wide ties, garish colours, mismatched patterns…not the best era for style. The recent film, American Hustle, captures it well. I think it was a very masculine look (chest hair on display was all the rage). As far as ‘femininity’ in menswear is concerned, you can’t go past the current trends. BTW, they wore socks in those days.

  • The reader

    @Dan, I need this suit. What’s the mill and fabric code please? I’m guessing Vitale Barberis… Thanks.

  • Adam

    Like everything but the light ripped dad jeans in look two… Love the plaid suit in #3 and the way the burgundy looks in the first look.

  • eddy

    where is my afro wig lets boogie to the 70s. cool pics everyone of them especially the Ron burgundy (blazer) shot

  • ChrisD

    Yep, the 2010′s are much like the 70′s, with trimmer fits (such as tapered legs). I’m a big fan, even if it’s a fad.

  • Jeanscuffed

    I don’t know if this post originated from your vintage eyewear discovery in your jacket or looking through your dad’s duds but you KILLED this post. I can’t pick a favorite because all 3 pack a punch. I really like how the paisley has a light flare when the jacket is buttoned but when opened it’s full on expressive in your face. The same goes for the plaid suit in Look #3. This is by far one of my favorite post you’ve done. I like how everything is modernized but still pays homage to the 70′s flare and fashion style cue’s. Well done sir.

  • Ben

    Ron Burgundy!!

  • Daniel Moretz

    That burgundy jacket has to be my favorite garment featured on the site. It’s the jacket that brought be here the first time. I came so close to ordering that as my first bespoke purchase. Burgundy all the way! I’m kind of a big deal.

  • Miguel

    Dan, all three looks were outstanding, specially the last two.
    Now the second one is so well done, I’m a try dig me an outfit like, I got the pants, shirt and shoes, I just need a fine looking jacket like that one.

  • TT

    This post brought to you by the letter S, and Suit Supply.

    • Daniel

      Except that only one item is from Suit Supply….

  • Matt Kauffman

    That plaid suit is killer! I’ve been on the thrift store hunt for a burgundy blazer for some time now with no luck. I have a vision in my head for an outfit but also don’t want to drop real big bucks on it. So the hunt shall continue!

  • Shawn

    Love all three looks!

  • wistfulwriter

    I believe that look #2 could be improved with a lighter shade of shoes. As it stands, the light jacket and light jeans form a high contrast with the dark shoes, and one’s eye is drawn to the shoes where it lingers. I agree with @disqus_Xi7LcGLl02:disqus that darker pants may be a better choice.

    The first and third look are excellent examples of “expressive” suiting, as you say. The unbuttoned cuff in the third look is a great way to underscore the less buttoned-up feel of the entire outfit that finds congruence in the loud pattern of the suit and complemented by the gold accents of the watch and glasses. Look #3 is my personal favorite of all three.

    • cuponoodles

      Cool story, bro.

  • Andrew

    The second and third looks are absolutely killer. Well done!

  • John B

    Not sure about the cream jacket and faded jeans, I feel it would have been better with darker pants. I like patterned suits and shirts though. The first photograph of look #3 is one of your best for sure!

  • Adam

    Have to admit I’m digging more 70′s styled clothing recently.

    Also, is the location in the third outfit your house? Super cool interior design.