Season 1/Episode 3: “Setting the Bar”

April 3rd, 2011


Enjoy Episode 3!

Don’t forget to set the video to HD (and Full Screen if you want) in the toolbar at the bottom of the video screen.

Thanks for reading/viewing.

Yours in style,


  • ryan

    Who makes the white hooded shirt your wearing under your suit, it looks really great?

  • l3on

    Out of the park!

    Dude, this video was awesome! From a technical point of view, content, songs… A keeper, surely.

    One quastion though, were you wearing a henley as a first layer when you were at the looks shooting? Could that be an option, if not?

  • doug funny

    ay my man, you a boss…I mean theres somethings you do that might not work for me like say the hoody + blazer thing which I think looks good, but its something I personally wouldn’t do, but aside from that you have crazy style bra. The first look in this video when you’re at the ball game :DEAD: …keep doing what you do


  • ranbeer

    hey where are those olive shoes from at 5:28?

  • Jadam

    Video not working from iPad. :(

  • iis of faith

    I have greatly enjoyed your videos as well as your articles! Your taste in clothes and style are impeccable, it truly captures “who” you are as a person! And I believe this is what you are striving for and you have succeeded!
    I am a doctor and I have “changed” my style to accommodate who “I” am…So, ring in nose, afro…and “hip” clothes!! LOL
    Now…my patients tell me…”I would rather have a young hip doctor than a doctor that needs a “NEW” hip! LOL
    Thanks, for the “GREAT” site!
    …and it was great to see the “brothas” in your video!

  • NP

    Big No No with the Hoodie under the suit!

    • SB

      thx for reading

      • shaqueeda

        he do wat he want wen he want booo daddy

    • Matthew Mejias

      I actually think the hoodie with the suit looks great:) anyway… keep it comin… I really look forward to seeing the new stuff you post every week or day or whatever…. Best believe im constantly tryin to stay up to date… best of luck to ya…

  • a peak in time

    btw, what tune is that in the bar? thanks

    • brandon

      At the opening party it’s Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow. The ending song is by Madcon – Beggin’

      • a peak in time

        thanks a bunch!

  • Jonah

    loved the quick shots of the shades in the last video, and the Warby’s that Townsend was rocking in his interview.

    Could we maybe get a post all about glasses?

    Also, a new brand worth checking out DejaVu Refinery — now making what appears to be a great Tart Arnel reproductions in some sweet colors!!
    Check them out on Facebook at

    Keep up the good work!!

    • SB

      There will be a post on glasses and one of shades this Spring/Summer.


  • NastyNate

    good video, thanks!

  • a peak in time

    Sorry, but that hood under the suit looks really bad. Great post otherwise!

    • SB

      As with any of my looks, it’s not for everybody. The hoody was also bar 3 and for the shoot.

      Thx for reading

  • ian Erickson

    you are so on point with all your style. im a long time reader and i love reading your i piece x ways looks im in high school and it really helps me style what i have. i was just wondering what you thought about wearing cotton blazers to school with pocket squares. im known as a really stylish guy and ive worn a tweed blazers with a red hoody under it in the fall but it a cotton blazer with a pocket square to much im trying to dress for the occasion while still standing out

    • SB

      If you’re already pulling off the tweed blazer + hoody, then pulling off the cotton blazer + pocket square should be no problem. Do it with confidence.


  • Roger

    Man, I really miss Brady O. It’s a shame he didn’t get the position with you guys. He could have brought an interesting comedic aspect to this site.

    Have you considered giving him a feature on here?


    • Mike

      Yeah, I agree. Brady had a unique perspective on men’s style. Paying homage to his roots is something this site could benefit from.

      • SB

        Brady is definitely a great guy, and has some great friends :)

  • sincere

    Video is sick. Hoodie with the suit is sick. Scene on the phone is sick. The scene at the basketball game is sick. The whole thing sick.

    I cant get enough of this shoot.

    • SB

      haha sick compliment

  • David

    I like how you work the white kicks in with the suit. One of my favorite looks. I’ll be moving to Thailand soon and am looking forward to blending some light fabrics with sneakers. Thanks for the ideas.

    • SB

      No doubt. Enjoy Thailand, a part of me is jealous.


  • Thatguy

    SB, you should had been the model, your proportions are great compared to that Manorexic model they picked.

    • SB

      Hah. Thanks, but I’m no fashion model


  • Michael

    On point.

  • SEAS ’11

    The opening was great with the footage from the game. Just something random that got brought to mind: back in sophomore year I used to work at the basketball games, helping with the stats sheets and during one of the timeouts I see this guy with a well tailored navy suit, surgeon cuffs, unbuttoned sleeve cuffs, and straight folded pocket square at Columbia’s bench. I was just thinking to myself – when did our players dress like that? Later on, when you won the Esquire’s BDRM contest, I realized it was you!

    • SB

      Haha. Yea, unfortunately I spent a large part of my career in suits do to injury. I actually think it was a blessing in disguise – I slowly began to enjoy wearing suits more than sneakers…and realized that I’d eventually have to do something other than bball

      Hope all is well on campus,

  • Chris H.

    I don’t know why, but for some reason I always read your posts imagining you have a British accent haha. I do however like those Bar III pants in the shoot at the end. It’s one of the few applications of camo I can really get behind, good job.

    • SB

      Haha. That’s funny. Once in a while you might get a little french canadian, but def no english accent.

      Thx for reading.

  • John Brennan

    Terrific video, Dan! And, the hoodie with the suit was ridiculous! Loved it! Looked like a great event. I don’t know how you manage to do it all (i.e., classes at F.I.T., photo shoots, writing, responding, business ventures, etc etc. You make Seacrest look like a slacker. I heard Superman wears Dan Trepanier pajamas!

    • SB

      Hahaha. Thanks. What a great compliment. Got some more interesting new things in the works too… ;)


  • Bboy

    Beggin, Beggin youuuuu

  • CC ’13

    Roar Lion Roar! Nice to see you stopping by Alma Mater, Dan. Next time though try and get some shots of the marching band…we ooze style haha

    • SB

      haha thanks!
      “get it up, get it up, let’s SCORE!”

  • Nathan


    I’m in dire need of help. I thought I’d venture out of my comfort zone a little and try some thin to medium width suspenders. I’ve worn suspenders with formal outfits before, but I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to match them with casual outfits. Since the transition to spring has begun in Ohio, I’m looking to pair them with above-the-knee style shorts/trouser shorts, etc… Maybe it’s something you could do a post on… However, the dilemma I’m running into is that I don’t want to just wear shorts, a t-shirt, and suspenders. I want style. I’d love to see or hear about a few styles involving shorts, some casual button-ups, and comfortable accessories to pair with the combo. Your advice is much appreciated! Thank you.

    • SB

      Thanks for reading Nathan. Posts on shorts coming later this Spring/Summer


  • Bosun

    Love this video! The array of outfits you wear have given me so many ideas to help me with some new looks. Especially the khaki suit and the layered look complete with quilted jacket

    Setting the bar as usual!!

    • SB


  • thecomebackkid28

    whats the song for your opening credits?gotta dl that right quick.

  • Hamilton NYC

    Video is sick
    Really dig the editing
    Keep up the good work

    Sick Haiku, right?

    • SB

      nice thanks

  • Joshua Kissi

    Great job Dan, and again thanks for stopping by that event.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • SB

      Thanks Josh. Looking forward to featuring you guys more prominently in an upcoming video.


  • VB

    Was Solange Knowles the DJ?

    • SB


  • Sabir P.


    This is a great video. Good to see the style bloggers coming together for a bit as well. Congrats on the Bar III style campaign.



    PS. I will be in NYC tuesday homie!

    • shaqueeda

      dot try and hit on my boo boo he is all mines Bitch

      • A.H.

        Ha, Shaqueeda. Sabir is a gent not a gal. Take it a tad easy. Cheers

        • shaqueeda

          i know hes a man what u tryin to say

          • A.H.

            Nothing at all. Just trying to spread the peace. I presume that was the surrounding premise of this forum, peace. Have a splendid day.

  • Basil

    Superlative as always. The one thing I’m curious about is why you don’t seem to try to grow your youtube channel simultaneously to this blog. Seems to me you generate enough traffic here to establish a decent subscriber base in youtube and potentially open up another avenue of income for yourself via partnership. Just my unsolicited $.02