Outfit Suggestion: Blizzard Business Casual

January 11th, 2014

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Collage Jan 11


1. Merino Wool Knit Cap by Polo Ralph Lauren ($28.14 – on sale)

2. The ‘Ex-Boyfriend’ Chunky Knit Scarf by Yokoo ($85)

3. Tartan Flannel Shirt by Topman ($50)

4*. Hard Cream hair pomade by Baxter of California ($18)

5*. Pocket Comb by Mason Pearson ($21)

* 4 & 5 to keep in one of your many parka pockets, to be used when you take your beanie off

6. Wool blend winter suit by Hugo Boss ($397.40 – on sale)

7. Cable Knit Merino Wool Sweater by Nordstrom

8. Snorkel Parka by J.Crew ($238.80 – on sale)

9. Quilted Leather Gloves by Polo Ralph Lauren ($58.96)

10. Wool Blend Fair Isle Socks by Stance ($16)

11. Heattech Long Johns by Uniqlo ($19.90)

12. ‘Winchester’ Boots by Wolverine ($330)

13. Classic Leather Belt with Removable Plaque by J.Crew ($59.50)



Stay warm in style,


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  • Alexander

    I’d just like to say that I have had nothing but terrible experiences with the Wolverine boots suggested here. They are near impossible to waterproof and even through they have a rubber sole the thread holding it to the shoe draws water up into the inside of the sole like a straw, I could hardly walk across damp grass. I had them resoled, the heels replaced as they came of a month or two into owning them and the threading holding the different parts of the upper together came apart in multiple places.
    All this in the middle of New Zealand where we don’t even have extreme weather of any kind.
    Just a heads up for other boot lovers.

  • scott

    Love the tips, and so happy to see thermals included as most fashion tips layer up the top but leave just pants or jeans on the bottom, which won’t cut it around here. I haven’t tried Uniqlo thermals, and they are out of my size, but thought I’d mention the under armour base 2 and 3 levels of thermals work great under clothing and will keep you very warm. Unless you are cold averse like me, I’d try the 2′s first, the 3 will keep you warm sitting still, activity can make them too warm.

  • SL

    Hey Dan I noticed that Hugo Boss suit is cropped quite a bit, what’s your take on that?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Like a good lawyer, make sure it covers your ass.

  • Abdullah Abdurahman

    This list is incredible. Great choices. Wow!